How to Open a Hyde Rechargeable Vape? (Easy Steps)

how to open a hyde rechargeable vape

Hyde is one of the most popular brands providing a range of quality vapes, from disposable vapes to reusable models. Whether you have a disposable or permanent model, vapes can run into issues like giving weak hits or not producing vapors properly.

We’ve compiled this article to share the reasons behind your hyde vape not working correctly and provide the most accessible remedies to let you troubleshoot and resolve the issue without a hitch.

Opening a Hyde Rechargeable Vape

Opening a Hyde Rechargeable Vape

While several hyde vapes can be opened by simply rotating the vape counterclockwise while holding on to the end of the vape, this will unscrew the vape, revealing the liquid container where you will be putting the vape liquid. Different from these permanent vapes, Hyde produces a wide range of disposable vapes that should not be opened or refilled.

As Hyde manufactures several vape models, always check the user manual to know whether your hyde vape is refillable and follow the instructions provided in the manual to change batteries, refill, or repair the vape accordingly. Likewise, several rechargeable hyde vapes can be charged but must be disposed of after the vape oil in the vape finishes.


Recharging a Hyde Pen

Most hyde vapes start blinking when there is little to no charge left in the batteries, an issue with the heating filament, or when the vape is running low on e-liquid. Rechargeable hyde vapes have a charging port to attach your micro-USB cable to charge when the battery runs out.

The rechargeable models also come with a micro USB charger to provide the right power for efficient charging. The manufacturer recommends recharging your hyde vaporizer for a few minutes before using it for a pleasant vaping experience.

Recharging your hyde vape depends on its usage. If you use the vape frequently and take long drags, the battery will deplete quickly compared to less frequent use. While permanent vapes can be recharged without an issue, several disposable vapes are rechargeable.

For example, the Hyde Rebel recharge is a disposable vape from Hyde that allows recharging. However, recharging the vape is only recommended when the nicotine salt e-juice is still present.

Refilling a Hyde Disposable Vape

  • Start by removing the cap at the bottom metal piece of the vaporizer.
  • Set it aside and shake gently to remove the vape sleeve’s coil.
  • You can use a small screwdriver if the coil is stuck. However, be cautious as it can damage the coil filament.
  • After removing the coil, you can easily access the liquid tank. Some models might have a silicone cap protecting the container. You can use tweezers to pull it out. Use a cotton bud to remove any residual juice.
  • Clean the tank thoroughly, as old flavors can stick to the container, producing a harsh smoke.
  • Pour the q-liquid into the container using a syringe until the tank is full.
  • Secure the container, back the col in, and screw the metal cap you removed earlier.


Problems with Disposable Vape Pens

1. Vape Not Producing Smoke

See whether the light indicator turns on when you smoke. If it turns on and there’s still no smoke, there might be issues with the battery, electrical circuitry, running low on vape juice, or problems with the heating coil used to create vapors.

2. Running Low on E-liquid

In case a disposable vape stops working, it’s most likely that it’s out of E-liquid. If you use a disposable pen and the liquid runs out, purchase a new one instead of prying open the pen and attempting to refill it. Doing this can result in a health hazard. For a permanent vaporizer, it’s easy to remove the e-liquid container from the vape and refill it.

The easiest way to tell whether the pod juice is still there is by looking at the container and determining the level. Before refilling a vape, you should review the product specifications to know whether the vape is refillable and follow the instructions shared in the vape’s user manual to refill the vape.

3. Dead Battery

The battery status of your vape can be reviewed by seeing the LED light. If you see a red light near the light activation button and the vape is not producing enough smoke, the battery is dead, and you need to plug it in to recharge.

In contrast, even the smallest rechargeable disposable vape has a tweaked-up battery, ensuring the battery lasts till the liquid runs out. Disposable e-cigarettes and other disposable vape devices use powerful batteries to keep the device running until liquid is inside them.

4. Airflow Sensor

Problems with the airflow control can cause issues in the vape. These sensors are used to detect when you inhale a puff. Blockage can occur due to condensation within the device. Different e-liquid flavors can also cover up the vape sensor, making it work improperly.

