17 Homemade Vape Plans You Can DIY Own Easily

how to make a vape

Before we learn how to make a vape, let’s begin with the basics. First, what is a vape? It’s a gadget or device full of vapor that you inhale. This vapor may contain nicotine, flavors, and sometimes cannabis, depending on the type you prefer. Vapes are also known as vape pens or electronic cigarettes, and you can buy them at the store or make a DIY version at home.

1. Build Vape Using Old Vape Parts

DIY Vape Using Old Vape Parts

The quality of this video isn’t the best, but it’s fairly easy to follow. And it doesn’t show you how to add the vape juice or the wick, so we’ll look at that later. For this DIY vape, you’ll need a fork and a suitable atomizer from a dead vape. Or you can buy the atomizer online.

You’ll also need a cylindrical battery. Bend the fork at right angles so it fits snugly around the battery. Use pliers to widen the fork prongs and slip the atomizer between them so that its tip touches the battery’s positive terminal. Finally, attach your cotton wick and vape juice.

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2. Three Ways to Make a Vaporizer – WikiHow

Three Ways to Make a Vaporizer

The vapes in this WikiHow tutorial look pretty cool, but they’re also bulky and fragile, so you’ll need to be careful when you inhale. And since the components are so delicate, this isn’t a portable option. The main mechanisms are either a glass vial, a light bulb, or a shot glass.

All these vapes need a heat source to turn your vape juice or vape oil into gaseous form, so be careful with the flame! Also, all three options use glass tubes. Don’t use plastic straws or ball-point pens since the heat could melt them, and metal straws might give you contact burns.

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3. DIY Vape from 1.5 Volt AA Batteries

Here’s another idea you could try. Scour the house or visit your local junkyard for parts. You can also find the components at a garage sale, used electronics store, or vintage charity shop. A remote control makes the perfect palm-sized vape case, and you’ll need a phone charger.

Dismantle the phone charger, pull out the resistor, and peel it to access some nichrome wire. Wrap some of the wire around a cotton wick to fuel the vape. Connect copper wire to a push-button, ensuring you join the right terminals. Soak your wick in e-juice or vape oil and voilà!


4. Homemade Vape Pen – Instructables

Homemade Vape Pen

If you like to experiment with flavors, here are some handy hints on how to make a vape. Just start with a pure glycerin base and carefully check your flavoring ingredients, since alcohol-based extracts taste awful! For the frame, you’ll need a cylindrical battery and tape.

Use resistance wire for the circuitry, cotton balls for the wick, a sprinkler for the mouthpiece, and a brass end cap or plumbing adaptor – the kind used for faucets. This project involves soldering, so get a user-friendly soldering iron and watch a few tutorials if you’re unfamiliar.

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5. How to Make a Paper Vape in 10 Steps


How to make a paper vape tut! ⚠️FAKE VAPE⚠️simple#fyp#papervape#vape#easy#hotglue#tape#fyp

♬ Paro – Speed Up TikTok – Nej’

This TikTok is less than thirty seconds long so it seems fairly easy to do. But it has a lot of written instructions so you’ll need to pause every few seconds to read them. Roll the paper into a cylinder and seal it shut with a hot glue gun. Use black paper to make the vape button.

Once you’re done watching the demo, you’ll notice it only shows you how to make the outer casing of your vape. You still need an actual vape pen, so use some of the earlier tutorials to construct the mechanics, then use this one for a decorative case instead of plain boring tape.


6. Complete Guide on What You Need to Build Your Own Vape – Vaporesso

Complete Guide on What You Need to Build Your Own Vape

Vape pens contain a few basic parts. You can buy these ready-made or improvise with items around the house. If you do opt for upcycled parts from hairdryers or flashlights, be careful not to hurt yourself! These parts weren’t intended to burn, so they may have harmful fumes.

For the battery, a rechargeable 18650 works best. And for the atomizer, check the resistance setting. The typical fit is 1.5 to 2.8 ohms. But if you want a bigger, warmer puff with higher flavor intensity, consider a sub-vaping atomizer below 1 ohm. It uses up more juice though.

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7. Make Vape with Cardboard | Homemade Vape

For a vape pen with a stronger body, use cardboard as the base instead of colored drawing paper. You could roll up the cardboard if you’re attached to that cylindrical frame. But it’s harder to coil and stick the tube since it will keep unraveling, so a boxy style is easier to do.

Use thicker wire gauges for the circuitry and thinner ones to form the coil around the wick. If you buy the wire from a hardware store or if you’re shopping online, remember that bigger numbers mean slimmer wires, so go as big as you can afford! 28 to 32 gauge is ideal for coils.


8. How to Make a Vaporizer from Household Supplies – WikiHow

How to Make a Vaporizer from Household Supplies

First off, the vapes from this tutorial are rather risqué, so be sure you have the thrill-seeking quotient to use them. After all, not everyone can inhale from a heat gun or put a candle in a cardboard box without breaking into a cold sweat. Be careful and focus on your safety levels!

Now then. The light bulb option is similar to what we saw earlier, but it adds a plastic bottle as a safety rim. For the heat gun, line the insides of the cardboard rolls with tin foil to avoid scorching the paper. Do the same for the box that holds your candle – paper is easy to burn!

