How Long Does the Smell of Weed Vape Last? (Estimated Time)

how long does the smell of weed vape last

Instead of burning the herbs and producing smoke, vaporizers produce vapors, leaving a smell behind. The vaporization process is more efficient than conventional combustion methods and produces less weed smell.

Still, several factors make the vaporizer smell linger. These include the area you are smoking in, the type of vaporizer, the weed strains you are using, and the concentration of terpenes and volatile organic compounds in the strain. Let’s read more to know in detail about these odor-influencing factors and ways you can reduce the smell.

How Long Does the Smell of Weed Vape Last?

How Long Does the Smell of Weed Vape Last?

When you smoke cannabis in a joint, the combustion of the herb produces a smoke similar to cigarette smoke and will take time to go away. On the other hand, vaporizers do a better job of reducing the smell.

The amount of smell each type of vaporizer produces also varies. For example, a conduction vaporizer will produce a strong scent, whereas convection vaporizers produce a weak scent. Smoking through a dry herb vaporizer indoors with a window open won’t let the weed smell linger in the air.

With a vaporizer, less smell doesn’t last long as the density of the produced vapors is less than regular smoke, allowing the compounds to leave the area faster. Vaping with your window open will allow the smell to leave within a few minutes. Even if there is no ventilation, the smell of cannabis produced from the vape can go in 10 to 30 minutes.

Typically, high-quality dry herbs have more essential oils, giving the weed an intense odor. Still, using your vape in a well-ventilated room can effectively dissipate the smell of marijuana.

Why Does Vaping Weed Produce a Smell?

The herb’s smell varies in different strains due to the difference in the amount and the types of terpenes and aromatic essential oils in the plant. These strains also have different amounts of THC and CBD but don’t contribute to the smell.

When smoking using conventional methods, the combustion of cannabis produces a dense smoke that has a lasting smell and stays there for much longer. On the other hand, a vaporizer doesn’t burn the herb, producing a subtle and lighter smoke.

Types of Weed Vapes

Different vapes operate using different heating methods, influencing the amount of smell produced. Let’s review these two types in detail.

1. Conduction Herb Vaporizers

These conduction vapes have a heating chamber where dry herb, oil, or wax are used, making the cannabis vaporizer. It’s similar to putting weed on a hot saucepan or a hot oven plate.  This heating system is widely used in portable vape pens and dry herb vaporizers.

With the push of a button, the conduction heating chamber heats up instantly, delivering instant vapors. While these vapes work fast, the material you put in the chamber fails to burn evenly. A fully heated chamber can also trigger combustion, resulting in an intense scent.

2. Convection Herb Vaporizers

This type uses hot air or heat to vaporize the herb contents. It’s similar to putting your weed in the oven to let it vaporize. These convection-type vaporizers are quite popular due to their efficiency.

When using a whip-style convection vape, you draw hot air into the chamber, allowing the weed contents to vaporize. Conversely, balloon-shaped vapes have fans that continuously pump hot air into the chamber when the device is turned on.

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Cannabis Products and Smell

While the vape type influences the amount of smell produced, the cannabis product you are using also matters. The product you use is related to the strength of the odor. Let’s read about different cannabis products to know more.

1. Dry Cannabis

Smoking dry herbs is a popular choice and goes well with vapes. When you turn on the vape, the heating chamber starts to heat up, slowly releasing compounds like CBD, THC, and aromatic terpenes.

As mentioned earlier, dry herb vaporizers produce a strong scent, especially when the heating chamber gets too hot with constant use, burning the weed and resulting in a strong smell.

2. Hash

It’s a by-product of cannabis extracted from the cannabis flower and leaves. Depending on the quality of hashish, it can produce an extremely pungent smell when used in a vape. Kief is a similar by-product and produces a more pungent smell than using dry herbs.

3. Cannabis Oil

It’s an oil extracted from the cannabis plant and is popular among first-time users. The vapors produced using weed oil are mellow and smooth. Like the hash, these oils can have a concentrated amount of CBD and THC, making them more potent than dry herb but producing a weaker smell than vaporizing dry cannabis.

4. Cannabis Wax

Wax is extracted from the cannabis plant and has more potency than other cannabis products. No carrier oil is used during extraction, producing a clean vapor. While this cannabis product has powerful effects, it lacks a distinct cannabis smell.

Nowadays, wax pens have become popular but are the most expensive cannabis product to purchase.

Tips to Reduce Weed Smell While Vaping

Tips to Reduce Weed Smell While Vaping

1. Purchasing a Quality Vape

The first step to take is to buy a quality vape. Opting for a cheap vape might work fine for a couple of weeks, but eventually, you will face issues with the heating chamber. Over time, substandard vapes lose their ability to burn the cannabis evenly or even overheat, resulting in weed combustion.

On the other hand, using a quality vaporizer can give you the option to control the temperature according to the desired results, creating smoother and cleaner smoke.

2. Keeping the Vape Clean

With constant use, weed can start sticking in the heating chamber, affecting the quality of vapors produced. The product sticking inside the chamber will eventually start burning and produce a dense smoke with a more pungent smell. To clean the vape effectively, follow the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.

3. Vaping Outdoors

The ultimate hack to mask the smell of cannabis vapors is simply vaping outdoors. It can be anywhere from a park to your home’s balcony. The vapors produced are light and can dissipate in the air without an issue. However, vaping in a ventilated room will work if you don’t have access to an outdoor space.

4. Storing the Stash

Properly dried and cured cannabis has a pungent smell and can fill the room even when it’s not smoked. To stop this natural odor from filling the room, it’s essential to store the plant properly. Putting your cannabis in a zip-lock bag or an air-tight jar will work the best.

5. Ventilating the Room

Even when your vape doesn’t produce a pungent smell, always pick a well-ventilated space to ensure no smell lingers on. Vaping in a closed space can make the active ingredients in the cannabis stick to the walls, making it difficult for the odor to go away unless the premises are kept ventilated.

6. Using a Sploof

You can purchase several sploofs to mask the smell of your weed vaping session. However, if you’re not interested in purchasing one, you can make one yourself. The materials required are a dry towel or dry sheets and a toilet paper roll. Remove the tissue paper from the roll until you are left with a hollow cylindrical roll.

Now pack the hollow cylinder with dryer sheets, creating a DIY sploof. Whenever you use your vaporizer, try blowing the vapors into the hollow cylinder, making the vapors pass through the roll, masking the smell effectively.

7. Using Air Fresheners

If you are smoking indoors, using an air freshener can instantly mask the smell of cannabis. Whether you prefer a spray air freshener or gel-based air fresheners that constantly fill the room with a fresh scent, virtually every type of air freshener effectively reduces the weed smell.

Another alternative is using fragrant candles, essential oils, or incense. When vaping, light a candle or turn your essential oil atomizer to mask the smell.

8. Oral Hygiene

As there are loads of terpenes and essential oils in the cannabis plant, vaping throughout the day can leave its smell in your mouth. Although the smoker is unable to notice the smell, it can be easily identified by another non-smoker. To avoid this issue, brush your teeth regularly and mouthwash after vaping.

Besides maintaining oral hygiene, it’s crucial to keep your clothes free of smell. Using a roll-on or a body spray can address this issue.

Final Thoughts

Vaping weed produces a smell that can linger if the premises are not ventilated properly. On average, it takes around 10-30 minutes for the vapors to dissipate. However, the time can vary, depending on the type of vape you are using, the quality of the cannabis, and the vaping conditions.

While you can’t stop the smell from being produced, following the tips and tricks we shared with you can aid in making your vaping experience enjoyable and relaxing.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful when reducing the smell of weed vaping indoors.

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