How Long Does Vape Smell Last? (Ways To Get Rid of It)

how long does vape smell last

One of the common issues that vape users often face is dealing with the pungent smell produced by vaping devices.

Considering that smoking a joint emits a lot of smoke and mist permeating the space, those who want to transition to vape pens often wonder how long the smell lasts and how to neutralize it.

Although vaping is not the same as smoking weed or cigarettes, it can still be a problem for others who do not tolerate it or do not want to be exposed to any smoke or vapor.

So, if you want to vape in public places or generally want to know how long the vape smell lasts, you have come to the right place!

How Long Does the Vape Smell Linger?

How Long Does the Vape Smell Linger?

As mentioned, please do not compare the smell or odors of vaping devices to tobacco or cigarettes because their odor is way more pungent and more potent, lingering for hours.

Also, one of the major problems with cigarettes is that their odor clings to everything in your living space or wherever you are smoking, including furniture, surfaces, pillows, and curtains, among others.

While the cigarette’s smoke and odor are tough to neutralize, the one emitting from weed vaporizers is not that intense and long-lasting. So, how long does a vape smell last? It generally lasts up to 10 or 15 minutes.

However, some factors can affect its duration and the type of odors produced by your pen or vaporizer. For example, the amount of mist or smoke of your dab pen can depend on the kind of weed strain or composition of your pen’s cartridge.

How Long Does Disposable Vape Smell Last?

Disposable vape smells dissipate rapidly, usually within 5-10 minutes. Vapor lacks the lingering odor of cigarette smoke.

However, smell also depends on the disposable’s e-liquid. Some have cloying, synthetic scents that may persist slightly longer.

Unlike some disposables with cloying sweet scents, the Katana uses a specialized e-liquid crafting an authentic fruit vaping experience – flavorful and layered without being overpowering.

The samurai-inspired essence captures the natural complexity of real fruit instead of a superficial saccharine approximation. Notes blossom on the palate like biting into fresh produce, juicy and tangy.

This intricate flavor profile creates a clean, smooth vaping experience. The genuine fruity aromas puff and fade without lingering.

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Types of Cannabis Vape Products

As noted, the type of weed vaporizer can affect how long the smell will last. Different weed vaping devices utilize other heating methods to produce vapor or weed mist that users inhale.

1. Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are one of the most commonly used vape products that allow you to consume weed more safely and healthily. How does a dry herb vaporizer work?

Well, with these vaporizers, you are taking your cannabis, but instead of putting it in a joint to smoke it, you are putting it into this device that will heat it to the temperature below combustion.

The process of heating with a dry herb vaporizer is often compared to that of an oven. Then, it releases steam or vapor that you inhale. Talking of its smell, dry herb vaporizer reduces the odor, which can be neutralized with candles or good ventilation.

Either way, it is a far better option than smoking a joint.

2. Convection and Conduction Vaporizers

People often mistake convection for conduction vaporizers; for some, it is the same device. However, that is not the truth. The use of the heating element or heating method can distinguish these vaping devices.

Convection vaporizers are generally better because they do not require direct contact between the vaporizer’s cannabis blend and the hot element. In simple words, convection vaporizers use hot air to heat the herbs.

On the other hand, conduction vaporizers are often compared to a kettle because it relies on conduction heating or direct contact to facilitate the release of active ingredients. So, if you want to choose a vaporizer with less potent vapor, we suggest you go for the convection vaporizer.

3. Dab Pens and E-Nails

Numerous vaping products are available on today’s market, which might confuse new users who have trouble choosing a suitable device according to their particular needs.

Dab pens are often referred to as wax pens, and they work by heating pure cannabis concentrate. In contrast, other vaping pens require cartridges that can have different compositions and even include nicotine or additives.

E-nails use less wax or concentrate compared to dab pens, similar devices. Another significant difference between the two is the location of the wax or concentrate. With e-nails, it is located outside the pen, while with dab pens, the wax is inside it.

This is important regarding the vape’s pungency; the mist or vapor produced by dab pens or dab rings is less potent than e-nails, although they use the same substance.


