How Much Does a Vape Cost? (2023 Price Chart)

How Much Does a Vape Cost

With the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes, more and more people are interested in their quality, method of consumption, and potential adverse effects. Additionally, there is a question of how much does a vape cost and which factors determine their final price.

The only way to calculate your budget is to know what options you have at your disposal and everything about vape models and accessories. Finally, be aware that the money you need to set aside depends on your vape experience and the number of puffs you need daily.

Vape Price Chart

Product Price
E-cigarettes $5 to $10
Disposable vapes $5 to $40
Pod system $10 to $200
Vape pens $15 to $100
Cigalikes $10 to $50
MTL (mouth-to-lungs) starter kits $30 to $100
Refillable starter kits $30 to $150
Vape mod $30 to $150
Vape box mod $50 to $200
Mechanical (unregulated) tank mod $30 to $350


How Much Do Vapes Cost?

The initial vaping cost is higher than a cigarette pack but becomes price competitive over time. The essential item is the device type you want to use.

1. Disposable vapes Price

Disposable vapes Price

Disposable vapes are convenient and allow immediate vaping start, while you should throw the device after running out of liquid. They are excellent for beginners, but even advanced vapers use them while traveling. Since such a device costs $5 to $40, it is not economical and eco-friendly for everyday use.


2. Vape pens Price

Vape pens Price

Most novices start with practical, sleek, and affordable vape pens as an elegant replacement for tobacco. The best thing is that you can find a desired device in a wide price range from $15 to $100, depending on your budget.

Their price is based on the size, design, battery length, components, and heating element. Keep in mind that this option comes with an additional $50 to $150 on vaping supplies per month.


3. Vape pods Price

Vape pods Price

These devices are small but highly efficient, particularly for beginners. Long-term vapers typically avoid this model because of the lower capacity for vape juice, but it is an excellent solution for you if you are on the move most of the day.

It comes at an affordable price, varying from $15 to $200. You can find an even cheaper device, but those in too low a price range can’t be high quality.


4. Prefilled vapes Price

Prefilled vapes Price

Prefilled disposable vapes require buying replacement pods you should slot into the device. A pack of two pods costs less than $10 and provides approximately 200 puffs per pod.


5. Refillable vapes Price

Refillable vapes Price

Refillable vape kits are a new and more economical option you have. It lets you purchase the e-liquid you prefer or make your own juice to fill your pod mod. Setting aside $30 to $150 for this device is necessary, and you can count on three to four refills. In most cases, it lasts approximately one week.


6. Mechanical (unregulated) tank mods Price

Mechanical (unregulated) tank mods Price

These powerful devices containing a battery and tank with juice and coil are only for advanced vapers with a working knowledge of electricity. You can find mechanical mods ranging from tubes to stylish pieces for $30 to $350.


7. Vape mods Price

Vape mods Price

Regulated vape mods are standard and pretty common vaping devices nowadays. They contain circuitry that connects the tank and battery, allowing customization of the power that goes to the coil. You can find one for $30 to $150, but remember that this device has a replacement coil that burns out and costs at least $6.


8. Vape box mods Price

Vape box mods Price

The box mod is an expensive vape device with impressive size, battery life, and juice capacity intended to vape enthusiasts. You can find them at prices from $50 to $200.


9. MTL tanks Price

OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA (Wholesale) (17)

Mouth-to-lung devices with high-strength, flavorful e-juice are perfect for a cigarette-like experience. They come in a price range of $35 to $100.


How Much Do You Need to Spend on Average?

Defining the vape cost can be tricky since the calculation involves many factors. Depending on the period, the average prices are about:

Per day

One average vaper needs approximately 140 puffs a day. Therefore, you should pay $1.4 a day when using a disposable vape with 3,000 puffs that cost $30 on average.

Per week

A single device will cost you $15 to $100, but you should pick the best one that fits your budget. Weekly costs vary depending on design, quality, battery length, device size, and heating. In most cases, you should count on $20 to $30.