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9. How to Make Vape || DIY Cheap Vape

This version of an e-cigarette can be a good way to express yourself or show off your top brands since you’ll use a soda can, beer can, or energy drink as the basis. The internal parts are the usual – a cylindrical battery, resistance wire, a modified mouthpiece, and a wick.

To make the mouthpiece, secure a plastic bottle cap with a round piece of plywood. And in place of a brass end cap or plumbing socket, you can glue the tops of two plastic bottles. This DIY vape uses hot glue and a soldering iron, so do it in a well-ventilated area … and practice!


10. Homemade Professional Vape – Technology Killer

PVC pipes are a convenient shortcut when you’re learning how to make a vape. You can get a long one and cut it into sections since you’re likely to make mistakes and produce some duds at first. Check that the diameter of your pipe allows the battery to fit snugly inside the case.

For the mouthpiece, cut off the top from a face wash bottle or any screw-top bottle with a hole and a snap lid. You can pack cement around the wick coil to secure it and provide extra insulation, but it makes a heavier vape. A PVC end cap is convenient for a removable bottom.


11. How to ACTUALLY make a vape from a pen (NO CAP) Deadass

This DIY vape pen is based on an actual pen, but it’s not for the faint of heart because it places electricity way too close to your face! But if you’re up to it, the basics are the same. Dismantle a click-type ball-point pen, the kind that has a tightly coiled spring inside it.

The spring will hold your wick. You can use cotton wads dipped in vape juice or break open a dead store-bought vape, since they usually have dregs of juice inside. Slip the wick into place and use the live wires of a USB cable as your heat source. Be careful not to shock yourself!


12. How To Make A Cannabis Vaporizer

How To Make A Cannabis Vaporizer

Some people use vaporizers to kick a cigarette habit since the raw vapor is thought to be safer than a commercially rolled cigarette. Others just like the smoke and the flavor, so they go for nicotine-free vapes. But cannabis users can use vapes too, especially with infused oil.

The idea is a lot like a bong, except that you’ll inhale the fumes from heated oil instead of weed flowers. And homemade cannabis vapes are similar to the ones you’d use for nicotine e-juice. This demo explains how you can make one from a light bulb, shot glass, or paper rolls.

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13. DIY Mini USB Vape, No Battery Needed

This DIY vape uses a direct power source to vaporize the e-juice, but it’s much safer than placing your face near live wires! You’ll still need to dismantle a push-pin pen though. Cut two cylindrical sections that can fit snugly into each other. This offers a protective case.

The springs from the pen don’t offer enough heat resistance, so use traditional nichrome wire or kanthal wire to make the wick, then slip it into the plastic case. Cut the tip of a USB cable to expose the wires, then complete the circuit. You can now plug this into a portable battery.


14. Homemade “Vape” in Just 5 Minutes

Looking for something a little more challenging? Well, this video claims it’s a 5-minute project, but this could take a lot longer. Start by sourcing the components. You’ll need a notched copper pipe, the plastic pipe from a syringe, and a silica gel tube to wrap the wick.

To make the atomizer, slip the copper pipe into the syringe tube. The syringe should have a hole to let the e-juice in. Seal the gap with rubber bands and glue. Use nichrome for the wicks and circuits, add a button and a battery, then encase your DIY vape in a clear plastic box.


15. How to Make Vape Juice: A Beginner’s Guide to DIY – Vaping 360

How to Make Vape Juice A Beginner’s Guide to DIY

An often overlooked part of vape-making demos is the e-cigarette fluid. Vapes can either use oil or juice, sometimes with nicotine or cannabis-infused into them. And it’s pointless to learn how to make a vape if you have nothing to smoke in it! So here are some quick tips.

Simply mix PG (propylene glycol) with VG (vegetable glycerin) and add your chosen vaping flavor. The best part of making your own vape juice is you’ll know exactly what’s in your vape so you’re less likely to inhale harmful contaminants. Also, more variety for less money!

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16. How to Make THC Vape Juice At Home – Trimleaf

How to Make THC Vape Juice At Home

As we mentioned, you can’t use a vape without the juice. And it comes in variants that include plain flavor, nicotine infusions, and cannabis infusions. So here are some guidelines on making THC juice for your ‘herbal vape’ if recreational cannabis is legal where you live.

You can also make CBD juice if you use a THC-free base. This is ideal if you want the health benefits without the high. The three main methods are steeping – which takes up to three months, double-boiling for a few hours, or using a rosin press. It only takes a few minutes.

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17. How to Make THC Vape Oil

How to Make THC Vape Oil

So far, we’ve looked at two ways to make e-juice, one with nicotine and one with cannabis. But these fluids both used a base of PG and VG. What if you prefer an oil-based alternative for your homemade vape? This guide shows you how to make vape oil from weed flowers.

You first have to decarb your cannabis and infuse it into vegetable oil. You can then drip this into cartridges. Another option is to make rosin cartridges, but you’ll need a rosin press for that, so if you don’t already own one, decide whether you want to invest in the equipment.

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Battery Safety Advice for DIY Vapes

When you’re learning how to make a vape and you opt for a battery-based device with a push-button, be careful to only press it for a few seconds at a time. If you push too long or too often, the battery may overheat and explode! Or just buy a safer battery designated for vapes. Do you know any other DIY vape-making techniques? Tell us in the comments below!


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