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Cloud Vapes Overview

Cloud Vapes started as a company in 2012, and within a decade, it has established a name as one of the leading brands in manufacturing vaping devices. The company was born out of a need to find the best services when it comes to vaping, whether it is getting a suitable device or e-liquid.

If you are new to vaping, you may not understand the struggles of enthusiasts that started vaping much earlier. While some manufacturers touted their products as the best, they were only partly usable and did not satisfy consumers.

In light of this, Cloud Vapes is determined to make the vaping experience top-notch and memorable for users. However, the brand is more focused on the alternative vaping world, but it manufactures vaping tanks that also work as liquid concentrate atomizers.



Cloud Vapes is a brand primarily located in Glendale, Southern California in the United States. But the brand has a massive online presence, so buyers can buy its products online from different parts of the world. It ships to Canada, within the U.S., and other international addresses.

If you want fast delivery, you can opt for express or priority shipping, although that will cost you more. And if you are an international buyer, expect to wait between five to seven days before the products arrive at your destination.

You can get free shipping within the United States if you make an order and buy products worth $60 and above. Also, the brand does not sell to just about anyone. All buyers must provide proof of age to show they are eligible to buy such products.


Cloud Vapes excels at making electronic diffusers or vape pens for different purposes. You will get devices for wax vaping, e-juice vaping, or herb vaping. One of the top-selling devices from the brand is the F17 dry herb vape. It comprises a stainless steel heating chamber and is portable for easy carriage.

The website has a dedicated Bubbler page for users to select suitable hand-made glass attachments from a wide array available. You will find an equal amount of devices for wax vaping as you would for herb vaping.

And since many of the brand’s products can be easily interchanged, users have a field day pairing different items that work well together. This is not a feature you find with most other brands. There is an accessories page for people looking for parts such as mouthpieces, coils, and tanks.

Furthermore, Cloud Vapes provides different mod and tank options. You can pair mods with different tanks or use a tank with different mods. They are not basic because some of the tanks have ceramic cores and stainless steel bodies. Additionally, you can upgrade to a different style as desired.

Cloud Vapes Prices and Series

This brand sells diffusers, bubblers, and different accessories for these items. Each category has a price range, and what you want will determine your budget for the products.

1. Cloud Vapes Diffusers Price & Details ($15 – $50)

Cloud Vapes Diffusers

Image Credit: cloudvapes

  • Phantom Mini ($59.99)
  • Flash Premium ($139.99)
  • Chrome ($39.99)
  • Platinum ($49.99)

There is a wide range of these products with varying prices. But these are the popular ones with buyers.

Cloud V Phantom Mini is a classy, portable yet powerful vaporizer or diffuser. It is soft-textured and feels like rubber to the touch. This material keeps your hand from feeling the heat of the coil while trapping it within for the best results.

There are three temperature settings on the device that are preset by the factory. Each setting is represented by a color on the external part of the device; a red light means the temperature is high at 436 Fahrenheit, blue light is a little lower at 410 Fahrenheit, and green light is 375 Fahrenheit.

The chamber is quite small and can hold only less than one gram of ground herb. But the internal oven walls are stainless steel for perfect heat conduction. In addition, it has an internal battery you can recharge.

Cloud V Flash Premium is small, compact, and efficient. It has a ceramic heating coil that makes the melting of the essential oil concentrates an easy job. This is different from the heating coil in other devices because it will produce a better vaping result within a shorter time.

The battery capacity is 550mAh, and the device has three preheat voltage settings. Simply select the setting of your choice and enjoy your vaping experience.

Cloud V Chrome is sleek and stylish, unlike any other vaporizer you have ever seen. Its sleekness does not reduce its power; you can maximize the loading capacity and choose from five voltage settings. With a powerful 510-threaded battery, the device will last longer during use.

Now, let’s look at the Cloud V Platinum. The second-generation vape features a glass mouthpiece for easy monitoring of the e-liquid level while vaping. It has two atomizers; one is the regular ceramic heating core type, but the second one is the Tornado ceramic core with extra wires. This combination increases the results you get when using the vape pen.


2. Cloud Vapes Bubblers Price & Details ($20 – $80)

Cloud Vapes Bubbler

  • ElectroMini Terminator Bubbler ($39.99)
  • Cloud Aqua Bubbler ($39.99)
  • Flash Aqua Bubbler ($54.99)

As with the diffuser, there is a wide array of bubblers available from Cloud Vapes.

Cloud V ElectroMini Terminator Bubbler is one of its kind with a double percolator. It features a handmade glass bubbler attachment with a double glass percolator. The splash guard design makes it easy to fill the bubbler with water and filter the clouds.

