11 Ways to Get Air Bubble Out Of Disposable Vape

How To Get Air Bubble Out Of Disposable Vape

Having bubbles in your vape can be pretty annoying, because how are you supposed to get a proper drag?

Many cartridges are sold with bubbles in them, but that’s not a sign that it’s damaged, as it’s most times a way to show the authenticity of the cartridge.

So many people have had issues with their disposable vape, and while you may think getting a new one is the solution, it’s not. Why waste money when there’s an easy fix?

Still in doubt? Here’s how;

11 Super Easy Fix to Remove Air Bubbles From a Disposable Vape

Air bubbles are a common vape pen problem, but there are several effective ways to get rid of air bubbles from a disposable vape to ensure you have a smooth smoke session.

  1. Lightly squeezing the sides of the vape is enough to make the e-juice disperse and filter out the air bubbles. To effectively do this, you need to face the mouthpiece of the vape downwards, and squeeze the sides where the bubbles are. This is very similar to fixing a screen guard on a phone screen, pressing down the screen where you can see the bubbles will easily remove the bubbles.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece from the side of the cartridge, and you’ll see a rubber stopper that helps keep the oil in place. All you need to do is remove and replace the piece, as this will force much air pressure on the oil, thereby pushing it to the wick. When this happens, the air bubble will be removed from your vape.
  3. Another way to remove air bubbles from your vape pen is by tapping the vape. Whatever you are doing with your disposable vape, ensure you are being careful so you don’t end up damaging it. tap the area of the bubbles, and you might just be able to dislodge the air bubbles.
  4. If you inhale through the mouthpiece of the vape, it creates a negative pressure and this will help break air bubbles from the device.
  5. You can open up the vape from the mouthpiece and use a syringe to add more e-liquid to the vape. The reason your vape has bubbles is that the e-liquid is not circulating properly, so when you add more e-liquid to the vape, it’ll push the air bubble out.
  6. When the e-liquid in your vape is warm, it’ll move around easily. To achieve this, place the vape in your closed palm for a few minutes, this should give it enough time to warm up. Once the e-liquid starts moving freely, then the air bubbles will find their way out.
  7. Another way to warm up the vape faster is dipping it into a warm bath. However, you need to be careful not to submerge it fully, or you risk damaging the vape in the process.
  8. You can blow hot air into the cartridge to get the air bubbles out. If done correctly, you’ll notice the e-liquid heat up and liquefy. When this happens, the air bubbles are forced to the surface of the wick, and they pop eventually.
  9. Leaving your vape for a while with the air bubbles inside might just be what you need to get rid of it. If the bubbles aren’t causing any issues or affecting the performance of the vape, let it sit for a while, and the bubbles will naturally work their way out.
  10. Blowing into the mouthpiece of the vape while covering the airflow holes, and quickly sucking in to create a vacuum can help remove the bubble from the vape.
  11. Also, you can shake the vape in a way that allows the bubbles to move toward the mouthpiece. Keep shaking until every bubble is out.


If after trying all of the listed tips above, you are still unable to get the air bubbles out of your disposable vape pens, then maybe it’s time to buy a new one.

You might be wondering why your disposable vape keeps having issues. Let’s go over a few causes.

Why Are There Air Bubbles In My Disposable Vape

Why Are There Air Bubbles In My Disposable Vape?

Having air bubbles around the base of your vape wick slows down the absorption of the e-liquid, thereby depriving you of an amazing vaping experience.

Regardless of how hard to inhale on the mouthpiece, if there are air bubbles the coil will not function effectively.

There are a lot of reasons why this can happen, let’s have a look;

1. Temperature Changes

Naturally, when there’s a temperature change, it affects the composition of the e-liquid in your vape. Depending on the temperature, the e-liquid can either contract or expand, and when this happens, there’s usually a formation of air bubbles.

2. Over-Usage

Using your vape frequently can cause air bubbles to form. When you take long draws frequently, the e-liquid is rapidly consumed, and because you’re not giving the vape enough time to adjust, bubbles are created.

3. Refilling

When refilling your disposable pens, if you don’t do it properly, there’s a high chance that air bubbles will form, and that’s because the e-liquid did not get to mix properly, or you didn’t put the right amount of e-liquid inside. If you are unsure of how to refill your vape, then it’s best to take it to the place where you purchased it, as they’ll have better insight on what to do.

Low Battery

4. Low Battery

Your vape needs to be charged to function properly, and if you are always leaving it in a low battery state, the e-liquid will not have enough power to vaporize.

5. Low Quality of E-liquid

Not all e-liquid is of high quality, and that’s why you need to buy from a reputable source, especially if you want to refill. Mixing a poor-quality e-liquid with a good one can cause inconsistent performance, thereby leading to the formation of bubbles.


6. Manufacturing Defect

It’s not all the time that air bubbles form as a result of what you could have done differently. Sometimes it might just be an error from the manufacturers. If the e-liquid is not mixed properly during production, you’ll most likely see air bubbles. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you carefully examine the vape you are purchasing, so you don’t spend money on what won’t be worthwhile.

However, you should note that some cartridges already have bubbles inside them, and that’s not because they are damaged. Damaged cartridges are usually the ones that have multiple air bubbles in them, but if you notice only one large bubble in your vape, then it’s authentic, and with time it’ll go away by itself.

7. Poor Storage

Knowing the right way to store your disposable vape will not only prevent air bubbles from forming but will also help increase the shelf-life of your vape. So, storing your vape in a flat position for too long can cause bubbles to form, it’s always best to keep it in an upright position, so the e-liquid can be in proper circulation.

Also, you need to store your disposable vape at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight. Leaving it in a place that is very cold or very hot can induce the formation of air bubbles.

8. Leakage

Ideally, when there’s leakage in your vape, it’ll cause air bubbles. That’s because the e-liquid is no longer enough to circulate properly, plus the e-liquid is separating and settling at a fast pace. Most times, your vape is leaking as a result of drawing in too hard, thereby causing excess oil to be sucked into the atomizer coil, which will cause it to leak out of the air intake vent. Plus, if you store your vape in an environment with high temperatures, it can cause the cartridge to expand and leak.

Hard Puffs

9. Hard Puffs

When you puff excessively on the vape, it’ll result in air getting into the cartridge with the e-liquid. Strong puffs aren’t advisable unless you are certain of the quality of your vape. Even at that, you are not expected to take hard puffs excessively, if you don’t want air bubbles forming in your vape. It’s best to take shorter puffs and give the oil enough time to settle and cool down in between drags.

If you take extended draws in rapid succession, the e-liquid will be heated to the point where an excess amount is forced to move into the airflow chamber.

10. Airflow Restrictions

If there’s limited airflow, or if the airflow system in the vape isn’t working properly, there’s a high tendency that it’ll lead to the formation of air bubbles.


Air bubbles can be an indication of your vape not working properly or it’s just a means to test the authenticity of the cartridge.

It’s a common issue to have air bubbles in your disposable vape, but it’s not a problem that’ll lead to the disposal of your vape.

We have listed 10 easy ways you can implement to get rid of the air bubbles, to ensure you always get a properly medicated drag.

As we stated earlier, if after trying all of the tips listed above and the air bubbles won’t budge, then it’s time to get a new disposable vape.


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