How To Make Vape Juice With Household Items? (Step-by-Step Guide)

How To Make Vape Juice With Household Items

Unleash your DIY skills with your own e-liquid! Yes, you can actually create personalized e-juices with some essentials found in your home. This is such a fun activity that would even help you save a couple of dollars. So, here’s everything you need to know on how to make vape juice with household items.

Can you make DIY vape juice just from the materials from your home?

Creating a homemade version of the e-liquid may appear to be a challenging feat, but it’s actually something that you can accomplish in a matter of minutes. Not only that but this gives you the opportunity to customize the flavors and even colors according to your liking.

A step-by-step guide on making your own vape juice

Step1. Gather the key ingredients.

Since you will be using resources from your household, then make sure that you prepare the main ingredients in advance. These include vegetable glycerin, special food flavorings, and water, which all produce a soft-tasting vapor with no hint of nicotine.

When choosing the water, it’s suggested that you only use distilled or filtered one. This is crucial to prevent possible contamination of minerals that are present in most tap water. The mineral deposits can cause a build-up on the vape coil, negatively impacting the vaping experience and health.

Meanwhile, if you want to mimic the commercialized vape juice, it’s important that you purchase nicotine as well as propylene glycol liquids. Adding these help in creating a stronger vape effect with a hint of nicotine.

And of course, you should have all the primary tools within your reach. Some of the relevant materials that you need when preparing DIY e-liquids are a ceramic bowl or glass, a kitchen spoon, a glass or plastic bottle, and gloves, among others.

Step2. Start with the base liquid.

Now that you have the needed ingredients, it’s time to prepare the base liquid. In a ceramic bowl or a glass, mix both glycerin and clean distilled water. Typically, the ratio would be 20% household glycerine and 80% water.

If the mixture appears to have a sloppy consistency, don’t worry. You can simply adjust this by adding a bit of glycerine to create more depth with a softer texture. Glycerine is a major ingredient used in most cakes and icing to keep them fresh even for a period of time.

Start with the base liquid.

And when heated, this generates vapor that you use when vaping. This is the reason why glycerine serves as a core element in creating DIY vaping juice.

You may also opt to utilize propylene glycol if you have one at home. Also known as PG, this colorless liquid is widely known as a solvent used to elevate the food’s color and flavor. Likewise, it produces artificial smoke. Because of these features, PG is considered a better option if you want a deeper taste.

If you decide to incorporate PG into the mixture, there would be slight changes to the composition. So, instead of the normal ratio, you use 70% propylene glycol, 20 % glycerin, and 10% water.

  • Using an e-liquid calculator

Mixing different liquids may not be a walk in the park. In fact, this can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not mathematically inclined. But don’t fret because there’s actually a tool that can help you out. An e-juice calculator makes the process very simple.

It assists you in calculating the right amount of flavoring to be used when creating a bottle of vape juice. More so, it gives you an idea of how much you should add to reach a certain level of nicotine strength.

Generally, a vape juice calculator is a web-based app that you may download on your phone or desktop. Equipped with an extensive collection of e-liquid recipes, this remarkable database offers you a series of options that you can follow during your DIY pursuit.

In addition, most of these apps provide a support section, where you can inquire and get help from the experts. So, if you want to lessen the stress, it’s highly recommended to utilize this virtual electronic scale that is specifically designed to provide a list of vaping juice recipes that you can make reference.

You simply choose your preferred juice’s flavor and follow the guidelines to generate an efficient vape juice. It may be tough during the first few tries, but you’d get better in time. Promise! Just exercise patience and be ready for some trials along the way

To further guide you, below are some of the most useful e-liquid calculators and apps that you can capitalize on:

  • Vape Tool

This easy-to-use app is such a beneficial tool to anyone who is into vaping. It helps you in creating accurate coils and E-liquids while also expanding your knowledge about vaping in general.

And as one of the longest-running apps, you’d get quality recipes too. So, download this app on your phone and make your own vape juice like a pro!

  • eJuice Me Up

If you’re looking for a desktop-based app, then this is the best selection up to date. eJuice Me Up is an offline vape calculator that guides you on how to mix the liquids properly. It is loaded with recipes that you can follow and gives you the option to save your personalized creations.

Add the food flavoring.

Step3. Add the food flavoring.

Once you have completed the base liquid, you may now move to the next step, which is adding food flavorings to the mixture. In doing so, you need to make sure that you use vape-safe flavoring. There are specific vape juice concentrates that are designed for making a DIY e-juice.

Therefore, the ones we referred to as special food flavorings are those that are lawfully approved and not any kind of flavoring found in your kitchen. This means flavor extracts you usually use for pastries and other stuff are a big no-no.

