Geekvape Overview (Price, Types, Flavors & Wholesale)

Geekvape Overview (Price, Types, Flavors & Wholesale)

Geekvape Overview

Geekvape Overview


Geekvape is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Its US headquarters are at 4086 Rochester Road Suite 209, Troy, Michigan, 48085.

Telephone: 866 877 4335

Customer service hotline: 866 985 6876

Brand Story

Geekvape was founded in 2015 and the company’s emphasis is on innovation. Here “geek” stands for genuine innovation, enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge.

Among the Geekvape product line up are models including the Tsunami RDA, the Griffin, the Z Series and the Wenax stylus. But by far the most successful is the Aegis. To date, over 20 million of these iconic vapes have been sold.

Geekvape also own and manufacture Geek Bar products.

The company’s global headquarters are in China, but they also have offices in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Korea and Russia. Today, they export their products to more than 70 countries around the world.

Key Facts

Geekvape’s turnover in 2021 was $11 million. The company has over 5,000 employees, including 80 members of staff in the US. It manufactures an astonishing 60 million units of its products every month.

Geekvape’s emphasis on innovation extends to crowdsourcing feedback and ideas from committed vapers. Applicants are asked to complete a questionnaire about themselves and their vaping habits before being admitted to the company’s “GeekLAB”.

In return for providing valuable customer intel, GeekLAB members are offered occasional discounts and freebies. All members must be of legal vaping age in their home country to sign up.


Geekvape’s huge range of products includes pod systems, box mods, prefilled vapes, tanks, coils, batteries and chargers. All their vapes are reusable, and they’re designed to be resilient as well as stylish.

Most can be purchased direct online via the Geekvape website. There’s also a warehouse clearance section, where you can buy discontinued products at bargain prices.

Shipping is free for orders with a value of more than $99 and weighing less than 2 kilograms. As long as your items are in stock, they’ll be shipped within two working days.


Geekvape Prices & Series

Geekvape’s range is divided into six different series: Aegis, U Series, Z Series, Red White Version, Wenax and Obelisk.

Geekvape Aegis Price ($5-$103)

Geekvape Aegis Price

Aegis is the most popular of the Geekvape series. Products in the range include everything from battery chargers to high end vape kits with touch screens. Here’s the full list:

  • AP2 (Aegis Pod 2) pod system kit, 900mAh – $29.99
  • AP2 (Aegis Pod 2) pod cartridge without coil, 4.5ml, pack of 2 – $4.99
  • Aegis Boost Pro 2 empty replacement pod, pack of 2 – $6.80
  • Aegis Boost Pro/ Pro Max replacement pod – $7.99-$12.99
  • Aegis Boost replacement pod without coil, pack of 2 – $11.99
  • Aegis Nano kit, 800mAh – $35.50
  • Aegis Nano replacement pods, pack of 2 – $7.20
  • Aegis ONE Pod 2ml, pack of 3 – $11.40
  • AU (Aegis U) pod kit, 800mAh – $26.50
  • B60 (Aegis Boost 2) pod mod kit, 2,000mAh – $54.02
  • B60 (Aegis Boost 2) replacement rod without coil, pack of 2 – $8.30
  • B100 (Aegis Boost Pro 2) kit, 100W – $50.50
  • E100 (Aegis Eteno) kit, 100W – $53.50
  • E100 510 adapter for Geekvape E100 (Aegis Eteno) kit – $4.50
  • H45 (Aegis Hero 2) pod mod kit, 1,400mAh, 4ml – $37.99-$43.99
  • H45 (Aegis Hero 2) pod mod kit, crystal edition – $42.99
  • H45 (Aegis Hero 2) empty cartridge, 4ml, pack of 2 – $11.99
  • L200 (Aegis Legend 2) box mod, 200W – $62.60
  • L200 (Aegis Legend 2) classic box mod, 200W – $66.00
  • L200 (Aegis Legend 2) kit, 200W – $84.80
  • L200 (Aegis Legend 2) classic kit, 200W – $89.10
  • Replacement skeleton for L200 (Aegis Legend 2) – $5.99
  • M100 (Aegis Mini 2) kit, 2,500mAh – $88.80
  • Max 100 (Aegis Max 2) 100W box mod – $58.38
  • Max100 (Aegis Max 2) 100W kit – $81.48
  • S100 (Aegis Solo 2) kit with Z sub-ohm 2021 tank, 5.5ml – $80.10-$82.70
  • T200 (Aegis Touch) box mod, 200W – $86.90
  • T200 (Aegis Touch) kit, 200W – $102.80
  • Aegis X kit – $96.50


The Aegis range has something for everyone. The series ranges from pod systems like the AP2 at under $30, to the T200 kit at over $100.