5. Improper Assembly

Sometimes, the vape needs to be assembled correctly, making it malfunction. While the manufacturer does not recommend it, you can fix the issue using a pair of tweezers. Pry open the elf bar or puff bar mouthpiece, and you’ll most likely find a filter with a hole in it. Line up the cotton pad with the filter hole to make it work.


Tips for Using Hyde Vapes Properly

Tips for Using Hyde Vapes Properly

1. Checking its Functionality

Most disposable Hyde vapes don’t have an LED indicator or an activation button to check their functionality. You can check by inhaling through the puff bar to see whether smoke is being produced. If there are no vapors, you need to get a new one.

2. Storing the Vape

Always store your vape in a cool, dark, and dry place while avoiding direct sunlight to prevent battery drain.

3. Don’t Disassemble

While you can remove the juice pod from your vape or replace the coil, it’s only advised to disassemble the vape after this, as it can lead to several functionality issues.


1. How Many Hits a Hyde Pen Can Deliver?

It depends on the amount of liquid and the usage style of the user. On average, a hyde disposable vape lasts around 400 puffs, whereas some disposable models with recharging capabilities can go up to 4000 puffs.

2. Do Hyde Vapes Contain Nicotine?

Disposable vapes come with different quantities of nicotine salt added to the liquid. Always check the label to know exactly how much nicotine is there and how much you want.

3. Why is There a Burnt Flavor?

The burnt flavor can be felt due to several reasons. If there is an issue with the heating filament, it can result in a burnt taste. Low battery and problems with the wick. Using the vape when the e-juice is already finished is a common reason.

Check for enough liquid to keep the vape running smoothly if you have a refillable vaporizer. On the contrary, you can’t refill a disposable vape but can still check the remaining liquid.

4. How to Avoid Purchasing a Knock-off Hyde Vape

How to Avoid Purchasing a Knock-off Hyde Vape

The counterfeit market is nothing new and is kept running by shady manufacturers and businessmen who don’t care about patents or copyrights and only aim to profit. You can use the hyde authenticator app to ensure you use a genuine product.

Scan the QR code near the brand’s hologram to check whether the product you buy is legit.

5. Is it possible to get Vape Liquid out from a Hyde Vape?

Hyde vapes that include a pod containing vape juice and a coil can be removed and replaced. To do this, unscrew the pod to take it out. Then remove the coil located at the bottom of the pod.

When removing the coil, stay over a sink or a garbage can as the liquid can spill all over. After you have poured the vape liquid out, use a q-tip to clean the residual vape juice. During this process, there are chances of the coil breaking. Therefore, always check the coil when placing it back in the pod.

6. How can a Hyde Vape Activate?

Several rechargeable hyde vapes use an activating mechanism, including an LED light that can be toggled on or off and is typically present at the device’s base. Some notable models with the activation button include the Hyde Edge Rave.

7. Why is my Hyde Disposable Rechargeable Vape Blinking?

If your hyde rechargeable vape’s light indicator blinks ten times or more, the batteries must be charged to make vapor effectively. However, if the battery is fully charged, but you still see a light indicator blinking, there might be an issue with the battery circuitry.

Several vape models blink, indicating different issues. Reviewing the user’s manual can reveal critical information on what the blinking indicates and the steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

8. How to Tell if a Vape is Empty

While some models have transparent containers with marked levels to see whether the vape liquid has not dried out, several disposable vapes don’t have a mechanism to check. For these vapes, you’ll feel a noticeable difference in the smoke density, experience a burnt taste, and feel a change in its weight.

Final Thoughts

Hyde offers various permanent and disposable vapes, each with varying features. Without any hassle, these vaping devices can get you your fix for nicotine. While you will be throwing out your disposable Hyde vape, the permanent models are sturdy and can be easily fixed.

Lastly, please remember that you can only open a permanent rechargeable hyde vape. Trying to pry open a disposable model can lead to a hazard and must be avoided completely.


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