How to Change Coil in Vape? (2 Different Types)

how to change coil in vape

So, you are vaping, but suddenly the experience is ruined by a burnt taste in your mouth. This usually happens when the coils burn out or are saturated with e-liquid, hindering their functionality.

Then you find yourself thinking about fixing the vape coils so you can return to your vaping! Well, when the coils burn out or are oversaturated with vape juice, there is little to do!

The easiest thing is to replace them. Although it might initially sound challenging, changing a vape coil is a common practice for long-time vape users.

Unfortunately, issues with the coil are frequent; therefore, it is better to learn how to deal with it so you do not miss out on your vaping experience. First, let’s check what a coil or an atomizer is and how to replace the coils in vape devices!

Atomizer- Coil and Wick

Atomizer- Coil and Wick

If you recently started vaping and have to change the vape coil, you probably think: ‘What is a vape coil? The coil is one of the most crucial parts of all vaping devices, turning the e-liquid into the vapor you inhale.

Coils are sometimes referred to as the atomizer, so do not be confused if you come across this term. The atomizer consists of a wick and coil containing coil wire and wicking material.

In simple words, coils are the atomizer heads or components inside the atomizer.

What Does Coil Do?

When you picked the vape pen for the first time, you probably thought about how it creates vapor and smoke without being burnt. The answer is the atomizer or the coils. As noted, the atomizer also consists of wicking material, which is, in most cases, cotton.

However, you can also find ceramic coils on the market, which are said to be more stable. So, the cotton or wicking material soaks up the liquid from the tank, and the wire/coil, powered by the lithium battery, heat the vape juice, turning it into vapor.

It should probably make sense why coils are so crucial for the optimal performance of your device. If you are experiencing a problem with the coils, the vape device cannot make vapor.

Also, if your vape pen suddenly develops a weird taste different from the regular one, the chances are that your coils are burnt and need to be replaced.

When Should I Replace the Coils?


1. Burning Taste

As mentioned before, the most obvious tell that you need to replace your coils is when you start experiencing a different flavor of your vape pen. What happens is that the coils burn out over time, and then the cotton stops wicking.

2. Little to No Vapour

Another clue that your coils need a replacement is if you notice that your device is producing less vapor or no vapor at all. Considering that the coils are the heating element within your device, the culprit is evident for this problem.

3. Gurgling Sounds

When your coils are burnout or faulty, the vape pens tend to produce gargling sounds, almost like there are bubbles of air inside trying to escape them. Gurgling or crackling voices are not normal and usually indicate a problem with your coils.

If you manage to replace the coil’s wicks and the sound still remains, you have a severe problem with the device, and you will most likely have to buy a new one.

Important note: Keep in mind that other factors can affect your pen to stop producing vapes, such as a dying battery, overcharging, or incorrect storage, to name just a few.

How Long Can Coils Last?

Generally, the coils last around two to three weeks. Unfortunately, you will have to replace them every 15 to 20 days, depending on your usage frequency and cleaning routine.

Although it might sound funny, taking care of your vape pen can prolong its durability and life. Also, various factors affect the longevity of your device, such as the device’s quality and the manner you inhale.

Interestingly, taking smaller hits rather than big puffs is suggested. Ultimately, if you plan to continue using vapes, we recommend learning how to change coils because it will become a regular activity!

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Coil Replacement: How to Do it?

Although most vaping devices share some similarities in design and mechanism, some pens and batteries might have slightly different structures.

If you stumble upon a device with a different arrangement of parts, look for the instructions and manual before disassembling it.

That said, most devices on today’s market have push-fit coils that are changed from the bottom of the pod. Generally, vapers tend to prefer these because they do not have to be in contact with the damp and messy part of the coil.

So, having in mind two different types of coil fittings here is how to change the coils:

1. Vape Pen/Tank with Push Fit Coils

If your vape pen has a pod or tank with push-fit coils, here is what you can do! Before you start with the replacement when changing coils, always have a paper tissue or a towel at hand because the liquid will leak out.

To access the coil, you only need to unscrew your airflow control ring and take it. It will give you access to the base of the coil.

