How to Open a Vape Cartridge? (Step-By-Step Guide)

how to open a vape cartridge

In the last decade, vape products and devices have become increasingly popular, which is not surprising considering their numerous advantages over regular cigarettes. Although still harmful, vaping expose consumers to fewer toxins at lower levels than smoking cigarettes.

In addition, vape pens are rechargeable, cost-effective, convenient, require little maintenance, and offer more control over nicotine or THC intake. However, handling or refilling these vaping devices might be challenging or confusing if you are a new user.

So, if you are reading this article, chances are you need help opening your vape cartridge. If that is the case, you have landed on the right page!

But before we dive into the simple guide on opening a vape cartridge, let’s check out the structure of these vapes, so you can better understand and handle them for future use!

What is a Vape Cartridge?

A vape cartridge, also known as a dab cart, refers to the top part of your vape pen, in other words, the chamber containing cannabis oil, weed, wax, or e-liquid, depending on which type of pen you use.

As such, it is a crucial part of your vape pen, and therefore, it is paramount that it functions well. Remember that numerous vape pens on the market today can differ in structure or heating method.

However, most vape devices utilize the same type of cartridge and batteries, which are in most cases interchangeable. For all users that are new to vaping, the most common type of vape cartridge is the 510 thread, which fits on a 510-threaded battery.

If you have purchased a vape pen, we suggest you read the manual before doing anything as a precaution. New users often try to open the pen or change the cartridge without checking the instructions, accidentally breaking or damaging it.

So, to save your money and time, we suggest you do your research before purchasing these vape pens so that you can find the perfect fit for you. Ultimately, changing the cartridge is very simple; you need patience and attention to do it correctly.

What is the Structure of a Vape Device?

Most vape pens, as mentioned, have a similar structure. If the one you purchased seems slightly different from the regular one, try searching online for the specific model and instructions.

Understanding the structure of the pen allows you to handle it better without potentially damaging it, especially if you plan to invest in a more expensive type of pen. Generally, it is recommended that you buy a high-end vape because of the quality of its structure.

The probability of it malfunctioning is much lesser compared to cheaper pens. In addition, maintaining a more inexpensive vape kit can be difficult because of the weak body.

1. Mouthpiece

As its name implies, the mouthpiece is the top part of the vape pen, which you use to inhale vapor or smoke. Some of these devices can have a different mouthpiece- either wider generally or wider gaps for exiting vapor.

On the other hand, there are narrower mouthpieces, and the size of the mouthpiece dictates how much flavor and vapor you can inhale. Therefore, if you want to inhale bigger puffs, buy a vape pen with a wide mouthpiece, providing maximum comfort and experience.

2. Battery


Image Credit: luy_quintana

As noted earlier, in order to work, these vape pens need a battery that powers them.

What makes these products so appealing is the fact that they are reusable; when the battery dies, you replace it, and you can continue using the pen instead of buying a new one.

We suggest you buy quality batteries and always have a spare pack if you run out of them.

3. Atomizer

So, what is the atomizer? The term atomizer refers to the wick and coil within the device. The wick is usually made of cotton, and it draws in e-liquid or cannabis oil from the cartridge and onto the coil, a resistive wire wrapped around it.

The batteries power the coil, which functions as the heating element, turning e-liquid and the content of your tank into vapor.

4. Cartridge

A vape pen cartridge is also known as the tank of your pen, in case you stumble upon this term. Generally, cartridges are designed for easy and simple use, and most importantly, they are very easy to spot.

When refilling your tank, you can see the max fill line to avoid potential leakage. One cartridge will do the job for most users, but for other passionate vape consumers, one will not do the trick.

Some people tend to collect cartridges with different flavors so they can change them and experience different flavors and aromas. If you see yourself as a regular user, who likes to experiment with various flavors, we suggest you purchase more than one.

If you are wondering, you can buy a cartridge in most stores that sell these products without purchasing the pen.


Simple Guide: How to Open a Vape Cartridge

Step 1: Unscrew the Mouthpiece

In most vape pens, you can unscrew it by turning it counterclockwise. When it starts becoming loose, that is your moment to remove it. However, it often happens that people pull off the mouthpiece breaking it.

Therefore, be patient and gentle; it will eventually come off! Also, if you turn it in the wrong direction, you might damage it. So, if you see that the mouthpiece is not turning, switch the direction because you might temper with the vape’s thread.

The thread is an integral part of the pen’s structure that has the purpose of holding the gasket and thus preventing any leaks. One of the common problems that often end the life of vape pens is a faulty thread or gasket, causing leakage.

Step 2: Open the Tank

Before you go with the next step, keep in mind that numerous vaping devices can have different structures and placements of the tank. Therefore, always read the instructions before opening the tank.

Generally, when you unscrew the mouthpiece, you can see the cartridge, which you can open by twisting the parts. In order to open specific cartridges, you might need pliers or scissors.

When handling these cartridges and tanks, be very careful not to spill anything. In most cases, you can clean it using a cotton swab.

Also, do not attempt to wash the pen or cartridge using soap or other cleaning products.

Step 3: Reassemble the Pen

The last step is to reassemble the pen by first capping the cartridge and then putting the mouthpiece in its place. Turn the mouthpiece in a clockwise direction until it is entirely secure.

In certain pens, the mouthpiece is attached to the pen’s battery, which makes it easy to handle and reassemble.


How to Refill My Cartridge?

How to Refill My Cartridge?

Image Credit: o2vape

Generally, the purpose of opening the cartridge is to clean it or refill it. Refilling the cartridge depends on the type of refill that you have. For e-cigarettes, you can buy e-liquid in health food stores or vape shops.

On the other hand, refilling a THC pen can be different because of the structure of the pen and the specific content that goes into the tank. Either way, you can purchase cannabis oil or weed wax in most stores and find detailed information for that device.

We recommend buying a syringe or medicine dropper for safe and spillage-free refilling of your cartridge. Refill syringes are very useful for this task, allowing you precision while refilling.

If you are using e-juice, it will be a simple process; however, if you are refilling with THC distillate oil, remember to take a 3/4 turn with your distillate as you fill in to avoid forming an air bubble.

So, using the syringe or eye droppers, fill the cartridge, but be careful not to overfill it. If this is your first time changing the cartridge and you have made a mess, do not worry; eventually, you will get the gist.

Can A Broken Vape Cartridge Be Fixed?

It is no surprise to see people buying new cartridges and accidentally breaking them, which can be frustrating considering that you will have to buy a new one and let all the tank’s content go to waste.

So, consumers often wonder whether they can fix it to salvage the oil or vape juice. Generally, if the cartridge is broken, you will have to replace it, but there are numerous ways to save the THC oil inside it by using a syringe, extracting the content, and putting it into a new cartridge.


If you follow our instructions for opening the vape cartridge, this task will be almost as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Although these vape pens and other vaping devices and their mechanisms might seem confusing, they are very easy to handle and use. So, do not be discouraged by the seemingly complicated design, and remember that vaping is always a better alternative to smoking!

Have you tried opening the cartridge before? Please, can you share your experience with us? As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


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