How To Ghost Vape? (Easy Guide & Expert Tips)

How To Ghost Vape

Have you seen other people perform tricks when vaping and you would like to learn them too? One of the tricks you may have heard of or seen someone do is ghost vaping. Perhaps you have tried it yourself but with no success and wondered how others do it.

Learning to ghost vape is relatively easy and in this article, we will explain how to do it. You will also find information on other tricks you can perform with vapor. So continue reading to perfect the vaping trick called ghosting.

Why Try Ghosting

Many vapers consider ghosting to be fun. It is a great vaping trick for new vapers because it is easy to learn. You don’t need advanced vaping skills to learn to ghost vape and the result is still impressive. Neither will you need any props to make the trick work and you can do it with any flavor of e-liquid.

Guide to Ghost Vaping

When you are ready to start practicing your first vaping trick, all you need is your vape pen and to follow the steps below.

1. Use the Right Inhaling Technique

The key starting point to ghosting and other vaping tricks is to have a proper inhaling technique. It is the most critical component and your success will depend on your inhaling technique.

If you have come to vaping from smoking, you have probably noticed how vaping feels different from smoking a cigarette. This is because while you take a mouth hit when smoking, with vaping, it is more common to take a lung hit. This is called the direct-to-lung method.

If you are not a smoker, then the easiest way to explain direct lung vaping is to think of it like drinking with a straw. When you use a straw, the liquid is immediately gulped down. In direct lung vaping, the vapor is inhaled directly into the lung.

To perform the ghost trick, you need to take a mouth hit. This means holding the vape in your mouth rather than inhaling it into the lungs. This will help you achieve a ball shape when you exhale that is easier to pull directly back in.

How Long to Hold the Vapor in Your Mouth

2. How Long to Hold the Vapor in Your Mouth

Knowing how long to hold the vapor in your mouth is also important. Holding it in your mouth for two to three seconds will give it time to shape into a dense ball that you need for the ghost to work. You should not hold the vapor in your mouth for longer than five seconds.

3. Exhaling

Normally, when you release the vapor, it comes out in a cloud. For the ghosting trick to work, you need to pay careful attention to how you exhale so you can create a bigger, more substantial cloud of vapor.

How you hold your mouth is significant when releasing the vapor. Before you exhale, your mouth needs to be in a tight O shape. The tighter you can make the O shape, the better the vapor cloud will be.

Once your mouth is in the right shape, exhale slowly to release the vapor. Use your tongue to help you push the vapor out of your mouth. When you push with your tongue, it helps the vapor to keep its shape rather than coming out in a random cloud.

4. How Much Force Should You Use?

How well your ghost trick is executed also depends on the amount of force you exert with your tongue. The more force, the further the vape cloud travels. A soft push with your tongue will keep the vape cloud closer to your face, while a hard push will send it further away from you. For this trick, a softer push is better.

You can also use your tongue to alter the density of the cloud. If you flick your tongue softly, you will get a solid-looking, dense cloud. A harder flick will result in a vaster vape cloud. For this vaping trick, a dense cloud is better as you will find it easier to capture and it will look more refined.

Inhaling Again

5. Inhaling Again

When you have released the vape cloud or ghost, you need to inhale again to capture it. For this part of the trick to work, the shape of your lips is important. Instead of an O shape, you want to shape your lips away from each other and outward. Holding your lips in this way will help you capture the ghost better.

You can also change the speed you capture the ghost by altering the opening. If you want to capture it fast, open your mouth wide and you can inhale faster. Keeping the opening smaller allows you to slow down the inhale more.


Expert Tips for Beginners

As well as perfecting the ghost inhale and exhale technique described above, you can ensure your trick works by following a few expert tips.

  • Try not to move too much when inhaling the ghost as this may destroy the shape you created.
  • You don’t need to capture the ghost straight away. It will not lose its shape or disintegrate that quickly.
  • Move slowly and deliberately. Airflow from fast movements will disperse the shape faster.
  • Keep practicing. The only reason some vapers ghost perfectly is because they have practiced it so many times.
  • As you get better, try to reduce the opening of your mouth when inhaling the ghost. Many people agree that making the ghost disappear slower is more impressive.
  • You might also find this video on how to ghost helpful.

How to Prevent Coughing

When you first start practicing the ghost vape, you may end up coughing as you accidentally gulp the vapor. Don’t worry if this happens as it is common when starting. It happens because you start inhaling but stop before the air enters the lungs. As this is not a normal way of inhaling, it may keep happening until you learn to control the action.

While some people say you should avoid breathing through your nose as it may affect the quality of the vapor, you might like to do it, especially when you first start with the ghost trick. Breathing through your nose while you hold the vapor in your mouth, can prevent coughing and keep your lungs satisfied.

What Other Tricks Are There for Vaping?

Once you have mastered the art of ghost vaping, you might like to move on to some other vaping tricks. Some of the tricks you can try to include the jellyfish, French inhale, the Irish waterfall, the dragon, the tornado, and blowing O’s vapor bubbles.

These are just a few of the tricks vapers have come up with and there will likely be even more tricks developed as vaping gains more and more popularity. For anyone wanting to learn all the vaping tricks, there are many tutorials available on the internet and social media.


How to Do Better Tricks

Starting vaping tricks is relatively easy and for the basic tricks like the ghost, you need nothing more than a portable vape pen. As you move towards harder tricks, you need to pay attention to a wider range of things to succeed.

1. Lung Capability

The ghost is a trick where the vapor is held in the mouth before it is released. Some tricks, especially the more advanced ones, require you to inhale directly into your lungs and the better you are at pulling the vapor into the lungs, the better the tricks will turn out.

Configuration of the Coil

2. Configuration of the Coil

Lower-resistance coils are better than high-resistance coils for creating the clouds you need to perform tricks. The number of coils can also make a difference. The more coils your vape device has, the more surface area there is for the vaporizing of the e-juice.

3. Airflow

To perform great tricks when vaping, you need good airflow. Many sub-ohm vaping devices come with wide holes for airflow which make it possible to produce more vapor. The airflow holes also cool the vapor down so you can inhale it into your lungs.

4. Using High VG E-Liquid

While the tricks that are easiest to learn can be done with pretty much any vaping juice, some of the more advanced tricks work best when the e-liquid has at least 70% VG content. With a higher VG content, you get a more solid-looking cloud, which is easier to convert into shapes.


Ghost vape is one of the easy vape tricks for beginner vapers. While some more advanced tricks require additional materials such as soap, you need nothing but your vape pen and a little bit of practice and patience for the ghost. The success is based on the right technique that allows the vape cloud to form the best shape for the trick.

We hope this guide has made the learning curve to performing the ghost vape trick easier for you and you have now mastered one of the most popular vape tricks. If there is anything you would like to ask about the ghost vape trick, you can write your questions in the comments box.


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