The AP2 is Geekvape’s smallest and toughest tri-proof pod vape. It features adjustable airflow, 3-level output, and a locking function to keep it stored safely. There’s also a leak-proof tank with a capacity of 4 milliliters, and a built-in 900mAh battery.

Check out this Youtube video from Mike Vapes, which covers everything you need to know about the AP2.

Other pod kits in the Aegis series include the U, Nano, Boost 2 and Hero 2.

And at the top of the range is the Aegis Touch, or T200. Billed as the smartest ever box mod, it features a 2.4-inch touch screen, Z coil with double service life, top airflow, and dual 18650 batteries. All this, and it’s waterproof to IP68 standards too.

It won the Vaping Post’s award for best box mod in 2022. And it’s available in a choice of seven stylish colors. This YouTube video from Vampire Vape takes you through its key features.

Geekvape U Series Price ($10-$27)

Geekvape U Series Price

Geekvape’s U Series is a pod system that’s compatible with U-cartridges. There are five different models of vaping devices in the series, plus accessories. Here’s the full range:

  • U cartridge pod, pack of 3 – $9.50
  • Sonder U pod system kit – $12
  • AU (Aegis U) pod kit, 800mAh – $26.50
  • Obelisk U pod kit, 950mAh – $19.99
  • Digiflavor U pod kit, 1000mAh – $24.99
  • Wenax U pod kit, 1000mAh – $22.90


U Series kits range from the simple Sonder pod system kit at $12 to the popular Aegis U pod kit at $26.50.

At the lower price point, the Sonder has a 2ml capacity tank with a transparent window so you can check how much e-liquid is left.

There’s a 1,000mAh built-in battery, which can be recharged via a USB C portal. One charge will be enough for a day’s vaping. And there’s a coil with resistance of 0.7 ohms. It’s designed for use with nicotine salts, and it’s a good choice for those new to vaping.

The Digiflavor U pod kit consists of a U-cartridge together with a striking patterned vape case and lanyard. It has the same battery strength as the Sonder, at 1,000mAh. The cartridge has the same 2 milliliter capacity too, and you can get a maximum of a 10-second puff.

This YouTube video from Devil Vaper takes a look at the whole of Geekvape’s U Series.

Geekvape Z Series Price ($4-$167)

Geekvape Z Series Price

The Z Series includes all the bits and bobs you might need to replace in your vape. There are tanks, tubes, micromesh, bubble glasses and coils. But there are also some seriously good vaping devices. The full range covers:

  • Z Series coils, pack of 5 – $17.88
  • Z sub-ohm tank – $29.80
  • Z glass tube – $5.99
  • Z Max tank – $31.90
  • Z Max replacement bubble glass – $4.99
  • ZX II micromesh – $3.90
  • ZX II RTA – $24.99-$36.99
  • Z (Zeus) Nano 2 tank, 3.5ml – $25.00
  • Z Nano 2 replacement bubble glass – $4.99-$5.99
  • Z sub-ohm SE tank – $29.80
  • Z 100C DNA pod mod kit, 100W – $167.17
  • Z 100C DNA empty cartridge, 5ml, pack of 2 – $9.99


If you’re looking for a pod mod kit, the Z 100C is a great option. The innovative mesh design has more holes in the central portion of the coil that standard models. That means it will transmit heat more evenly and last about twice as long as conventional coils.

It’s compatible with a 3.7V 18650 or 21700 external battery, which you’ll need to buy separately. It has a maximum power output of 100W. And it comes with a smart 1-inch color screen.

Take a look at this YouTube video from The Bullz to find out more about the Z sub-ohm SE tank, and just why those coils last so long.

Geekvape Red and White Version Price ($38-$85)

Geekvape Red and White Version Price

The Red and White Version is a sub-set of Geekvape’s bestselling Aegis series. As you might expect from the name, all the hardware is finished in a smart red and white colorway. The range covers:

  • L200 (Aegis Legend 2) kit, 200W – $84.80
  • L200 (Aegis Legend 2) box mod, 200W – $62.60
  • H45 (Aegis Hero 2) pod mod kit, 1,400mAh, 4ml – $37.99-$43.99
  • B60 (Aegis Boost 2) pod mod kit, 2,000mAh – $54.02
  • Max 100 (Aegis Max 2), 100W kit – $81.48
  • Max 100 (Aegis Max 2), 100W box mod – $58.38


All these models are available in other colors too – but the red and white really stands out from the crowd. And all the quality and performance you’d expect from Geekvape’s Aegis series is here too.

