Is Dinner Lady Vape Good Brand? (Price, Types & Flavors)

Dinner Lady Vape

Dinner Lady Vape Overview

Dinner Lady has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the vaping industry. They are known for their high-quality e-liquids, which come in various flavors with premium ingredients and fully comply with MHRA and TBD regulations.

Their popularity can be attributed to their dedication to innovation and commitment to producing e-liquids that meet the highest quality and safety standards. According to the Vape Superstore, Dinner Lady’s e-liquids are crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients and the good stuff—pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

Though Dinner Lady has been a UK-based company since 2016, they have a global presence. The success is recognized in the UK and internationally, which speaks to the quality of their products and the strength of their brand.

In fact, they won around 55 awards and counting, proving their commitment to excellence and ability to meet the needs and preferences of vapers worldwide.

Dinner Lady Vape Overview

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Dinner Lady Vape Features

Expert vapers from around the world have tried and tested Dinner Lady Vape’s product, and we’re here to give you the rundown on their key features:


1. Convenient and disposable design

Dinner Lady Vape Pens are pre-charged and pre-filled, have 4 nicotine strengths, and have a 50% tank capacity for liquid. They have a satisfying MTL (mouth-to-lung) throat-hit feel without the hassle of traditional vape mods.

2. Great flavor and discreet cloud production

Dinner Lady Vape e-cigarette delivers best-selling e-liquid flavors you can use with different devices. Also, these flavors and atomizers create a discreet cloud production. With a 1.6ohm coil, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth and satisfying hit every time.

3. Zero maintenance required

This feature makes this device an ideal choice for Mess-free top-fill systems, reduces the risk of leakage, and makes them highly convenient to use, even when you need to be somewhere. Simply use them until they’re empty, then dispose of them and grab a new one.

4. Pen-style design

Slim, compact, and portable design with 15 x 15 x 100mm dimensions makes it easy to carry in your pocket, perfect for everyday use.

5. Powerful batteries

Built-in batteries with 300mAh to 500mAh capacity and 3.7V input provides long-lasting performance and delivers up to 600 puffs. And, with its auto-draw activation, you don’t even need to press any buttons to use it—just breathe in, and it will automatically turn on.

Vape Pen Pro Vs SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and SPIRITBAR Katana

Brands SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask Vape Pen Pro SPIRITBAR Katana
Pictures Untitled design SM-3_300x300 SPIRITBAR Katana
Design Aluminum alloy outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

No Screen Display Artificial leather outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

Flavor Options 8 14 8
Nicotine Options 5% 2% 5%
Battery 500MAH 500MAH 650MAH
E-liquid Capacity 20ml 2ml 18ml
Puffs 9000+ 600+ 10000+
Price $16.8 Three Pack £15.00 $16.9

When it comes to disposable vapes, SPIRITBAR’s models far surpass the Vape Pen Pro in battery life, e-liquid capacity, and overall value.

The Vape Pen Pro lacks handy power and fluid level screens found on both SPIRITBAR options. More importantly, each Vape Pen Pro contains just 2ml of e-liquid – barely enough for 600 puffs before needing replacement.

Even purchasing a 3-pack for £15 provides only 6ml of vape juice total – a fraction of the SPIRITBAR disposables’ capacities. The Jack’s Flask houses 20ml for 9000+ puffs, while the Katana contains an industry-leading 18ml for 10000+ satisfying puffs per charge.

Clearly, the Vape Pen Pro’s meager 2ml per device does not provide a cost-efficient vaping experience compared to SPIRITBAR’s 20ml and 18ml capacities. The need to constantly replace empties makes the Vape Pen Pro far less economical.

With their extended battery life, massive e-liquid supply, and useful integrated screens, the SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and Katana deliver a superior hassle-free vaping experience. Their ultra-long life minimizes waste and expense.

For the best value disposable vape, SPIRITBAR dominates over the underwhelming Vape Pen Pro. When it comes to battery efficiency, fluid volume, and overall affordability, SPIRITBAR is the clear winner.

Our Recommend
SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape
  • Stylish pirate flask-shaped body providing an exciting vaping experience
  • Delivering up to 9000 puffs per device
  • 20ml e-liquid capacity with 50mg nicotine strength for satisfying throat hit
  • Specialized pirate-themed e-juice flavors for rich, swirling taste
  • Premium mesh coil optimizes flavor profile for maximum vaping enjoyment

This disposable vape captures the daring spirit of the high seas with its flask styling and signature pirate e-juice flavors. The extraordinary battery life provides 9000 indulgent puffs for extended vaping pleasure. Live boldly and freely with the Jack's Flask - a legendary vaping experience fit for a pirate's adventures.

