How Long To Recharge Hyde Vape? (Ultimate Guide)

how long to recharge hyde vape

If you’re an avid user of disposable vape devices, then you must have surely had a Hyde vape at some point. These vapes have a great variety of flavors, and many models of this brand are rechargeable. If you happen to own one, you might be curious as to how long would it take you to recharge a Hyde vape.

Hyde vapes sport a rechargeable battery with respectable capacities that can go for a full day of use, but how long do you need to keep them on the wall until you can go and continue your vaping session? Let’s find out.

How Long to Fully Recharge a Hyde Vape

Most Hyde vapes will take around 30-40 minutes until they reach a full charge. Most Hyde vapes are also equipped with a micro-USB port where you can charge the device. An exception is the Hyde IQ, which has the more recent USB Type-C port.

Unfortunately, these products do not come with their corresponding charging wires. However, a micro-USB charger or a USB-C cable is pretty easy to find around, so you shouldn’t have that much of a problem on that front.

You can use your vape while it’s charging unless the battery is fully depleted with no charge, in which case you have to wait for a while until the battery gets some charge. If you vape while charging, the charging time will also be extended, so keep that in mind.

Current Hyde Vape Products

There are 8 active Hyde vapes that you may find in their online store in 2023. All 8 items vary in e-liquid amount and device size. Out of the 8, 6 are rechargeable. Here’s a quick list of each rechargeable Hyde vape and its corresponding battery capacity:

  • Hyde IQ – unspecified
  • Hyde N-Bar – 600 mAh
  • Hyde Edge – 600 mAh
  • Hyde Edge Rave – 600 mAh
  • Hyde Rebel Pro – 600 mAh
  • Hyde Mag – 600 mAh

Except for the Hyde IQ, the rest of these Hyde vapes will top up within 30-40 minutes of charging. The Hyde IQ, assumed to have a higher battery capacity due to having a larger body footprint than the rest of the lineup, might take a smidge longer. The Hyde IQ does have a battery level indicator which will tell you if it’s ready for another session or due for charging.

How To Tell if a Hyde Vape is Fully Charged

Tell if a Hyde Vape is Fully Charged

Most Hyde vapes have an LED indicator light on them, usually found beside the charging slot of each device, which lights up when the device is in use, then blinks as a warning once the battery is below a certain percentage. While charging, the LED will continue blinking. Once fully charged, this indicator light then turns off.

This is different from another LED light found on the Hyde IQ, which indicates the amount of e-liquid remaining on the cartridge, or the LED light found on the Hyde Edge Rave that lights up every time you puff (which you can also turn on and off by pressing a button on the bottom of the device).


How Many Times Can You Recharge a Hyde Vape?

All Hyde vapes are rechargeable disposable vapes; you can recharge the battery, but you cannot refill the vape once you’ve exhausted the juice inside. That means you can only recharge a Hyde vape a specific number of times before they are due for disposing of.

You can expect to fully charge a Hyde vape at least twice before you finally deplete all the juice inside them. A rough rule of thumb you can check to see how many times you need to fully charge a Hyde vape before you use up all juice is that a fully-charged Hyde vape will consume around 3 mL of e-juice.

Including the full charge that the vape comes with straight from the package, you would need to recharge the Hyde Edge Recharge, with 10 mL of vape juice inside, around 2-3 times to use up all the vape oil.

When to Replace Your Hyde Vape

Replace Your Hyde Vape

Hyde vapes are rechargeable, but they are not refillable. They are disposable devices, which means that as soon as you’re out of e-juice, you need to get a new Hyde vape. Thankfully, many vape shops and retailers keep a stock of Hyde vapes with them, so you don’t have to be afraid about missing a day without vaping.

A good indication that you’re out of e-liquid is that you can get a bad, almost charred taste from your vape. This happens because your atomizer, the heating element found on disposable vapes, continues to work for some time as long as there is a charge on the battery.

The wick, which usually absorbs e-liquid as it undergoes vaporization, is left exposed to the full brunt of the heating atomizer. The wick, commonly made of cotton, is slowly incinerated, giving you that bad, burnt taste.


Turning On a Hyde Vape

Hyde disposable vapes are draw-activated; that means that you simply need to draw a puff on the mouthpiece, and the device will automatically turn on. Each Hyde vape is equipped with an airflow sensor that detects air intake, which then turns on the atomizer in the vape to start vaporizing.

If your Hyde vape pen is not hitting, it might be that a blockage on the intake vents or the adjustable airflow vent is preventing the device’s sensor from properly detecting your draws, thus not turning the vape on. Softly blow on these holes, or use the pressure from tightly closing the mouthpiece with your finger to move the blockage away.


Hyde is a reputable brand of disposable vape pens, with an impressive array of products that caters to every type of vaper out there. Since they are rechargeable, you can be sure that you’re able to fully use up the entire puff count advertised on each model.

With all models sporting a variety of rich flavors and 5 mg of nicotine, your vaping experience is sure to be amazing, and the recharging experience a short downtime that will let you get back to your groove right away.


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