How To Know When Hyde Rechargeable Vape Is Empty? (5 Ways)

How To Know When Hyde Rechargeable Vape Is Empty

Hyde has become one of the most popular and respected names in the vaping industry. Despite focusing on disposable devices, their vape pens have earned an excellent reputation for high-quality service and reliability.

And because they come in various flavors, from pina colada to raspberry watermelon, to standard nicotine, Hyde is sold in virtually every dispensary possible.

At some point, though, your pen might underperform. And you’ll have to figure out if it’s because it’s run empty or if something else is the problem, like a dead battery.

In this article, we’ll explain step-by-step how you can diagnose battery problems with your Hyde vape pen. We’ll also share our expert vaping tips to ensure you get the maximum use of your pen well into the future.

How to know when hyde rechargeable vape is empty

1. Nasty taste

One of the most common and noticeable signs your cartridge needs replacing is a foul taste from your puffs. When a vape pen is running out of vape juice, the heating element of your pen will begin to burn the cotton wick instead.

If you no longer taste your favorite flavor and feel a burnt taste in your mouth, consider replacing your pen immediately.

2. No smoke?

If your vape pen heats up, but no smoke or vapor is produced, this can be a tell-tale sign that your cartridge is empty. You might also notice a bad smell coming from your vape pen, as the metal mesh coils are still heating up but, with no e-liquid, are burning themselves out.

At this point, you may want to refill your cartridge or buy another disposable pen.

Adjust your technique

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3. Adjust your technique

Though many people develop their own way of vaping that suits their needs, sometimes improper use can result in an unsatisfactory experience. And people mistakenly think their vape pen is empty.

For example, inhaling too quickly can diminish the flavor of the e-liquid, making you think you’ve run out. Holding the power button on the pen for too long can ignite the coil inside the pen, causing a burnt taste to enter.

If in doubt, try this:

  1. Prime the pen beforehand by adding drops of e-liquid to the center.
  2. Take a few breaths to allow the wick to absorb the ingredients.
  3. Inhale slowly for only 3 to 5 seconds.


4. Puff count

Virtually every vape pen sold will come with a puff count – a figure which tells you how many pulls you can expect to take from the pen before it is exhausted. The Hyde Curve Max Disposable, for example, has over 2,5000 puffs.

While tracking how frequently you’ve used your pen can be tricky, this figure can give you a rough estimate of how long your pen can last. If the pen falls far shorter than this number, the pen itself is most likely the problem.

5. Before buying a new device  – heat it!

Most rechargeable Hyde pens have a transparent window from which you can see the contents. Take a close look to see just how much substance is left inside.

Sometimes, tiny droplets can gather inside, hardening and becoming difficult to dislodge. Using a hairdryer on a low setting, or a simple lighter, you can apply heat to your pen to liquefy these droplets.

Leave your pen upright, and the extracts slowly gather towards the mouthpiece. This should allow you to pull any leftovers.

Other reasons for an underperforming Hyde pen

Image Credit: perfectvape

Other reasons for an underperforming Hyde pen

We’re so used to disposable products being single-use and then discarded quickly after. But Hyde vaping pens often have several different settings, tools, and potential; problems that, when fixed, can extend the lifespan of your pen.

It’s essential to properly diagnose your pen’s condition, as sometimes people mistake an empty cartridge for something else.

Below are some key ways to diagnose a separate issue:

1. Battery life

First and foremost, the key sign that your disposable vape pen needs recharging is its battery light. Many Hyde models will have an indicator that will flash, or change color, telling you it is reaching the end of its power cycle.

2. A sour taste can result from improper storage

Although the most common reason for foul flavors is a burning coil, you should know that improper storage can also result in contamination and flavor changes.

For example, fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and exposure to direct sunlight can change a bad taste to develop. Unfortunately, your pen will need replacement in this instance.

3. Weak power equals weaker vaping

Many people think that lackluster vapes are because of an empty cartridge. But more often, the battery does not power enough heat to vaporize your e-liquid successfully.

If extracts remain, your pen may need a recharge to power its heating element. Examine the condition of your micro USB charger to ensure it’s in good condition and powering up your pen to its fullest.


4. Adjustable airflow

Hyde pens are incredibly innovative, with many models having adjustable airflow components at the bottom of the device. Airflow can affect the overall vaping experience, with higher airflow allowing a cooler vape with less flavor and less of a hit.

Decreasing airflow will produce a much stronger, flavorsome puff that feels hotter and has a more potent hit to your throat.

Readjusting the airflow to find the right setting for your needs and preferences may be all it takes to remove that “burnt taste” from the vapor and continue using it for longer.


Hyde is one of the best vape pen brands on the market. For many vape enthusiasts, they are an easy purchase.

Whether you’re buying their signature peach mango watermelon, aloe grape, or blue razz ice, you’ll no doubt want to get the maximum use of your vape pen before buying a replacement.

As our article has shown, there are a few key ways to know if the cartridge is empty. Changes in taste, flavor, and volume of smoke are key indications that your cartridge is empty.

But also worth considering is the condition of the pen itself – sometimes the battery or airflow adjustment is incorrectly set, that are causes you issues.

If you still have questions about vaping or want to share tips on ensuring a cartridge is empty before replacing it, please comment below.


  • A burnt taste is one of the most common signs that your cartridge is empty
  • Sometimes, an underperforming battery or incorrect airflow setting can cause issues with your vape pen. Examine it carefully to diagnose the problem.
  • Before replacing, add gentle heat to your pen – this can liquefy hardened chemicals, allowing for a few more puffs!


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