Our Recommend
SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000 Disposable Vape
  • Slender, leather-textured body reminiscent of a katana handle for an authentic samurai feel
  • Unique samurai-inspired e-liquid flavor - fruity yet not too sweet, with a luxurious, elegant aroma
  • Powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery for extended vaping time
  • Large 18ml e-liquid capacity and 10,000 puff capacity
  • Advanced mesh coil and e-liquid & power display screens for optimal vaping experience

The special juice captures the essence of the samurai spirit with its rich, smoothly pulsating flavor that brings new satisfaction with every puff. The device's slender, leather-textured design evokes the grip of a samurai's katana, making this product a perfect choice for vaping enthusiasts inspired by the way of the warrior.

Dinner Lady Vape Price, Series & E-liquids

Dinner Lady has become a go-to brand for vapers worldwide. However, as with any product, the price of Dinner Lady Vape products can vary depending on the series and e-liquid flavor. In this section, we’ll look closer at Dinner Lady Vape prices, series, and e-liquids to help you decide which device and flavors to use for your next purchase.

Dinner Lady Disposable E-cigarette  (£3 – £10)

Dinner Lady Disposable E-cigarette

Image Credit: easevape

Three Packs – £10.00

One Unit – £3.00

The Dinner Lady Disposable E-Cigs & Vape Pens are easy-to-use vaping devices that come charged and ready to use. They offer up to 400 puffs, which is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes. The devices are made from durable stainless steel and come in a slim, discreet design with a comfortable mouthpiece.

The pre-filled e-liquid tanks contain premium nic salt e-liquid, which offers a smooth throat hit and enhanced flavor. The pens come in 13 flavors, including desserts, sweets, fruits, ice, menthol, and tobacco ranges.

The devices feature a 1.6ohm organic cotton coil and a long-lasting Li-Ion battery. They are also equipped with a micro control unit and printed circuit board to provide ultimate battery protection and extra vaping safety.

Here’s a pod review of Dinner Lady Disposable E-cigarette by Vapourettes in the video below.


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Pro (£5.99 – £15)

Dinner Lady Vape Pen Pro

Image Credit: vapedinnerlady

Three Packs – £5.99

One Unit – £15.00

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Pro is a pre-charged disposable device that comes with pre-filled e-liquid and is ready to use right away. It offers a comfortable and leak-free vaping experience with up to 600 puffs.

The Vape Pen Pro has 14 flavors of Ice, Fruits, Menthol, and a new Drink Flavor, Red Thunder. It is a pre-filled e-liquid tank specially formulated to match the device’s output. It has a smooth throat hit and produces discreet clouds.

The pen is designed for convenience and ease of use, with a stainless steel + PETG rubber paint body that is fireproof and can withstand over 9kg of pressure. It is equipped with a 1.6ohm coil and a high-grade Li-Ion 500mAh battery, which ensures ultimate battery protection and controls voltage for extra safety when vaping.


Dinner Lady Vape E-Liquids

Here’s a  video of Dinner Lady’s popular e-liquid, Lemon Tart to get started.

Shortfill 70:30 (£12.99)


Dinner Lady offers a highly sought-after product: shortfill (shakes and vape) e-liquids. Essentially, these are bottles of nicotine-free liquid that users can customize by adding either nicotine or CBD shot to create their desired e-liquid concoction. This innovative solution was devised to comply with the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive regulations in 2016 that limit the size of nicotine bottles.

One of the key selling points of the shortfill e-liquids is their ability to produce voluminous clouds and provide a delightful taste experience. The product comprises 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol, delivering a balance of both optimal vapor production and flavor intensity.


Standard 50:50 (£3.99)


Dinner Lady Standard E-liquid boasts an impressive assortment of over 100 premium 50:50 e-liquids, elegantly packaged in convenient 10ml bottles and available in a range of nicotine strengths.

Carefully crafted with top-notch ingredients, these blends harmoniously balance Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin to deliver a velvety throat hit, exceptional flavor, and spectacular vapor production, thus garnering widespread popularity among vaping enthusiasts.

These versatile liquids accommodate a wide array of devices and coils, making them an excellent choice for newcomers transitioning from smoking to vaping.


Salt Nic 10ml (£3.99)

Salt Nic

Nicotine salts, commonly referred to as nic salts, represent a distinct type of e-liquid that incorporates nicotine derived from tobacco leaves. Notably, they offer smoother inhalation and more efficient nicotine delivery than conventional e-liquids.

Dinner Lady Vape, a prominent vaping brand, features Lemon Tart in standard e-liquid and nicotine salt formulations. Nic salts are ideal for individuals transitioning from smoking to vaping and can be used with other popular vaping devices.


