How Many Calories Are In a Vape? (You’d Love To Know!)

How Many Calories Are In a Vape

The debate of whether vapes have calories has gone on for decades. However, yes, vapes do have calories, and so do the liquids inside them.

Vapes are electronic cigarettes that come pre-filled with vape juice inside them. When the juice gets exhausted, you either refill or throw them away if it’s a disposable vape.

So, if you are wondering how many calories you’re piling up from vaping, stay with us.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is breathing in vapors that come out from a vape device or e-cigarette. Vaping devices are usually battery-powered, and some are disposable as well. Disposable vape devices come with pre-filled vape juice, and once it’s finished, you’ll have to throw it away.

Vaping is a common trend among today’s younger generation, and almost every person in the younger generation can give you an accurate description of what vaping is all about.

Vaping works when the vape heats the e-juice in it and creates a cloud of vapor for you to inhale. The e-liquid contains ingredients like vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorings, nicotine, and propylene glycol(PG). the vapor that comes from vape devices is a lot safer than the smoke from cigarettes. Because in cigarettes, you’ll find harmful ingredients like tar, plus it stays longer in the lungs.

Does Vape Juice Have Calories?

As we stated earlier, the e-liquid in your vape has calories, but not enough to have a significant impact on your weight.

It’s estimated that vape juice contains 10 calories per 2ml. Hence, a 40 ml bottle of e-liquid will contain about 200 calories.

However, you should know that flavors have little to no contribution to the calories in a vape. So, if you are considering switching to coffee flavor, because you feel the strawberry has higher calorie content, you might want to think about it again.

Vaping regularly is not enough to make you gain weight, if anything your weight gain or loss is dependent on the amount of nicotine you consume.

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that can affect your body’s metabolism, hence increasing or reducing your appetite.

So, if you vape frequently, there’s a possibility that you’ll experience a suppressed appetite, thereby leading to weight loss. But make no mistake, as this reduction in size has nothing to do with the calories of your vape juice.


Does The Calories in Vape Juice Matter?

Quite frankly, it doesn’t, because you aren’t eating or drinking it. the only way for your body to absorb calories is by eating/drinking it, and in the case of vaping, you are doing neither.

The only way you can gain weight is if you intend to drink your e-liquid with artificial sweeteners, which of course makes no sense.

How Many Calories Is Needed Daily?

How Many Calories Is Needed Daily

The number of calories your body needs in a day is dependent on a lot of factors; weight, height, activity level, gender, and resting metabolic rate.

To ensure that your body gets enough nutrients and strength, as a man, you need to eat less than 1500 calories and for women, the ideal calorie intake for a day should be about 1200 calories.

However, if you are an active individual, you should consume 2000 to 2400 calories every day. now, you see why the calories from vaping are almost insignificant. No matter how frequently you vape every day, the calorie level is almost 0.

Experiencing Weight Gain? Nicotine Is The Culprit

The calorie count in your e-liquid is insignificant, however, people who switch from cigarettes to vape liquid usually have increased appetite.

This is the reason why people who quit cigarettes feel hungry most of the time, and when they constantly satisfy their hunger, they tend to gain weight.

Remember that nicotine is a stimulant, and when vapers are looking to reduce their nicotine dependence, they end up substituting for liquids with a lower level of nicotine, and this can lead to increased appetite and lower heart rate.

If your way of reducing nicotine dependence is through vaping, you might be unintentionally increasing your body’s weight.


Does Vaping Affect My Keto Diet?

Not only do the calories from vaping do nothing to your body, but it also cannot alter your blood sugar either. You should know that vaping does not affect your keto diet or even your intermittent fasting.

You aren’t ruining your keto diet regime by vaping and inhaling your favorite vape juice, so feel free to vape while on a keto diet.

However, if your fasting is due to religious reasons, then you alone can decide if vaping while fasting is wrong or not, but scientifically, it does nothing.

Does Vaping Affect My Keto Diet?

Does Vaping Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

You might think that your e-liquid contains a lot of sugar because of its sweet taste, but that’s not true. Vape juice has extremely low levels of sugar, meaning you are not expected to experience any spike in your blood sugar level while vaping.

But there is a higher risk (20%) of increased blood glucose for people who use vape devices compared to those that don’t. So, while you are not expected to experience any significant blood sugar spikes because the number of calories in one vape is less than 1, it’s possible to be more susceptible to increased blood sugar levels because of vaping.

Nicotine is known to increase the level of insulin resistance in the body, so if you are diabetic and still feel the need to vape, ensure you go for brands that don’t have nicotine in their vape juices.

Plus, if you notice a spike in your sugar level after vaping, it’s best to discontinue use.


Vapes contain calories, but not enough to affect your body’s weight. If you are using vaping as a means to get over your cigarette addiction, you might want to slow down on how frequently you use it, so it doesn’t affect your body’s metabolism.

It’s easy to get carried away, but note that, when done in excess, the nicotine in vapes might have an adverse effect on your health.


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