With the competitively priced H45 (Hero 2), for example, you’ll get a 1,400mAh battery with USB C port for easy charging. There’s top airflow control and a smart 2-inch display screen. There’s also a smart leather grip embossed with Rip Trippers’ signature.

Check out this YouTube video from Matt from SMM to find out more.

Geekvape WENAX Price ($12-$24)

Geekvape WENAX Price

The WENAX Series is specifically designed for those who prefer a lighter vaping flavor. It includes the following products:

  • H1 starter kit, 1,000mAh – $23.99
  • H1 cartridge pod, pack of 3 – $11.99
  • M1 pod kit, 800mAh – $16.99
  • M1 cartridge pod, 2ml – $11.99-$16.99
  • U pod kit, 1,000mAh – $22.90


The lightweight M1 is a cigar-shaped vape that comes in a choice of six colors and three tactile finishes. The 800mAh battery is charged via a USB C port. The tanks has a capacity of 2ml of e-liquid. And you’ll be able to draw for a maximum of 10 seconds at a time.

The H1 has a flatter, elliptical profile, a leak-proof tank, and a longer-lasting 1,000mAh battery. The maximum draw time is still 10 seconds per puff. This YouTube video from Mike Vapes takes you through its features in more detail.

Geekvape Obelisk Price ($20)

Geekvape Obelisk Price

The Obelisk Series from Geekvape contains just a single product – but it’s a good one!

  • Obelisk U pod kit, 950mAh – $19.99


The Obelisk U pod kit is designed to be used with U-cartridges. It has a built-in 950mAh battery, rechargeable from the type C USB port. It’s small and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry with you on a night out. And it comes in a classy design with a choice of four different colors.

This YouTube video from Matt from SMM reviews the Obelisk U and compares it to Geekvape’s Sondar U.

Best Geekvape Flavors

Geekvape’s range doesn’t include e-liquids. But the company does make a range of disposable vapes under its Geek Bar label. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Banana ice flavor – creamy yet fresh, with a subtle ice finish to complement the sweetness of the banana
  • Mango ice flavor – sweet and tropical, with a cooling menthol hit as you exhale
  • Sour apple flavor – a great choice for those who like something a little tangier, the sour apple flavor also has a crisp edge of menthol
  • Geekberg flavor – the signature Geek flavor mixes summer berries with a hint of ice
  • Blueberry bubblegum flavor – a fruity candy flavor with a side helping of nostalgia
  • Tobacco flavor – the classic woody, earthy flavor of conventional cigarettes, perfect for those trying to quit smoking.

Geekvape Wholesale

You can buy in bulk with our Wholesale Service. Just contact us, and We will give you the best price.

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  • NS replacement coils, flint compatible, pack of 5 wholesale
  • Super Mesh replacement coils, pack of 5 wholesale
  • Meshmellow replacement coils, pack of 3 wholesale
  • Tsunami RDA wholesale
  • Frenzy coils wholesale
  • Vape Frenzy pod system starter kit wholesale
  • Flint starter kit wholesale
  • Aegis Legend starter kit with aero mesh wholesale
  • Alpha sub-ohm tank wholesale
  • Aegis Mini kit with Cerberus tank wholesale
  • Nova starter kit wholesale
  • Aegis Legend 200W TC box mod wholesale
  • Zeus 25mm RTA wholesale
  • Loop RDA wholesale
  • Blade starter kit wholesale
  • Peerless RDA wholesale
  • Griffin 25 Top Airflow RTA wholesale
  • Griffin RTA wholesale


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Geekvape FAQs

Is Geekvape a good brand?

Geekvape offers a huge range of quality vapes and accessories at all price points. The company was one of the earliest to enter the vaping scene, and it’s known for its innovative product offerings.

Is Geekvape mouth to lung?

Geekvape’s Z MTL tank is designed specifically for mouth to lung vaping. It’s also well constructed, leak-proof and easy to fill. And you can adjust the airflow too.

Which country manufactures Geekvape?

Geekvape has its headquarters in China. It also has offices in the USA, western Europe, Russia, Korea and Indonesia.


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