Nic Shots (£1.99 – 14.99)

Nic Shots

Vape Dinner Lady presents an array of Nicotine Shots that seamlessly combine with shortfills products to produce a generous amount of high VG e-liquid infused with 3mg nicotine.

The European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive puts a cap on nicotine e-liquids, restricting them to 10ml bottles. In response to this, Dinner Lady innovatively crafted Shortfills and Nicotine Shots, ensuring premium quality and economical alternatives.

Blending Nic Shots with a 50ml Shortfill bottle allows users to effectively regulate nicotine consumption for sub-ohm devices.


High VG 70:30 10ml (£3.99)

High VG 70:30 10ml

The Dinner Lady High VG E-Liquids are popular among sub-ohm vapers who enjoy dense clouds and rich flavors. Due to sub-ohm devices’ intense vaping experience, it is often ideal for all-day vaping.

To cater to the diverse needs of their customers, Dinner Lady vape offers their High VG E-Liquids in Shortfill bottles that are nicotine-free or pre-mixed with nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg. As an added incentive, they provide a low-cost Shortfill sample kit, allowing vapers to sample various flavors.


Concentrates (£9.99)


In addition to its regular line of vape juices, the Dinner Lady vape brand also provides concentrated vape juices that users can expertly blend to craft a personalized vaping experience.

These concentrated vape juices, formulated with PG, boast excellent flavor retention properties and a pleasant taste profile. For optimal results, Dinner Lady suggests vapers combine the concentrated vape juice with VG and incorporate nicotine or CBD to customize their own unique e-juice blends.


Dinner Lady Vape Flavors

The Dinner Lady’s collection of vape e-juices is a perfect balance of high-quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations inspired by classic desserts, ice, fruits, menthol, tobacco, and sweets. Brace yourself as we list their divine flavors to make your taste buds sing.

1. Ice or Menthol-Flavoured E-liquids

Dinner Lady Vape Ice offers various menthol and ice flavors for vapers who want refreshing and cool smokes.

And it’s not just your regular ol’ flavors either. They’ve got fruity mixes, sweet and creamy desserts, and even classic tobacco flavors, all with that cool and refreshing menthol twist. Think Strawberry Ice, Blue Menthol, Lemon Sherbets Ice, and Tropic Mango Chill – these are just a few of their fan-favorite flavors that’ll send shivers down your spine (in a good way, of course!).

Dinner Lady Vape Ice is an excellent choice for smokers who enjoy fruity and refreshing flavors.

2. Fruit-flavored E-liquids

Now if you’re for some fruity fun, the Dinner Lady Vape has overflowing flavors, including Bubblegum Ice, Strawberry Ice, and Lemon Sherbets Ice; you’re sure to find something to tickle your taste buds.

Feeling fancy? Try the Strawberry Macaroon or the Smooth Tobacco.

Need a little chill? Cool off with the Tropic Chill or Watermelon Ice.

Whatever your fancy flavor, Dinner Lady Vape has got you covered. So go ahead, and indulge in a sweet, tangy, or refreshing vaping experience with their delicious fruity-taste e-liquids.

3. Dessert-flavored E-liquids

Let’s head over to the sugary paradise of Dinner Lady Vape, where desserts come alive in e-liquid form. Get ready for a lip-smacking experience with Lemon Tart, Blackberry Crumble, Apple Pie, Strawberry Custard, Rice Pudding, Cornflake Tart, Berry Tart, Mango Tart, Strawberry Macaroon, and Orange Tart.

Drooling yet? Well, hold on tight as each flavor takes you on a mouth-watering journey of buttery pastry crusts, sweet fruity fillings, and creamy custards. It’s time to indulge in your sweet tooth cravings and take your vaping game to the next level.

4. Tobacco-flavored E-liquids

Get ready to blow some serious clouds with Dinner Lady Vape’s tobacco-flavored e-liquids. They’ve got everything from classic tobacco to wild flavors like maple tobacco and berry tobacco.

These concoctions are made with only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a smoking experience that’s both satisfying and guilt-free. So if you want to switch up your smoking routine and impress your taste buds, try this Dinner Lady e-liquid. You can even share them with friends who have never heard of them.


Other Vape Brands with Dinner Lady Vape

Not only will you find Dinner Lady Vape’s top-selling e-cigarette liquid collection on their website, but you’ll also discover a curated selection of the top vaping brands in the industry that comes in refillable, pod mod, pen, and even box mod devices.

