How To Clean A Vape Pen? (Quick & Easy Ways)

How To Clean A Vape Pen

To have the best vaping experience possible, you need one simple thing first – a clean vape pen. Not only does this protect the pen from potential damage and costly repairs, but it also ensures the best possible flavor reaches your mouth.

Whether you’re using a disposable pen, or invested in a high-end rechargeable device, cleaning your pen once every month should be the bare minimum to keep it right.

So how exactly do you keep your vape pen in pristine condition?

This article will explain everything you need to know about cleaning a vape pen. We’ll guide you through cleaning the different parts of your device and share some expert tips to ensure your pen lasts the test of time.

How to clean a vape pen

Cleaning a vape pen is essential. It will extend its lifespan, but a clean pen ensures you get the best possible flavor from every puff.

A vape pen has many parts, including the mouthpiece, vape tank, coils, and battery compartment. Each can be cleaned independently of the other. We’ve separated each section below to help guide you through thoroughly cleaning your vape pen.

How to clean the mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is one of the most essential parts of the vape pen to keep clean. If it’s dirty inside, it will contaminate any flavors that pass through, leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

Also, the mouthpiece can collect grime, dust, and residue from its surroundings, so there is no doubt you’ll want to give it a quick clean.

1. Detach mouthpiece

Thankfully, most vape pens will have detachable mouthpieces that allow you to separate them from the device and clean it quickly.

Simply blowing into the mouthpiece, or using something tiny like a safety pin or toothpick, can shift noticeable dust and debris. But you should also give it a deep clean whenever possible, especially if you regularly share your vape pen with others.

2. Warm water or rubbing alcohol

Run warm water through the mouthpiece. Use a Q-tip or cotton bud to remove stains, and pat dry with a paper towel or dry cloth.

If you build up bacteria or dirt in your mouthpiece, you might consider using rubbing alcohol to sterilize it. Ensure you rinse with cold water before using it again so that the cleaning product doesn’t linger on the mouthpiece and tamper with future flavors.

How to clean the vape tank

How to clean the vape tank

You should clean and inspect your vape tank every time you change the flavor of your e-liquid. This ensures your taste is pure and hasn’t leached stale ingredients from previous refills.

Below is a simple method to clean your tank:

1. Empty contents

Ensure your vape tank is empty before cleaning. Tip it to the side and allow any excess liquid to flow out. If stubborn clumps or your tank is clogged, apply gentle heat to soften and shift the material out.

2. Detach your vape pen

Next, you need to disconnect your vape pen. Remove the tank from surrounding parts like the mouthpiece or battery mod. Wipe away any collected material from hard-to-reach places.


3. Warm water

Cleaning your vape tank is relatively simple. Place it into a bowl of warm water to remove most stains. If your tank is filthy, you might consider adding a few drops of washing liquid or lemon juice and using something small, like a toothbrush, to shift grime.

4. Rinse and dry

Once cleaned, thoroughly rinse your vape tank with fresh water to ensure no harsh cleaning products linger. Wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth, then place it in a cool place to dry naturally before reconnecting.

How to Clean Vape Coils

How to Clean Vape Coils

If your vape pen has heating coils, you’ll also want to clean these periodically. Unfortunately, they can be one of the more challenging parts to clean, and they won’t fully restore them to their original condition.

Thankfully, coils are often cheap and widely available in most shops. That said, if you do want to clean them and get the maximum shelf-life from them, consider these two methods:

1. Surface cleaning with a Q-tip

You can perform a quick but effective cleaning of your coils by using a Q-tip or cotton bud. Press your Q-tip against the coils to pick up any build-up.

You should perform this quickly following your last use of the vape pen, as e-liquid will not have had a chance to harden, making it easier to collect.

2. Deep-clean by soaking

If your vape coils are particularly filthy, and the above method wouldn’t shift dirt, you can consider removing and soaking them in a cleaning solution. Remove the wick before washing; otherwise, it will absorb the cleaning product and affect your vape pen’s taste.

Place your coils in warm water or isopropyl alcohol for a few hours to thoroughly cleanse them. Rinse them with cold water afterward and allow them to dry before reinserting the wick and the coils into the pen.


How to Clean a Vape Battery?

The battery is one of the vape pen’s most important, delicate parts. Often when a pen fails to turn on, it’s because of a dirty battery that has lost its connection and ability to recharge.

As such, it will need cleaning periodically to ensure it reaches its potential. Below is a simple method for cleaning most batteries:

1. Turn off the device and remove the battery

While makes and models can differ, most vape pens have an easy-to-disconnect battery. Power the pen off, and find the release button for your battery.

2. Connectors

The first port of call is to clean the battery connectors. If these become clogged or dirty, it can interrupt and prevent charging. Lightly dip a Q-tip or cotton bud in white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol, and rub off gathered dirt and grime. Some manufacturers recommend lightly greasing connectors to improve connectivity and prevent corrosion.

3. Clean with minimal amounts of water

Next, gently clean your battery using a small cloth or cotton bud dipped in water. Never soak it in water, as this can completely fry the battery. Also, be mindful of using excessive force. Ensure your battery is fully dry before reattaching it back into the connectors.

How often should you clean your vape pen

How often should you clean your vape pen?

Regular cleaning of your pen is essential to keep puffing. But how much is too much?

While this answer will depend on how often you use your pen. Generally speaking, most manufacturers and retailers recommend cleaning once per month or every 25 uses. If you frequently change flavors, you may need to clean the vape tank and mouthpiece at every refill.

Expert Tips:

  • If disassembling the vape pen, follow the device’s manual to the letter, and keep any small parts, components, or screws securely during the cleaning process.
  • If your vape tank has a build-up of e-liquid, you can apply gentle heat using a hairdryer or lighter. This should liquefy it, making it easier to clean out.
  • When cleaning, avoid getting any liquid on the battery connections. This may fry the circuitry and render the pen useless.
  • Be careful when scrubbing your pen – excessive force can break delicate circuitry or connections. Use small instruments like toothpicks or cotton swabs to gather excess juices or shift troublesome stains where possible.
  • If reassembling the pen, ensure you’ve adequately rinsed the parts with water. You don’t want cleaning product residue affecting your pen’s flavor.
  • After every clean, test the vape pen to see that it ignites properly.
  • Refer to the pen’s manufacturer’s instructions for suitable cleaning products. If in doubt, use simple tap water.


A clean vape pen is an essential part of vaping. Not only will this ensure the device lasts the test of time, but also that every puff you take from your vapor cartridge is full of flavor.

This article has shown how straightforward it is to clean your vape pen. While it’s always a good idea to clean your pen in its entirety, you can dissemble parts of it to clean on an ad-hoc basis.

Essential parts to keep clean are the mouthpiece, which can collect large amounts of saliva, dirt, and dust, and the vape tank.

What’s more, your vape pen can be incredibly delicate. We recommend using gentle force throughout and mild cleaning products that won’t affect the pen’s taste.

Please comment below if you still have questions or concerns about cleaning your vaping device.

When in doubt, remember:

  • Your vape pen has several parts, each requiring deep cleaning to function optimally.
  • You should aim to clean your vape pen at least once every month or every 25 uses.
  • Always check your device’s manual before using cleaning products. Generally, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, or simple dish soap will suffice.


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