10 Tips to Get Rid Of Vape Tongue

how to get rid of vape tongue

You are vaping your favorite vape juice but to no avail! Clouds are there, and you feel the nicotine hitting your throat, but the taste is not there. You start drawing in even more vapor, but still, nothing changes – you can not taste the flavor at all.

It has finally happened – the vape tongue has befallen you. Do not panic, though! We will show you how to get rid of a vape tongue with a list of ten methods. Trust us – you will be ready to vape and taste in no time!

What Is Vape Tongue?

What Is Vape Tongue?

Vape tongue is a phenomenon that causes the vapers to be unable to taste the vape juice. Vape or vaper’s tongue is something that happens to every vaper, sooner or later, so if you are experiencing it at the moment, know that nothing is wrong with you.

Well, actually, it is, but it is nothing to worry about. You might feel like your tongue has developed some kind of a coating that prevents your taste buds from tasting the vape liquid.


What Causes Vape Tongue?

There are many things that can cause vape tongue.

Most often, vaping too much or vaping the same flavor for a long time is to blame. The next most common culprit is smoking tobacco.

Both smoking and vaping can also cause dehydration and dry mouth, which sometimes leads to the vaper’s fatigue. But other substances and activities can also cause these two phenomena.

Lastly, side effects of prescription drugs, hot and spicy foods, bad dental hygiene, damaged taste buds, and illnesses have been known to mess up vapers’ sense of taste.

How Long Does Vape Tongue Last?

We said that this condition is not something you should worry about because it usually lasts only for a couple of hours or days. In extreme cases, though, it might take up to two weeks to go away.

If, however, you do not feel like waiting for it to go away on its own, keep scrolling to check out the best methods to get rid of the vape tongue.

How To Get Rid Of Vape Tongue?

1. Take Care Of Your Mouth

We are so concentrated on the outside part of us that we all too often forget about our inside. But not the soulful or spiritual inside – we mean our literal inside, like the mouth cavity.

If you have ever gone a few days without brushing your teeth, you might have noticed how food all of a sudden started tasting more plain. That is because poor oral hygiene not only causes cavities and gum diseases but also taste loss.

So, being a vaper who is not particularly keen on taking care of their dental hygiene might be the explanation behind the vaper’s tongue. The good thing about this particular issue is that it is easy to solve and has so many solutions that can also be combined.

For example, you can start brushing your teeth at least once, preferably twice daily. You can also begin flossing.

Do you know that weird another side of the toothbrush head? You can use it to clean your tongue – that is what it is for! Alternatively, you could buy a tongue scraper that allows you to remove particles from the surface of your tongue.

If you are looking for a super quick fix, gurgle a little bit of mouthwash or a combination of toothpaste and water.

2. Stop Smoking

That smoking cigarettes has a harmful effect on a person’s sense of smell and taste is probably common knowledge at this point. Many people start vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, but a not-so-small portion of them also decides to enjoy both of these experiences.

However, regular consumption of cigarettes, especially in large quantities, will sometimes cause the vaper’s tongue.

So, stop smoking for a few days and see what changes will occur – if you are able to taste the vaporized e-liquid, maybe you should quit smoking altogether.


3. Increase Your Water Intake

There is probably no person who does not know how beneficial water is for our health. In many parts of the world, it is even called the healthiest drink.

However, due to the attractiveness and “better” effects of other popular drinks, such as coffee and alcohol, our water intake is often not at the appropriate level.

As a result, the amount of saliva in your mouth, which is already lower than in other people because of vaping, reduces even more and causes your mouth to dry.

So whether you just want to taste that sweet flavor of e-juice again or boost your health, or maybe both, the solution is simple – drink more water.

4. Take A Break From Vaping

Take A Break From Vaping

Each of us can probably remember an experience that at first felt like the best thing in the world but then stopped giving the same level of happiness with each consequent consumption or use.

To put things in simple terms: our brain got used to that experience and is not responding to the same stimuli in the way we expect it. It is bad news for vapers, especially chain vapers that tend to overwork their taste receptors.

One way to go back to normal is to cut down on vaping. Now, whether you will stop vaping for a day or two or start taking longer breaks in between vaping sessions to get rid of the vaper’s fatigue is up to you, but either way, take a break and let your taste buds rest.

They will be grateful to you, and you to them once you get that feeling again.

5. Surprise Your Taste Buds: Change Your E-Juice

Okay, so your brain has gotten used to one type of experience. Yes, you can take a break and, in that way, somewhat reset your brain to experience that experience once again.

But you can give your brain a (somewhat) new experience. Yeah, we are talking about changing e-juice – try some new flavors, and may not only go back to normal but also end up discovering a whole new world of aromas.

Additionally, you can play with the PG (propylene glycol) / VG (vegetable glycerin) ratio and the nicotine level in the e-liquid in order to add some new stuff to the picture and surprise your taste buds in that way as well.

6. Opt-Out For Stronger Flavors: Go Menthol

Maybe you have already tried changing flavors, which did not work, or you are constantly switching between them, but that is not helping as well. In that case, we recommend you try out some of the more potent and stronger stuff, like mint and menthol flavors.

Menthol is famous for the cooling effect it has on our mouth, but it also stimulates olfactory and taste receptors, so going with a mentholated vape will almost certainly work if you are trying to get rid of the vaper’s tongue.


7. Opt-Out For No Flavor: Go Boring

Thinking out of the box is sometimes the only way out, right? Going with no flavor at all might be what you are looking for.

An unflavored base allows you to still allow you to vape as much as you want, but since there is no flavor (well, almost no flavor since even the unflavored vape juice has some sweetness to it), you are not losing out on anything, hence no frustration or worrying.

8. Reduce The Amount Of Alcohol And Caffeine

Reduce The Amount Of Alcohol And Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine are widely known as diuretics, aka substances that make you urinate more often. Frequent urination can lead to dehydration and dry mouth, which is one of the possible causes of the vaper’s fatigue.

Reducing the consumption of these two stimulants will be beneficial not only for your health but also for your ability to taste the vaporized vape juice.

9. Cleanse Your Palate

If you are a sommelier, you are familiar with the concept of palate cleansing: resetting your palate so you can feel the subtle difference between wines.

Our olfactory senses, at one point, get tired of tasting the same stuff, which might have caused you to experience the vaper’s tongue. Let’s list some of the most palate cleansing methods:

  • Sucking on a lemon or other tart fruits
  • Smelling fresh coffee beans
  • Eating unsalted crackers and cheese
  • Eating raw honey
  • Eating pickled ginger.

10. See A Doctor

If your condition persists after trying all these methods, something else is probably at play, as there is no such thing as a permanent vape tongue. Schedule a checkup with your doctor!


Now you know how to get rid of the vaper’s tongue. Let’s go through the methods once again:

  • Take care of your mouth
  • Stop smoking
  • Increase water intake
  • Take a break from vaping
  • Change the flavor
  • Vape strong flavor
  • Vape no-flavor flavor
  • Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Cleanse your palate
  • Visit a doctor

Let us know how your vape tongue adventure ended and how long it took to get rid of it. Also, if you have any questions, please use the comment section!


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