Refillable Pod Devices (£11.99 – £22.99)

Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit – (£19.99)

Uwell Caibrun A2 Pod Kit – (£16.99)

Uwell Caliburn G Pod 2 – (£22.99)

Smok Nord 4 – (£22.99)

Innokin Glim Pod Kit – (£11.99)

Smok Novo 4 – (£19.99)

Upends UpOx KIt – (£12.99)

Innokin MVP Pod Kit – (£14.99)

Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit – (£17.99)

Greekvape 1FC Kit – (£19.99)

Vaporesso Luxe Q – (£16.99)

Aspire Flexus Q – (£19.99)


Pod Mod Devices (£14.99 – £39.99)

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Kit (£27.99)

Voopoo Vinci X Kit (£19.99)

Smok Morph Pod 40 Kit (£22.99)

Smok RPM 4 Kit (£22.99)

Upends Uppor Kit (£19.99)

Smok IPX 80 Kit (£21.99)

Voopoo Vinci X 2 (£24.99)

VooPoo Argus Pro Kit (£28.99)

Lost Vape Ursa Mini Pod (£17.99)

VooPoo Argus Pro Kit – Shortfill Bundle (£39.99)

Voopoo Vinci X – 50:50 Bundle (£29.99)

Innokin Glim 50:50 10ml Bundle (14.99)


Pen Devices (£10.99 – £29.99)

Innokin Endura T20-S Kit (£16.99)

Uppen Pod Kit (£19.99)

Innokin Jem Pen Kit (£10.99)

Uppen Plus Pod Kit (£23.99)

Innokin Endura T18x Kit (£17.99)

Vaporesso GTX Go 80 (£16.99)

Smok Stick N18 Kit (£19.99)

Innokin Sceptre Tube Kit (£16.99)

Smok Stick R22 Kit (£24.99)

Freemax Marvos 60W Kit (£26.99)

Aspire Tigon (£29.99)

Innokin Endura Apex Kit (£23.99)


Box Mod Devices (£19.99 – £49.99)

Aspire Zelos 3 – (£34.99)

Geekvape Legend 2 Kit – (£49.99)

Smok Gram 25 – (£19.99)

Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit – (£24.99)

Innokin Cool Fire Mini – (£19.99)

Innokin Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 – (£39.99)

Innokin Endura T22 Pro Kit – (27.99)

Smok Arcfox Kit (£49.99)

Smok Rigel Mini Kit (£24.99)

Freemax Maxus 100W  – (£39.99)

Smok Fortis Kit – (£34.99)

Geekvape Z50 Kit – (£33.99)

Tired of the Hassle of Refilling E-Juice? Try Disposable Vapes

Refilling small vape tanks and pods can become tedious and messy after a while. If you’re looking for a fuss-free vaping option, disposable vapes are the way to go. With a disposable vape like those from Spirit Bar, you can simply toss the device and get a new one once the e-juice runs out.

Disposable vapes from Spirit Bar Vape are ready to use right out of the package. You don’t have to worry about filling up a tank, priming coils, adjusting settings, or dealing with leaks. Just open the box, pull out the vape, and you’re ready for action.

Spiritbar Vape

Spirit Bar disposables like the Jack’s Flask and Katana are designed to last. The Katana delivers an astounding 10,000+ puffs from its massive 18ml e-liquid reservoir. That’s weeks of vaping without ever having to refuel. Even the Jack’s Flask provides 9,000 puffs per device.

When you want an effortless, mess-free vaping experience without all the hassle of refills and maintenance, treat yourself to an easy-breezy disposable vape. Brands like Spirit Bar take care of the details so you can just relax and enjoy smooth, satisfying vapor whenever the mood strikes. Toss the refill headaches away and switch to the convenience of a disposable vape today!

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Dinner Lady Vape FAQs

Q: What flavors are available in Dinner Lady Vape’s disposable vapes?

A: While Dinner Lady’s bottled vape juice gets to flaunt its rainbow of flavors, disposable vapes only have a duo of tobacco and menthol flavors. But knowing Dinner Lady, we’re sure they’d think of more innovative ways to create more flavors.

Q: Is dinner lady vape good?

A: The Dinner Lady Vape is not simply good—it’s a heaven taste for those who have tried it. They have made an effort to decrease the level of sweeteners, which is appealing to many people. Additionally, the device produces a satisfying amount of vapor that is comparable to smoking a traditional cigarette.

Q: Do Dinner Lady make any vape kits?

A: Yes, Dinner Lady’s has a vape pod kit for starters infused with premium nicotine salts, which usually comes in a bundle. The kit has got it all—three flavors, including Lemon Tart E-Liquid, Blue Menthol, and Smooth Tobacco, all packed with a 20mg/ml Salt Nicotine punch.


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