How To Turn On Smok Vape? (Fast & Simple)

how to turn on smok vape

Smok vapers are a leading brand in the market. It is estimated that there are about one hundred million people who exclusively consume this product and trust a brand that has been around since 2010 and is here to stay.

If you are new to the world of vaping, you should know that Smok is one of the most popular options for people who are curious about going from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

You will also find that Smok products are very technologically advanced and it can be intimidating for someone who is used to using a lighter to try to light a Smok vape.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about how to turn on your new vape and we will give some tips for all those new to the fascinating world of vaping.

Materials You’ll Need

  • The Smok Vape of your choice
  • The instructions of your Smok Vape


How to turn on a smoke vape step by step

If you are one of the many beginners in the fascinating world of vaping, you should know that the Smok brand is possibly the best option you have ever made on the market.

Smok is a company founded in 2010 that saw a great business opportunity when it realized that electronic cigarettes had made their appearance to stay.

Since then it has been present as one of the leading brands in the market and has earned a reputation for manufacturing a large number of devices, each time more modern and sophisticated.

They are one of the pioneers in making electronic cigarettes with double coils and taking their models to the limits that offer vapers a better flavor and a lot of power to make vapor.

But so much technology can often make those who are not used to using these devices dizzy. That is why in this guide we want to teach you step-by-step how you should turn on your Smok vape.

You should also take into account some precautions before turning on your device. Remember that the misuse of these devices can end up damaging the product and nobody wants you to break your vape before even using it.

Also, remember that Smok has a very large variety of electronic cigarettes, so we will give you general instructions on how to light your vape. But if the indications do not match your product, it is best that you review the instruction manual. Chances are your e-cigarette has a particular way of lighting up.

1. Previous considerations

Previous considerations

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Before you can start using your vape, you must ensure that you have charged it correctly and followed the specifications in the instruction manual of your device. Remember that a Smok vape pen does not charge the same as an original Smok Nord or a Smok Novo.

All Smok products have an authenticity code in their box that can be entered on the official website and in this way they will also have online instructions for your product.

2. Finding the fire button

Most SMOK products are powered by a single button that we call the fire button. Locate the main fire button. If your device has more than one button and you are not sure which is the fire button, we suggest you follow the steps to turn it on in the instruction manual.

You can also access the same manual online. You just have to use the search engine and type the name of your product and the word “instruction manual” so that you can access the instructions online.

Every time you want to turn on your Smok vape, you must press the fire button five times in a row. You can also press the button repeatedly until it lights up, no need to count five times strictly.

You need to unlock your vape by repeatedly pressing the power button because Smok devices have a lock system that prevents the device from turning on while it is in your pants or coat pocket.

3. Check the menu system or Draw-activated vaporizer

Once you have turned on the device it will be ready for you to vape, but some models have a menu system that you can access with three clicks of the fire button.

Other models are activated when you start to inhale the vapor, so take a good look at your manual to find out if your vape has that option and how to configure it.

4. Turn off the device

Every time you finish a vape session, you have to make sure to turn off the device. This is achieved by pressing the menu system, you will have to scroll through the different options until you find the power option again and with the fire button change it to off.


Tips for vaping devices

Tips for vaping devices

Image Credit: adam_cancelo

  • Smok vapes usually come with a USB cable so you can connect it to your computer so it can charge before turning it on. The device will tell you how long it takes to have a full charge.
  • The wick of your vape pod must be wet with the e-liquid. Otherwise, the wick that is made of cotton may burn. Add the liquid to fill the capsule, just leave a small space at the top for air.
  • If it is the first time that you are filling the capsule with liquid, we advise you to wait at least 5 minutes before starting to vape. That way you will make sure that the cotton wicks have absorbed all the vape juice.
  • Smok vape USB cables tend to wear out quickly, as they are not the best cables when it comes to conducting power. Try to have two or 3 USB cables as a replacement. You mustn’t try to charge the device with your phone charger. The difference in watts can ruin your device.


Electronic cigarettes are here to stay. If you have bought or are about to buy a Smok brand vape, you can consult this guide to remember how to turn it on and take into account the tips we have given for the better functioning of your electronic cigarette.


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