Per month

The most affordable vape pen with required juice and replacement coils initially costs about $50, while a full-featured box mod is more expensive and goes up to $120. Accordingly, the average monthly expenses for juice and coils are approximately $30 to 60.

Per year

Even though many people believe vaping is cheap, it is not quite like that. For instance, you need to spend $2,100 to $5,100 per year if you smoke a pack of cigarettes daily, while vaping costs $400 to $5,100 for the same period.


Factors that Affect the Vape Price

Remember that a starter kit with coils, a battery, and a charger initially costs more than a disposable vape, but it pays off over time.


Product Price
E-juice for a prefilled device $3 to 7
An average liquid (10 mL to 120 mL bottle) $5 to $30
Standard liquid (10 mL to 120 mL bottle) $5 to $10
Premium liquid (10 mL to 120 mL bottle) $10 to $30
Vape battery $10 to $40
Vape cartridge $15 to $50
Cleaning tools $10
Charging stations $3 to $35

Vape juice

Believe it or not, vape juice significantly increases vape costs. In most cases, vape juice prices vary depending on the brand, package, nicotine strength, and flavor, so you should think twice before deciding on a specific type.

The smallest bottle of 10 ml costs approximately $5, while you should set aside $20 to $40 for those containing 30 to 60 ml. The economical solution is a 50-milliliter bottle of juice that costs $10 to $15, plus an additional $3 to $4 for the nicotine shot.

Be prepared that premium juices come with a price range of $35 to $40 per 50 ml bottle plus the nicotine shot. If your goal is to reduce expenses, you should try experimenting with brands, and sometimes it is possible to find a product at half the cost.

Finally, there is one more option. You can mix your own juice by using ingredients available online and significantly reduce vaping costs.


You need a quality battery to get a long-lasting vape. There are numerous types in various sizes and mAh ratings, but be aware that more sizable ones with high capacity always cost more. The least expensive vape battery costs about $10, but those with extra protection features can reach $40 or sometimes up to $80.


Device design

You can choose between vape models that come in various shapes and sizes. All have similar components, but dimensions, materials, and color schemes make a significant difference in each device’s appearance and price.


This feature is crucial since it is necessary to heat the e-juice to allow vaporizing. There are two ways to achieve this, conduction and convection.

Convection models provide better control over the temperature settings, making them more expensive. Conduction vapes are simple to use but without the possibility of adjusting the temperature.

Replacement coils

This heating component is a crucial part of every vape with the purpose of heating the e-juice to vaporize it. You can find these replacement coils in pods, cartridges, or metal housings at $1 to $5. In most cases, you should pay $20 to $30 for a pack of five coil replacements.


It is necessary to replace a damaged or worn-out tank occasionally, which will cost you approximately $30 to $60.

Extra features

Most vapes come with numerous accessories, improving the entire experience better. However, you should count on increased expenses when buying spare and interchangeable parts, such as:

  • O-rings
  • Screws
  • Wicks
  • Drip tips
  • Glass vape tanks
  • Spare mesh screens


The average prices often depend on the country you live in. They are the highest in Australia, while the most affordable vape devices are in the UK. 

Average monthly vaping costs

Country E-juice rechargeable vape pens E-juice rechargeable vaping cartridges
The US $44.81 $34.16
The UK $33.87 $22.75
Canada $43.92 $28.80
Australia $63.65 $42.81


Ways to Save on Vapes

When you enjoy vaping but struggle with a limited budget, cutting expenses is the only way to continue with your pleasurable experience. There are a few ways to do that, including:

  1. Choose a second-hand device
  2. Quit disposables
  3. Find an all-in-one vape
  4. Purchase vape kits
  5. Pick out an affordable juice brand and subscribe to it
  6. Use less e-liquid or prepare DIY juice
  7. Try to vape on lower wattage
  8. Choose the suitable coil or make it yourself
  9. Avoid an internal battery for a vape mod
  10. Avoid the latest technology
  11. Check for warranty



Even though there is a considerable range in vape prices, vaping is less expensive than smoking. The average costs depend on the device type and quality, e-liquid flavor, battery type, and several other factors. It’s up to you to balance your enjoyment with the available budget.


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