How Long Do Vape Batteries Last? (With Maintenance Tips)

How Long Do Vape Batteries Last

Do you own a vape or perhaps you’re planning to buy one? Before making your purchase, it’s beneficial to have an idea of the nuts and bolts of this electronic cigarette device, which has been recognized in recent years.

One of the most pivotal questions that might cloud your mind is―how long do vape batteries last? In this article, you’ll get a detailed discussion of the battery duration as well as some key tips on how to maintain the vape. So, let’s get started with how vapes work.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor that is generated by an electronic cigarette device. Since it stimulates smoking, the aerosol is inhaled into the respiratory system and comes into contact with the bloodstream. The aerosol is created from the liquid or juice that contains nicotine, oil, and flavoring.

There are four major components of a vape―the cartridge, the atomizer, the sensors, and the battery. Some advanced devices come with a display screen to highlight the ohm meter, temperature setting, wattage, and other modes. Other relevant components include the coil, fill port, airflow control, and such.

Vapes also have a USB port. Most of these use a USB-C cable or a micro-USB. And of course, the button controls are important. The two most common controls are designed for the power button and switch modes. For larger devices, these contain a mod, which serves as the storage of the battery.

What is vaping

What are the main types of vape batteries?

Vape batteries are generally the working force behind e-cigarette devices. Without these key elements, the vaping process won’t come through. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the technicalities of the batteries, from the types available to the typical lifespan.

The two major battery types are removable and integrated batteries. From the name itself, removable batteries can be detached from the device and charged separately. Removable batteries are normally high in power and are widely used in advanced vape devices.

Meanwhile, integrated vape batteries are those that are permanently attached to the vape device. Hence, these cannot be taken away. Since it’s part of the system itself, when the built-in batteries are no longer working, it means that you need a replacement of the entire vaping device.


How long do vape batteries last?

Since there are different batteries, the duration largely varies depending on the types as well as the size of the batteries. More so, the frequency of usage significantly impacts how long should a battery last. So, how often do you use the device? Once, twice, or more?

On top of that, your vaping habits take part in how long will the device perform. These include the number of puffs you do in a day. Therefore, the working period of the vape differs from person to person.

But in general, a battery that is fully charged would last up to a full day. However, there are some that would extend up to 2 days. These advanced devices, though more expensive, are highly recommended for those who don’t want to keep on recharging their vape.

How long is the battery life of a vape?

Aside from the working duration of the device, it’s also imperative to be knowledgeable of the lifespan of the battery. Often than not, most batteries last up to 6 months while some can hold out for a year or so, with proper usage and maintenance.

Just like most batteries, vape batteries have a certain charge cycle. This specifically refers to how many times you can recharge the battery. For vapes, this is normally 300 times. Henceforth, if you charge the battery often, this has a great impact on the battery’s lifespan.

When a battery or a device needs replacement, you simply refer to the performance of the vape. Some of the typical signs that entail changing the battery are longer battery charging and lesser working duration.

How long is the battery life of a vape

How to make the vape batteries last longer?

Vape and vape batteries are associated with one another. Thus, if you want the device to keep up with its expected battery capacity and lifespan, then you need to learn and put into action the maintenance tips below.

1. Take note of the variable wattage. 

The wattage refers to the voltage used by the coil. Accordingly, it should be noted that coils have various resistances. Generally, these coils have an ohm range between 2.4-2.8 ohms. Many prefer a low ohm vape as this produces a more concentrated vapor and flavor.

However, a low coil resistance takes up more battery compared to high ohms. Therefore, it’s all about your preference. Know the correct wattage that you need to ensure a great vaping experience.

2. Use a high-quality charger.

Whether you have a built-in battery or a removable one, you should always prioritize safety above all. Short circuits may occur due to substandard materials. Thus, you need to choose a reputable charger to recharge the e-cig batteries.


3. Do not overcharge.

Overcharging is one of the major reasons why the battery life of a vape is reduced. Aside from that, this can cause unwanted accidents like an explosion or a fire. So, be sure that you keep an eye on the device or the battery when charging.

4. Use the device efficiently.

Proper usage and maintenance make a vape battery last longer. Taking care of your battery includes charging before the battery is fully drained as well as using a battery case for external batteries.

What are some key reminders when using a vape?

While vaping is considered less toxic compared to smoking tobacco, this still poses risks to your health. Thus, it’s important that you use this moderately and limit your puffs in a day to 10. This may be a challenging feat, especially if you’re already a chain smoker.

However, it’s always better to control your usage to avoid further addiction to nicotine. This addictive drug is highly dangerous to your health and the people around you.


Vaping has truly created a mark in recent times, providing options for smokers to switch to a less risky habit. But of course, quitting smoking is still the best way to combat health issues.


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