Next is the Cloud V Cloud Aqua Bubbler. It has a simple and easy-to-use design, but there is nothing simple about its performance. The tube is fashioned out of high-quality glass to trap the heat without making the bubbler too hot to handle. You can attach any handheld vaping device from Cloud V to the bubbler for the best experience.

The last on our list is the Cloud V Flash Aqua Bubbler. This device looks complicated but is pretty easy to use. It is a glass attachment comprising a ceramic atomizer and a percolation chamber. This chamber has four branches all in glass and the design has a non-spill feature. You can add water to the bubbler and turn it upside down; you will not see water leaking from it.


3. Cloud V Accessories

Cloud V Accessories

  • Atomizer
  • Charger
  • Mouthpiece
  • Battery

Jet Liquid Atomizer ($5)

Cloud V has a wide range of atomizers you can use for your device. But the Jet Liquid atomizer made our list with its ceramic wickless coil. It fits all Cloud Jet batteries and is easy to use. All you have to do is to pull out the mouthpiece tip and attach it to the appropriate battery securely.

510 Thread Battery with Charger ($14.99)

This is a combination of charger and battery. If your device uses a 510-thread attachment, this kit is the best bet for charging it without hassles. It is sold at almost $15, which is a good deal for both components.

Simply locate the connection point on the battery and plug in the charger. Ensure you use a charging port with the proper voltage output to avoid damaging the charger and battery.

Flash Mouthpiece Glass ($6.99)

There is a wide range of colors for the Flash mouthpiece, and if you are one for variety, you will find this option favorable. Coming in at almost $7, it works best for the Cloud V Flash series.

Jet Battery ($22.99)

The Jet battery is black and sleek, with a considerable capacity of 420mAh. It comes with three preheat options and voltage settings. Green indicates 3.0 volts, blue indicates 3.7 volts, and red indicates 4.2 volts. It works best with cartridges that have a diameter of 10.50 mm or less.


Best Cloud Vapes Flavors

Cloud Vapes does not manufacture flavors to match its products. Getting and using e-liquids, herbs, and wax with the devices are up to the buyer. You will have to find the appropriate flavors to match the device and your palate.

Many flavors make your vaping experience worthwhile, especially with the best device from Cloud V. Let’s look at some of the best vape juice flavors to consider for your Cloud V devices.

  • Blueberry – This flavor reminds you of eating fresh blueberries on a bright Sunday morning. While it is a classic flavor and pretty common, it is still one of the most favored ones, especially for those who love blueberries.
  • Tobacco – If you used to smoke and have difficulty beating the habit, this flavor may be a great way of coping. It has a rich and dark flavor and fills your mouth with its deliciousness. The best part is that it does not come with the burnt taste that is common with a traditional cigarette.
  • Apple – You will experience the rich tartness of apples with this flavor. It is sweet and crisp, with a perfect blend of the sourness that is the signature of apple flavors. If you have never tried an apple-flavored vape juice, it is a good time to start.
  • Spearmint – While menthol flavors have their perks, they are sometimes too icy for users. If you fall under the category of people who cannot stand the iciness that comes from menthol, consider the spearmint flavor. It is minty and cool without overdoing it. The favor may work for cleansing your palate before trying something else while vaping.
  • Vanilla – It is one of the commonest flavors on the market but never gets old. The vanilla flavor is sweet and subtle, filling your mouth with goodness with just one puff. Its lightness makes it easy to mix with other strong flavors, such as coffee or menthol.
  • Coffee – Coffee lovers may appreciate this flavor if it is not too much coffee in one day. It is still an appropriate flavor if you are not a regular coffee drinker. The flavor perfectly captures the delicious and warm essence of the best cup of coffee, leaving you with a desire for more.
  • Cola – This flavor may not be the most popular but that is because it is a well-kept secret. The Cola flavor mimics the Coca-Cola flavor and fizz, which makes it a unique experience. Consider vaping an e-liquid with Cola flavor in the evening, especially if you have never tried it.


Cloud Vapes Wholesale

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Cloud Vapes FAQs

Does Cloud V have nicotine?

All Cloud V products have nicotine. If you are allergic to it, avoiding it or getting a doctor’s advice is crucial. The same is true applies if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any medical condition.

How much does a Cloud Vape cost?

Some Cloud V vaporizers or diffusers cost as little as $15, while others cost as much as $50. It depends on the series and the design of the vape, but most of the brand’s products are affordable.

Are Cloud Vapes good?

Cloud V vaporizers are some of the best on the market. The vape pens produce above-average vapors and the e-juices are flavorful due to the design of the coils or atomizers. You will find devices for dry herbs, ground herbs, and waxes, which are a wide variety for vaping enthusiasts.


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