Moreover, you need to steer clear of essential oils. Always remember that any flavoring that has oil is not recommended. This is a crucial tip that you should take into account to avoid problems with your vaping device and your health in general. It’s also best that you pick flavorings from known brands.

When adding the vape flavor concentrate, don’t forget to stir the mixture well using a spoon or stirrer. Combine all the ingredients carefully and prepare for the next step.


Step4. Add nicotine liquid―if you want.

Many people prefer to have that touch of nicotine when vaping. That’s why there are readily available nicotine liquid varieties in the market so you can easily make your own e-juice. Nicotine is a stimulant drug that gives you a series of good feelings.

As a psychoactive ingredient, it increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing as well as regulates your behavior and mood. Because of these effects, nicotine serves as the key chemical added to tobacco. Thus, if you prefer a vape juice with a stronger effect, you can definitely add a hint of nicotine.

The nicotine level, however, may vary accordingly. So, you need to capitalize on the e-juice calculator once again to assist you with the appropriate measurements. Once you have determined the correct amount of nicotine to be added, combine it together with the initial mixture.

Heat the vape liquid.

Step5. Heat the vape liquid.

After adding all key ingredients, you need to let the mixture temper briefly. This is an imperative step to blend everything well. It also ensures that the flavor as well and the fluidity of the liquids are incorporated thoroughly. To do this, you should heat the vape juice for a short time.

There are two ways to temper the vape liquid―using a microwave or leaving the mixture in a bowl with hot water. Either way, these methods are useful in improving the quality of vape juice.

If you choose the first option, make sure that the bowl is microwavable. Put the bowl inside the microwave and heat it for up to 10 seconds at full power. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a microwave, you can simply put the juice in a hot water for at least 5 minutes or until the juice becomes warm.

Subsequently, you need to let the liquid cool before proceeding to the last step, which is transferring the vape juice to a bottle.

Step6. Transfer the end product to your preferred container.

If the steeping process is done and the liquid is already cool, you may now move the vape juice into a bottle. To make the process faster and more efficient, try to use a kitchen funnel. A baking pipette would also make wonders. Or if you don’t have these tools, it’s okay!

You can definitely create your own makeshift funnel just by using greaseproof paper or parchment paper. Grab a piece of this paper and fold it twice to have both creases vertically and horizontally. Then, cut the edges following a curve pattern, from corner to corner.

Open the paper and cut a small section with the help of the crease line. Overlap the straight edges and pull the outside edge to create a cone shape. To secure it, you can add tape on the outside section of the cone. Lastly, cut a tiny section from the sharp side to create a hole where the liquid goes through.

And there you have it, a personalized paper funnel! So, using either a funnel or pipette, transfer the liquid into a container. You can use a glass bottle or a plastic one to store the vape juice. Lock the container and shake it well.

Test the vape juice.

Step7. Test the vape juice.

Of course, you need to evaluate your DIY e-juice. To do so, try to use a rebuildable atomizer or a dripper. It’s recommended to utilize these tools first than directly applying the juice to the vaping device. This way, you won’t be wasting coils on failed vape juice creations.

More so, both the dripper and atomizer give you a more efficient method of checking the sample juices. However, you ought to know that temperature and resistance significantly affect the taste of the vape. Thus, you should consider these elements beforehand.

Step8. Store the bottles.

Now for the last part, you need to secure the vape juice bottles in a cool, dark setup. Make sure you don’t let the vape juice and vape devices, in general, sit in areas with direct sunlight. It’s because sunlight and heat alter the composition of the juice, which then impacts the flavor.

Therefore, it’s important that you keep them away from sunlight to retain their freshness and taste. The best location would be inside a cabinet, where it’s also safe from children’s and pets’ reach.


Key reminders when creating your own vape juice

While making DIY e-juice can be lots of fun, there are some things that you should take into account thoroughly. One of the most relevant tips is that you should know how strong vape juice concentrates are. Thus, it’s always a must to understand the potency of each flavor.

Adding lots of concentrates does not tantamount to getting a stronger and more flavorful vape. In fact, some brands when used in large amounts tend to mute the overall tang of the e-liquid. That’s why comprehending the potency between brands is crucial.

It’s also suggested to follow the concept of single flavor testing so you’ll be able to determine how each flavor impacts the mixture. If you are now accustomed to the amounts that should be used, then you may try mixing different concentrates.

Another thing that you need to understand is that failure can happen on your first attempts, and that’s okay! To avoid the same mistakes, it’s imperative to take notes to improve your skills and succeed in your DIY e-juice creations. Learn the strength of each flavor and make adjustments if needed.


Making your own e-juice is such a fascinating activity to showcase your talents. So, if you’ve got a flair for DIY creations, this is your chance to highlight your skills and materialize your visions! And of course, remember to enjoy the process and make every journey a learning experience.


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