How Long Do Elf Bars Last?

how long do elf bars last

Elf Bars are slowly taking the world of vapers by storm. Sales have been through the roof for this brand of disposable vapes, and for good reason.

It’s an awesome way to get your daily fix of nicotine without smoking cigarettes laden with tobacco. And since they’re disposables, you don’t have to commit to long-term use. Plus, Elf Bars come in so many satisfying flavors, like cranberry grape, strawberry kiwi, and tropical rainbow blast!

But all good things must come to an end. A time will come when you’ll need to retire your device. Since Elf Bars are disposable, this time will come a lot faster. So, how long do Elf Bars last? When can you expect to replace them? We’ll cover all of that and more today, so keep reading.

How many puffs does an Elf Bar last?

How many puffs does an Elf Bar last

An Elf Bar is disposable, which means you can’t just recharge its battery. It will die out on you sooner or later, but each Elf Bar model has a different lifespan.

The disposable vapes by this brand are designed to last longer than the e-liquids they come with. So, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with the disposal of leftover vape liquid, which would be such a waste.

The lifespan of a disposable Elf Bar is measured in puffs. To know how many vapor puffs you can take with your device, check its model name. The number right next to the model name is the number of hits you can take before you can kiss your Elf Bar goodbye.

That means the Elf Bar 600 lasts roughly 600 puffs, the BC3500 lasts 3,500 puffs, the BC5000 lasts 5,000 puffs, and so on.

But how do we know that this number is accurate? Well, the manufacturer will usually run puff tests to see how long each device can run without dying. That way, you’re assured of the lifespan of your vape and e-liquid.

As long as your puffs aren’t significantly shorter or longer than the average 2.65-second puff, you should be able to puff that many times before your Elf Bar is used up. That said, remember that taking longer puffs means your liquid can run out much faster.

Want some insights on a more realistic number of puffs you can take for the Elf Bar and other disposable vape pens? Check out this experiment:


Its lifespan in days depends on your vape usage

Of course, it’s difficult to count the number of puffs you take per day. Making a mental note of every puff you make takes away from a relaxing vape experience. So, we’ll do the math for you and estimate the lifespan of your Elf Bar in days.

A 2015 study found that vapers can take anywhere from less than 100 to up to 1,265 puffs per day. That means casual vapers might see their Elf Bar BC5000 last up to around two or so weeks. Meanwhile, heavier users might be able to use up theirs in 3-5 days.

Then, when it’s all used up, simply throw your Elf Bar away properly and get yourself a new one. The fact that you don’t have to commit to vaping for the long term is one of the best things about the Elf Bar.

How long is the shelf life for unused Elf Bars?

How long is the shelf life for unused Elf Bars

Now, let’s talk about the shelf life of an Elf Bar that hasn’t been used or opened. This is very useful for those who love to buy their Elf Bars in bulk and save them for a rainy day.

As long as you store your disposable vapes properly, they can last up to two years untouched. To do that, put your vapes in a cool, dry, dark place far away from direct sunlight. And when not in use, make sure your e-cigarettes sit in an upright position.

It’s best if you store your e-liquids the same way too. When exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, the molecules in your vape juice will age faster and oxidize. The liquid breaks down and becomes thinner in consistency, making it more prone to leakage, too.

As a result, if you use these liquids in your next vape session, the flavor will be immensely bland. That means your peach mango watermelon vape won’t taste as fruity, and your sweet menthol vape might not be as refreshingly minty.

Plus, sunlight can affect the nicotine levels of your vape liquid, giving you a less-than-satisfying vaping experience.


Is it recommended to use an old Elf Bar?

Let’s say you were doing spring cleaning in your home and found an old, half-finished Elf Bar somewhere. Even if you know for sure that the liquid and the battery life haven’t run out yet, is it smart to pick it up and take a hit?

If you’ve found an old Elf Bar that you purchased over a year ago, the best thing to do would be to throw it out.

The vape device has likely been exposed to sunlight and heat, which has completely damaged the e-liquid inside. The flavor won’t taste the same and the vapor won’t have as much nicotine, meaning it won’t give you that high you’re craving.

Instead, invest in a new Elf Bar—one that you know you can store properly even if you don’t get to finish it within a few weeks. If you’re a casual vaper and have a habit of never being able to finish the whole thing, go for a lower calibration, like an Elf Bar 600.


In a perfect world, vape devices like Elf Bars would simply last forever. But Elf Bars are designed specifically to be disposable and thrown out after use to help manage your vaping experience. The best thing you can do is know how long Elf Bars last so that you can expect when you’ll run out.

The lifespan of Elf Bars is measured by puffs. If you translate that into days, a casual vaper’s Elf Bar will likely last a fortnight. An average vaper’s device might last more or less a week. And finally, a heavy vaper will see their Elf Bar last for only a few days, especially if they take long puffs.


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