How Long Does A 300mg Vape Last? (Affecting Factors & Expert Tips)

How Long Does A 300mg Vape Last

Vaping has become the go-to method for smokers wanting to use everything from nicotine and cannabis oils to flavorings, chemicals, and other essences.

Not only is it easy to use and measure, but vaping also promises to hide the smells of what you inhale, ensuring discretion when out and about in public.

The one real thing to consider with vaping is the kind of device and cartridge you invest in. Disposable vape pens are perhaps the most popular and a great entry route for beginners to experiment with.

These pens are cheap, readily available at most stores, and come in various sizes and styles to suit most needs. You won’t need to learn how to charge or replace the cartridges.

300 mg cartridges are arguably the most popular. This article will explain how it should last you and highlight ways you can extend its lifespan. We’ll also share our expert tips on vaping habits, ensuring every puff you take hits the right notes.

How long should a 300mg vape last?

Generally speaking, a 300mg vape cartridge should last between 80-100 puffs.

Of course, larger cartridges will promise more puffs.l The 500mg, for example, should last between Larger cartridges like the 500mg, should last more than 150 puffs, while the largest cartridge, the 1000 mg, can last up to 250-300 puffs.

But several factors can influence the length of time your vape lasts you. Being mindful of these can help extend its lifespan considerably.


Five factors that can affect how long a 300mg vape lasts

Several factors can influence the length of time your vape lasts you. Being mindful of these can help extend its lifespan considerably.

1. The rate of use

In the above video, for example, YouTuber Edgar Allan Bud’s 300mg disposable 300mg vape lasted only 40 pulls. But a possible reason for this is that each pull lasted 7.5 seconds. You can extend its battery considerably by rationing your cartridge and taking smaller pulls.

Additionally, you might want to consider using a vape cart pen with stronger extract ingredients. These have more potency, providing a more satisfying, powerful drag. Each inhalation will be more effective and reduce your need to vape continuously.

2. Number and size of drags

How long a vape lasts is usually measured by the number and size of pulls you take. This generally varies between people and how quickly you want the extracts to take effect.

You can extend the lifetime of your vape by taking smaller pulls. Smokers should also avoid ‘chain vaping,’ which takes multiple pulls quickly like a cigarette. Allow a few minutes between drags to ensure you’re not inhaling more than you need or want to.

Furthermore, the size and number of puffs you might need to feel the effects of your substance can depend on your age, weight, tolerance level, and mood.

Some people might experience effects following a single big pull or need smaller inhales every 30 minutes. You might also feel the need to vape more during periods of stress. By reducing the size and frequency, you’ll extend the shelf-life of your disposable vape’s battery life.

Poor battery performance

3. Poor battery performance

There are two reasons why a disposable vape pen has reached its course – the first is obvious; it has run out of e-liquid. But the second is often overlooked and can frustrate people to no end – when the battery fails.

If you notice that your vape is cold, despite pressing its button, then your vape pen may have a faulty, low-quality battery that has stopped. Sadly, these batteries cannot be replaced; you will need a replacement pen.

A leading cause of premature battery failure is holding the button for too long during vapes. This causes the pen’s heating element to work quicker and reach higher temperatures than necessary, causing significant power drains.

But don’t worry – if your vape still contains a lot of extracts, you can open up your pen and use this with other paraphernalia, like a bong, dab rig, or as a garnish on edibles.

4. Unclog it before disposing of it!

Especially if you’re new to vaping, you might think your pen has reached its end well before it has. The leading cause of this problem is when your cartridge has become clogged, which reduces airflow and prevents the extract from reaching the mouthpiece.

Inspect your pen closely to see if any clumped material is gathering inside. Clogs happen when you pull too hard and too long on your pen, which floods the pen’s chamber.

You can help dislodge clogs by gently heating the side of your pen with either a hairdryer or a lighter. This can dissolve and dilute the material, freeing it up and hopefully helping your vape cartridge last.


5. Proper maintenance

Despite being a disposable pen, which is often easy and cheap to replace, you should still try to maintain your vaping pen properly so it lasts the recommended amount of uses.

As with all vaping devices, store it upright to help the oils gather at the bottom. This will help them come in contact with the heating element much quicker.

If your pen has become dirty, use a cotton ball and some alcohol to revitalize it, and use any tips or storage accessories when not in use to prevent accidental leaking.

Why choose a 300mg vape pen in the first place

Why choose a 300mg vape pen in the first place?

Disposable 300mg vape pens are a popular choice for smoking enthusiasts. And although there’s a temptation to buy a bigger pen to last longer, there are some things you shouldn’t overlook with a smaller size.

1. Beginner models

First and foremost, the smaller 300mg is an ideal beginner pen to invest in. If you’re curious about vaping and want to buy some inexpensive to see if it’s the right fit, the 300mg is the best starter.

2. Cheaper

Especially if you’re only a hobbyist and vape sporadically, a 300mg pen can keep you topped up without risking any breakage, damage, or loss. Pens usually retail at about $10, with some dispensaries selling great value packs to further discount the cost. Bigger sizes, like the 500mg and 1000mg, may cost considerably more.

3. Easier to use

Finally, disposal vape pens, like the 300mg models, are very straightforward and convenient. You don’t need to restock the cartridge or charge the battery. They offer a stress-free, prep-free user experience.

Expert Tips

Expert Tips

  • Pick the right vape juice: Especially if you’re substituting cigarettes for vaping, you should research the type and strength of vape you’re inhaling. Your dispenser will be able to advise and recommend appropriate ingredients.
  • Pick the right techniques: There are different ways to vape, depending on your experience and goal. Trying a variety will help you find the right one for you.
  • Mouth-to-lung is a technique many smokers use when vaping. It involves slowly drawing vapor into the mouth, waiting a few seconds, and breathing it into your lungs.
  • Direct-to-lung is another technique ideal for quick hits from your substance. Draw vapor quickly into your lungs, and exhale immediately like a breath.
  • Avoid leaving your vape in direct sunlight heat: This can damage the pen and change the taste and flavor of the juice.
  • Burnt taste? If your juice tastes burnt, this is often a sign that you didn’t allow the wick of the vape to saturate before ignition properly.
  • Broken or damaged? If, for some reason, your disposable pen won’t work – don’t throw it away just yet. Try to retrieve the contents of it beforehand. You can use this with other devices, like a dab rig, to inhale from.


Disposable vape pens are an affordable, convenient way to smoke various popular substances like CBD, THC, terpenes, or unique flavorings. Equally popular as e-cigarettes, they are sold in almost all dispensaries and come in multiple sizes.

As our article has shown, one of the most popular cartridge sizes is 300mg. Though small, it offers the perfect dosage for recreational use, promising anywhere between 80-100 pulls.

That said, the number of puffs you get can depend on how often you use your pen, how big a pull you take, and how you store and maintain it outside of use.

As with any vaping device, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly to ensure your safety and that your purchase reaches its full potential.

Do you have a question about using 300mg vaping pens? Wondering how long it should last? Or have expert tips to share? Then please comment below.

In short, remember:

  • Vaping is a common substitute for smoking and can be used to inhale various materials, including nicotine, cannabinoids, and flavorings.
  • Cartridge sizes are measured in grams and milligrams. A 300mg can last 80-100, 500mg lasts 150 puffs, and 1000mg can last up to 300 puffs.
  • Using a higher concentrated dosage can reduce the rate and size of pulls, thus increasing your pen’s lifespan.


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