Tobacco Smoke vs. Vape Smoke vs. E-Cigarette Smoke

Tobacco Smoke vs. Vape Smoke vs. E-Cigarette Smoke

Without a doubt, the smoke produced by a cigarette is highly detrimental to the smoker’s health and everyone else who inhales second-hand smoke. People often mistake e-cigarettes as a healthy option for regular ones. However, this is just a myth.

E-cigarettes and some weed vaping products contain nicotine, which is heated with flavorings and other chemicals to produce an aerosol. Considering the varying composition of these pens and e-cigarettes, it is a bit harder to determine the exact toxicity of their chemicals.

However, numerous studies have shown that e-cigarettes and vaporizers expose you to fewer toxic chemicals. Cigarette smoke is said to contain over 7,000 toxic chemicals.

On the other hand, since these products landed on the market and rose in popularity, there has been an outbreak of lung diseases and injuries associated with vaping.

Many people tend to modify their vaping devices or purchase e-liquids on the black market that can have disputable ingredients such as vitamin E acetate. This also goes for weed pens, carts, or any devices containing THC or CBD.

E-cigarettes have a more pleasant smell compared to weed vapes and regular cigarettes because they often contain flavors that can smell like candy, fruit punch, or vanilla, among others. These scents last a couple of minutes.

Vaping in Enclosed vs. Public Places

When it comes to a vape’s smell, other factors can influence its duration in a particular space. When it comes to the enclosed area, the scent or mist of a vape pen will not linger very long, but it depends on the number of puffs you take.

Certain pens have a more pungent odor than others, which can also play an important role. Generally, in enclosed areas, the smell can last up to 10-15 minutes if you are the only vaping in the room.

However, in public spaces, the odor will linger for a couple of seconds and dissipate. Although vaping is not the same as smoking, it can still bother people around you, so it is always best to check whether everyone is okay with you vaping.


How to Get Rid of The Smell of Cannabis or Vape?

How to Get Rid of The Smell of Cannabis or Vape?

Many weed consumers like to smoke or vape weed but are not thrilled with its scent, explaining why many want to find a solution to this problem. Here is what you can do!

1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is the key to dealing with unwanted and foul scents. If you have installed good ventilation, that will solve the problem because it will not allow the odor to seep into your furniture or clothes.

2. Opt for a Less Pungent Weed Strain

The smell of the vape pen or vaporizer is affected by the specific weed strain: some of these have a distinctive and strong scent that cannot be masked with any scented candle or air freshener. r

Therefore, try switching up the weed strain if the odors bother you.

3. Purchase an Indoor Air Purifier

Air Purifier can is a great device designed to remove contaminants from the air and improve the air quality in your home. Generally, it is recommended for people that vape to use an air purifier because it can remove the undesirable elements from the mist.

4. Choose Vape Juice With Less VG

Generally, it is said that if you want to experience the full aroma of a weed pen or a particular strain, use a sub-ohm coil and a higher VG liquid.

The abbreviation VG stands for vegetable glycerin, a natural chemical element used in e-cigarettes and vaporizers to provide a ‘thicker’ sensation of the vape.

Therefore, if you are passionate about keeping your space vapor-free, try switching to a pen with a lesser VG content.

5. Buy a Sploof

A commonly used device for covering or masking marijuana scent is a sploof, a tube used to reduce odors. It utilizes dryer sheets to filter and conceal the cannabis vapor or any other type of vapor,

It has an open end and a dryer sheet rubber-banded on the other end, which traps the foul scents. You can make the sploof at your house or purchase it.

6. Buy an Odor Removing Spray

Considering that the vaping smell is an issue for many people, there is a specialized odor-removing spray for cannabis smoke, which is said to instantly remove unwanted scents from the air, fabric, and other surfaces. Cannabolish is one of the popular odor-eliminator sprays.

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As mentioned, all vaping devices, regardless of their heating methods and specific type, produce smoke or vapor. However, the amount is not the same, and some of these vaporizers can have a much stronger scent.

A vaping pen’s smoke lasts not very long, from 10 to 15 minutes in an enclosed area, while outside, it dissipates within seconds. Although they are not quite the same as a joint, they still smell like weed or have that woody and herbal scent.

What is the best way to deal with these odors? Please share your experience, and if you have any questions, ask away!


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