How To Stop A Disposable Vape From Auto Firing? (5 Steps)

how to stop a disposable vape from auto firing

When a disposable vape auto-fires, it will light up on its own and release the vapor. This is a serious issue that can set your clothes ablaze and burn your skin. You never know when the vape might turn on and cause potential injuries.

So, if you have noticed this problem in your vape, you must take immediate action. In today’s post, we will discuss how to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing in detail. Let’s get started!

What is Disposable Vape?

As the name suggests, a disposable vape is a one-time-use product. It is a small vaping device that comes pre-filled with an e-liquid. The flavor and scent of the vape juice differ from one brand to another.

However, the most prominent feature of a disposable vape is charging. You cannot replace the batteries or recharge them when the battery life runs out. You cannot repair any other component (like broken coils) either.

Once the charge finishes or something breaks inside, disposable vapes practically become useless. There is no other solution other than discarding them and buying a new one.

So, why do people buy them in the first place? Well, a disposable vape may not be durable, but it has several benefits:

  • It is readily available for cheap rates.
  • It has a simple design with no complex settings and modes.
  • It is compact and easy to hide.
  • It is available in high concentrations of nicotine and unique flavors of juice.


Why Does Disposable Vape Auto-fire?

Why Does Disposable Vape Auto-fire

There are two methods to light up a vape; manual and automatic. In the manual, you have to press a button to activate the battery and inhale the vapor.

In automatic, there is a draw activation sensor. When you put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale, the sensor activates the battery to convert the e-cigarette liquid into vapor. This is also referred to as auto firing vape.

However, sometimes, your disposable vape will auto-fire at random times. It is a defect that usually occurs because of a malfunctioning auto-draw mode. You may have exhaled in the mouthpiece, inhaled from the wrong side, or dropped the vape from a height.

All these can cause the sensor to malfunction and activate the battery randomly. Some of the most common causes of auto-fire issues in your disposable vape include:

  • Residue buildup and dust
  • Faulty battery
  • Poor connection between coils and pod
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures (like keeping it under direct sunlight)

Low Quality Vapes

One reason your vape may continue heating and producing vapor after you finish your puff is low quality disposable vapes made with faulty components. To cut costs, some manufacturers purchase inferior parts with higher defect rates, leading to issues like stuck power buttons or auto-firing.

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The integrated display uniquely shows battery percentage and e-liquid level so you can monitor usage. SPIRITBAR also provides free shipping on all orders for ultimate convenience.

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How to Stop a Disposable Vape from Auto-Firing?

How to Stop a Disposable Vape from Auto-Firing

When disposable mods start auto-firing, it’s important to stop them immediately. If you neglect the occurrence, it can heat up at random times, burn your hands, set a fire, and even cause an explosion!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing:

Step 1: Turn Off Your Disposable Vape

The first thing you should do is turn off the disposable vape (press the fire button for 10 seconds or click it 5 times).  If there is no power, the vape will stop auto-firing all by itself.

However, the real problem occurs when you are using an automatic disposable vape. It doesn’t have a power button that you can use to lock it. Instead, there is a built-in guard that automatically locks the device after 10 seconds of non-vaping.

But when an automatic disposable vape is auto-firing, nothing is going to work properly. The only way to turn it off is to remove the battery and put it aside.

Step 2: Clean the Contact Points

The contact points refer to the connection points between the battery and the atomizer. These points allow the transfer of electrical energy and the conversion of e-liquid to vapor. If debris settles onto them, the connection is disrupted.

So, the next step is to clean these contact points. Just disassemble the parts and pour the remaining e-liquid from the vape tank into a container. Then, use a dry cotton swab or bud to swipe away the dust on/around contact points. If you notice residue buildup, dip the cotton bud in isopropyl alcohol.

Hold the vape down with one hand and clean the contact pins with the other. This particular position will ensure no alcohol drips into the base of the vape pod (or into the electrical circuit). You can also use cotton to clean the rest of your device.

Step 3: Examine the Coils

A majority of disposable vapes have coils inside. The thin metal wires can burn up easily when misused. As a result, the cartridge won’t fire up properly, the vape will auto-fire, and you will get a burnt taste.

If you experience all these symptoms, the coils are burnt and need replacement to fix the auto-firing vape device. You can also disassemble the disposable vape pen parts and visually inspect the coils.

Step 4: Check the Voltage

Typically, a disposable vape doesn’t have variable voltage settings. The e-cigarette device is pre-programmed to convert the juice into vapor at a certain voltage. So, you will get the same experience every time.

However, if your vape model allows customization, you may want to check the voltage. It should be set between 3.2 to 4.0. If it’s lower than that, it will auto-fire.

Change the settings by restarting the device. This will take about 5 clicks on the fire button for turning it off and a further 5 clicks for turning it on. Then, the device will show you different settings. Click the button when you see VOLTAGE and adjust it.

Step 5: Remove the Battery & Inspect It

Lastly, if none of the above solves the matter, look at the device’s batteries. Since these devices are pre-programmed, there is also a chip in the battery. This chip commands the battery when to supply power and when not to.

So, when the chip malfunctions, the battery becomes defective too. You will have to purchase a new battery and ask an expert to replace it.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the detailed step-by-step guide would have helped fix auto firing in a disposable vape. But don’t just stop there. If you want to use the disposable vape safely, you need to take good care of it.

This means routine maintenance by storing it in a proper case and using it only at suitable temperatures. Vaping when it’s too cold or hot outside can also cause problems like auto-firing. Do you know some more tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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