The push-fit sits between two plinths, which holds it in place. Your next step is to grasp the threading at the base of your tank, pull it, and there is your coil. Then, dispose of your dead coil, take your new coil, and place it in without priming if you are using an Innokin tank.

You need to slide it back in push fit and ensure it is placed between the two plinths on either side, then screw your airflow control ring back on. Make sure it is nice and tight; then, you can fill the tank if needed.

2. Vape Pen/Tank with Screw-in Coils

If your device or its tanks comes with screw-in coils, you will have to remove the top section of the tank, take off the tank’s glass and then grip or hold the coil, slowly unscrewing it from the base.

As noted earlier, it is suggested that you have spare tissue paper when doing this because there will be leakage. So, after this step, you insert or screw in a new coil, and then replace the tank glass.

How Can I Make Coil Last Longer?

How Can I Make Coil Last Longer?

Changing coils every three weeks for some vapers might be discouraging, so a common question is: “How to Make My Coils Last Longer? There are several ways and methods to increase the longevity of your coils.

1. Priming the Coil

Priming the coil is an essential task, and if you are wondering how to do it, do not worry; it is more straightforward than it sounds. The process of priming refers to applying coats of e-liquid to wicking material (cotton) until its thoroughly soaked.

You can also fill the tank with vape juice and leave it to stay for 10 minutes before vaping, in case you are using juice with a high VG e-liquid. Priming is essential because without this step, the cotton will burn, and you will have to replace the coils again.

2. Cleaning the Coils

Cleaning the coils is not essential as priming them, but it will help them last longer. Sometimes, users switch from one taste to another; cleaning the coils or removing debris and residue from the e-juice can help pronounce the flavor.

The coils can be cleaned with hot water, but you must dry them nicely afterward. If you want a more thorough cleaning, you can soak the coils in vodka or vinegar and leave them for a couple of hours.

Then, rinse with warm water, pat dry with a towel, and leave it completely dry because we do not want moisture in the device.

If you do not have the time to wait, you can use a hair dryer and point it toward the wicking holes in the coil so the water dries out quicker.

3. Using the Correct VG/PG ratio

If you paid attention to your e-juice, you might have noticed the abbreviation VG and PG. If you need to learn about these terms, click here.

Choosing the e-liquid with the correct ratio of VG and PG is of great importance because bad ratios can cause your coil to burn out. If you constantly use juice with an incorrect ratio, that can result in oversaturation.

When buying a vape device, always seek information about the vape juice to pick the right one. Generally, it is recommended to use a 50% – 50% ratio of VG and PG.

However, choosing a liquid with a lower VG cannot go wrong.

How Does the Coil Work in Disposable Vapes? Why Don’t They Need Replacement?

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The coil is the crucial component in any vape device that heats and vaporizes the e-liquid. Disposable vapes are designed so that the coil lasts for the entire lifespan of the device without requiring replacement. This is achieved through the use of specialty coil materials and configurations that are optimized for maximum durability.

Reputable vape brands engineer their coils to withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles without premature burnout. Extensive testing ensures the coil can consistently vaporize e-liquid from the first puff to the last.

Lower quality disposable vapes often fail too soon because the coil is not durable enough, resulting in weak vapor output or burnt tastes as it degrades. That is why it’s important to choose well-known disposable vape brands that excel at coil technology.

For high puff count disposable models, the coil must hold up under intense use over time. Thanks to engineering advances, well-designed disposable vape coils can deliver uninterrupted performance without requiring replacement. The top brands research and implement coil innovations that allow their disposable vapes to provide a satisfying experience from start to finish.

In summary, durable disposable vape coils use specialized materials and construction to eliminate the need for replacement in a single-use device when engineered correctly. Reputable brands like SPIRITBAR Vape focus intently on maximizing coil longevity to make their disposables reliable and hassle-free. Their expertise in coil technology is what makes disposables practical.


Even though changing vape coils seem like a challenging task, in reality, it is very simple. The vape device’s design sometimes can look very complex, and the users are afraid to disassemble them because they might break it.

Those fears are justified; nobody likes to throw money and constantly buy new vapes. If you are a passionate vaper, we suggest you always have some spare coils in case you need to replace them.

Have you tried changing the coils before? Please, share your experience! As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


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