15 Best Vape Tricks For Beginners

Vape Tricks For Beginners

Let’s just face it. Vaping is not something that you should do, because it does have its own health risks associated with it. It still looks cool, though! Part of the “cool factor” is all the vape tricks that you can do that turn you into a human smoke machine.

It’s never good to take up vaping just to show off to your friends, but if you are going to vape, you might as well learn some tricks. This list of quick and easy vape tricks are going to make you the life of a party.

Popular Vape Tricks You Need to Know About

1. The Snap Inhale/Ghost Inhale

You know how a plume of vapor comes out when you exhale? That looks like a ghost, right? To do a Ghost Inhale, push out the vapor into a little puff, and then inhale it back as soon as you can.

The reason others call it a “snap inhale” is because your supposed to inhale as quickly as you would a snap. With a little practice, this should almost look like you’re smoking, exhaling, and then pressing a rewind button so it all goes back in your mouth.


2. The Waterfall

Did you ever notice how pretty vapor can look when it flows smoothly? Lowering the temperature of the vapor you exhale can make it look almost watery. That’s where the Waterfall trick comes into play.

This trick is really simple, but you’re going to need to borrow a bottle with some ice at the bottom. Grab the bottle and exhale into it, letting the vapor settle near the ice. Then, pour the vapor out of the bottle. Congrats! You did the waterfall!


3. The Dragon

Dragon exhales are pretty simple. To do this, take a puff of your vape. Then, exhale the vapor through your nose and outside the side of your mouth, keeping your lips together at the middle.

This should make you look like a dragon. If you have a hard time pursing your lips together in the middle, bite down on the center of your lips. It helps.


4. Bubbles

Do you have some bubble mixture lying around? Or maybe some soapy water? Try this on for size. Mix up some bubble solution, then inhale on your vape. Then blow a bubble as you exhale the vapor.

This should give you bubbles that are filled with vapor. It looks really trippy and also is really fun. Believe it or not, smokers used to do this too. However, the liquid mist of e-liquid tends to be easier for this.

PRO TIP – Use a bubble wand if you’re not good with blowing bubbles using your hand.


5. Liquid Mist

Speaking of liquid mist, you might want to give this a shot. Grab a cocktail at your bar and sip until it’s half full. Then, inhale a vape and exhale the vapor over the mouth of the drink. You’ll have a cool cocktail that has a nice little smog over it.

Unlike with cigarette smokers, this almost always requires a vape pen. Otherwise the nicotine and tar of the cigarette smoke might ruin your drink.


6. Smoke Rings

Yes, this might just be the kind of cool vape tricks, and it’s actually fairly easy to do. You will need to make an “O” with your lips, keeping your lower jaw slightly slack. Then use your tongue to pulse out (or flick) small puffs of air.

You may need to do this a couple of times before you get it. Sometimes, it can take a little bit extra effort for this. However, this is a staple of many other vape tricks, some of which are pretty hard to do.

PRO TIP – This trick and tricks based off of it do not work if you have a strong breeze, a vent open, or a fan that’s currently turned on. The wind will warp the vapour which destroys the appearance of the ring. Turn off those fans and vents!


7. The Jellyfish

Also called the Atomic Bomb, this is a trick that you need to build off of when you mastered smoke rings. The basic premise is simple: you blow a small smoke ring through a larger smoke ring. This makes it look like a jellyfish swimming in mid air.

The key here is to work on your aim, and to blow the larger smoke ring first. The aiming part is where the hard work pops in. You might end up wasting a bunch of vape juice trying to perfect this.


8. The Tornado

So, this is one of those tricks that can be very hard to pull off without the right kit. You want a vape pen that leaves still, heavy vapor for this. Otherwise, it won’t work and the smoke will blow everywhere.

To do this, you will need a tube—ideally, a toilet paper roll. Grab that, and then go to a flat table. Put the tube on the table and take a puff of your vape. Exhale into the tube so that the vapor sits on the bottom.

Pull the toilet paper tube upwards so that the “tornado” launches up from the sides of the tube.


9. The Tornado (Version 2)

Don’t have a toilet paper roll? No problem. Another way to make the Tornado happen is to puff a ton of low, heavy smoke onto a flat surface. Then, chop at the table and flick your wrist up. This will make the vapor swirl upwards like a tornado.


10. The Snoop Dogg Waterfall

Fans of Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg will recognize this as a variant of a classic French Inhale. The difference here is how fast it happens. Here, you let the smoke sit and pour our of your mouth very slowly. As it pours out, you inhale through your nostrils.

When done correctly, it will look like a hypnotic rope of smoke that goes all the way from your mouth to your nose. (Think of Snoop’s old school hip hop videos and you’ll know what we mean by this.)


11. The Bane Inhale

Remember Bane, from the comic books? The one who has two masks that kind of divide his face up in a weird way? The Bane Inhale is a newer take on the French Inhale. It’s basically the same thing.

The only difference is that you have to grit your teeth during this so that the smoke passes through your teeth. It gives your inhale a more “grated” look, like the masks that are associated with Bane.


12. The French Inhale

The French Inhale is one of the easiest tricks you can do, as long as you can inhale through your nose while you exhale through your mouth. To do this, take a puff of your vape and exhale slowly through your mouth. While the smoke comes out, inhale through your nostrils.

The idea behind this trick is simple. It’s supposed to make it look like smoke is running through your nose and mouth in a seamless movement.


13. The Bull Ring

Most of us are well aware of the classic look of a bull that has a ring through its nose. It’s even the name of a piecing similar to that in certain circles. Nowadays, you don’t need to get pierced to get that bull ring. You just need the right smoking device.

To do the Bull Ring trick, blow a medium-sized smoke ring and then use your nose to inhale the top part of the ring. It’ll give you the appearance of having a bull’s ring, though it only seems to happen for a short time.


14. Ring Stacks

Most people who work on blowing smoke rings will be able to do this trick eventually. In fact, some of them will be able to do it without realizing that this an actual trick in and of itself. What is it? It’s simple.

Ring Stacks happen when you blow a large number of small smoke rings in rapid succession. It’ll start to look like you have a ton of rings topping one another.


15. Vape Bending

Technically, this isn’t a trick but a genre of tricks. This is advanced but when practiced, can turn into one of the best vape tricks on this list. With this trick genre, you use your hands and breath to bend the airflow in a way that impacts the shape of your vape cloud.

For example, spinning your hand in a small circle can make your vape smoke swirl or turn to the left or right. More advanced vape trick users have been able to make coils or even triangle shapes by vape bending.

If you want to give it a shot, make sure you have a vape device with a lot of thick smoke production on hand. It’s usually the only way to clearly see those results happen.


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