How To Charge A Hyde Vape? (3 Easy Ways)

how to charge a hyde vape

Using vapes is a popular way of smoking without the hassle of using a traditional cigarette. People still smoke cigarettes, but more people are becoming more aware of the advantages of using a vape. But not everyone knows how to charge a vape pen.

There are different brands of vape pens, and Hyde vape is one of them. If you have one of these pens and wonder how to charge it, this article explains the steps to follow. Charging your Hyde vape is not difficult, but you must have the necessary charger to make it work.

Methods of Charging Your Hyde Vape

In your excitement, you may have forgotten that a Hyde Edge vape has a rechargeable battery. The device has a battery that runs down after a few puffs, depending on how often you vape.

Hyde vapes are some of the best in the market because you can smoke e-liquid or e-juice and dry weed or CBD products at your convenience. If you recently switched to Hyde devices or are new to the vaping game, here are a few ways to recharge the gadget:

1. Using an Adapter

A wall adapter is one of the commonest ways to charge a Hyde vape. The perk of having and using a wall adapter is that it works at home and on the move. Simply connect it to a working outlet and plug your cartridge into it. Then, give it time to charge before disconnecting it.

And if you are usually on the move, you can plug the adapter into an outlet in your vehicle and connect your Hyde. However, ensure that the adapter has a voltage rating that corresponds to the vape’s battery for the best results. This must be about 15 volts.

2. Using a Charger

Using a Charger

Your typical USB charger can also charge your Hyde vape. It is the best and most common method of charging the device, especially when you are at home. Once you have a working micro USB charger, find a compatible USB port and connect it.

It can be a wall outlet or a computer. It may also be the traditional phone charger or one of the Hyde brand chargers, but it must be compatible with the vape’s battery. Do not force the cable into the device’s charging port. If it appears difficult to connect it, find another USB cord that fits well.

If you are using a USB cable to charge the vape, check the end that fits into the vape and the one that fits into the charging device before connecting it. Next, connect the correct end to the device and the other end to the charging device.

You will get a notification to enter the four-digit pin of the device on the coin-operated panel before it can begin charging. You should have the pin; otherwise, check the packaging or label. Enter the pin and the vape should begin charging. Monitor the light on the panel and disconnect the vape when the battery indicator turns green.

On some models, the device will have a blue glow when you correctly connect it to charge. The blue light indicator should dim when the battery is fully charged, so you can disconnect and use it at this time.

3. Using Bluetooth

This Bluetooth option is excellent for times when you do not have any other charging method. Hyde vapes have a Bluetooth option that allows you to charge the gadget without making any physical connections.

If you can, connect it to a compatible device. Then, follow the strict instructions on the vape’s user guide to start charging it using this method. Ensure you keep both devices within range to create a strong connection. Move both of them at the same time if necessary.


What Is the Charge Time of a Hyde Vape?

What Is the Charge Time of a Hyde Vape

The typical length of time it takes for Hyde vape to charge is about eight minutes. This is the general time for many models, and the indicator usually tells you when to disconnect the device from the charger.

However, there are several Hyde vape models on the market, and not all of them charge within the same length of time. There is even a Hyde disposable vape model. Some models charge within three to five minutes, while others take as long as thirty minutes. You can check the gadget’s user guide for the specific charge time.

The most important part is to avoid overcharging the battery. Leaving it connected to the charger for a longer period does not produce more charge. Besides, it may weaken Hyde’s battery and prematurely damage it.


What to Avoid While Charging a Hyde Vape

While charging a Hyde vape is pretty straightforward, it can still get complicated. This happens if you use unconventional or wrong methods to charge the device. Some users may try connecting wires to the vape’s battery to charge it when there is no compatible charger.

There is always the danger of damaging the battery, charger, USB cable, or device. In extreme cases, you may damage a fuse or cause wiring issues. Therefore, it is best to avoid unconventional charging methods. If you must, ensure you follow strict instructions for the best results.

Other things to avoid while charging your Hyde vape include:

  • Avoid using a charging source that provides a higher voltage than the vape device requires. Ensure the charger or adapter has the correct voltage rating. Otherwise, it may damage the battery or device, or cause an explosion in an extreme case.
  • Do not continue the charging process if the vape becomes significantly hot. Overheating can cause damage to several things, including the charging device and vape. It may also cause an explosion. That means you must monitor it while it charges.
  • Avoid using your vape while it is charging. It may appear safe, but it is usually not. The voltage running through the pen may be too high and may cause electrocution at worst. Allow the device to charge fully before using it.


Using the proper charging method for your Hyde vape makes it last longer and produces excellent results. We have listed and explained easy ways to charge it, which include using a USB cord and a wall adapter. You can also use Bluetooth, following specific instructions.

It is best to avoid unconventional charging methods. These methods can damage the device or destroy the charger. It can also blow a fuse in the house or cause an explosion in extreme cases. The same risks apply if you use the wrong charger for the vape.


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