How To Vape Weed? (Beginner Friendly Guide)

how to vape weed

Marijuana has many benefits and has been known to help people relax, as well as offer symptom relief for many issues, such as pain and nausea. However, lighting up a joint or a bowl every time you need relief can be an inconvenience.

This is why many people are now choosing to vape weed. There are also studies taking place that show that vaping weed is much safer and better for your lungs as opposed to other inhalation methods.

But how do you vape weed? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to get started vaping right away. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Vaping?

Vaping, or vaporizing, is the term used to describe the process of inhaling a vapor created by heating ingredients. For weed, the ingredients are essentially cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids are made up of two parts, THC and CBD.

You may recognize the term CBD from the recent popularity of products ranging from gummies to lotions. These products are known to provide relaxation and pain relief but it is not as potent as THC.

This is because the ingredient in weed that gives you the “high” feeling is THC, and while CBD still contains trace amounts of THC, it is not enough to get you high or show up on a drug test. Cannabis flowers and cannabis vape cartridges include both THC and CBD to create an overall euphoric experience.

Please note that cannabis vape cartridges are different then the normal vape juice you find in vape stores. Regular non-cannabis vape juice doesn’t contain THC or CBD and is primarily base ingredients, flavoring, and often nicotine and is not to be confused with vaping weed.


Getting Started

Getting Started

Now that you have the low down on what vaping is, let’s get into choosing the right vape pen and what type of cannabis you want to smoke.

The most common form of vaping weed is by using a portable vape pen, so we will mainly go over this method today. There are different types of vape pens to choose from, as well as different types of cannabis.

Ultimately, only you know which one is right for you based on your individual needs.

Choosing the Right Vaporizer

The first step is deciding which vape pen you want to use, as there are different types of pens available. Some vape pens use vape cartridges, while others use dried flowers or herbs.

The vape pens that use cartridges are easier to use for some people because all you do is load the cartridge into the vape pen. However, these cartridges have other ingredients besides cannabis, such as VG, PG, and sometimes flavoring.

Some people prefer more natural methods of administering cannabis. If this is you, you may get into a dry herb vaporizer where you use regular marijuana and load it into the vape pen. These vape pens are still pretty straightforward; they are just not as convenient as a cartridge.

Choosing the Right Cartridge or Herb

Next, let’s talk about how to choose the right cartridge or herb. Different strains of cannabis have different effects. Some create a mellow, relaxing experience, while others leave you feeling energized. There are also strains that are better for pain relief.

Whether you are using a vape pen that uses a cartridge or one that uses cannabis, it is important to find the best one for your needs. Usually, dispensaries are well-informed on the varieties they carry, so I recommend reaching out to them for help deciding which one to get.

If you are using a dry herb pen, make sure the cannabis you use is neither too dry nor too moist. You need just the right balance of both to create the right vaping experience.

How To Vape Weed Using A Vape Pen

How To Vape Weed Using A Vape Pen

You have your vape pen and your flower or cartridge. Now it is time for the fun part! These instructions work the same for most vape pens, but always consult your instruction manual for detailed instructions for your specific brand.

Step 1: Charging Your Vape

First and foremost, you will start by charging your vape. This usually takes a while but is different between cartridge vape pens and dry herb vape pens. It can take anywhere from 2-4 hours for your vape pen to charge fully, although once it’s charged, it should last a while before it needs to be charged again.

Step 2: Loading your Vape Pen

Now that your vape pen is charged, it is time to load it. If you are using a cartridge, simply screw it into the pen gently. Make sure you screw it in tight enough to prevent it from leaking but not tight enough that it damages the threads.

There is a little more work involved in a dry herb pen, but it is still fairly simple. You will want to start by grinding the flower. You will need a grinder specifically made for this purpose, and you can find them at most smoke shops.

Fill the grinder chamber with around 0.25- 0.5 grams of marijuana. Place the lid back on the grinder and grind it until it’s a fine powder. This shouldn’t take much, as grinders work very efficiently.

Once the flower is ground, you can load it into your vape pen. Locate the permanent chamber or oven on your vape pen. Put the powder into the chamber and close it. Some pens require that you pack them tightly, and some require them to be packed loosely. Make sure you read the instructions, so you know the correct way to fill it. Now your vape pen is loaded and ready to go.

Step 3: Hit the Vape Pen

To begin vaping, you will need to power on your vape device. Some only require you to push the power button once, while others require you to hit the button multiple times to power them on. Once turned on, wait until an led light flashes, indicating it is ready for you to smoke.

Now, place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale gently. Make sure you don’t hit it too hard like you would a joint or other methods, as the vape does most of the work for you.

You also only want to start off with a hit or two, especially if you are new to smoking. You need to see how it affects you and decide how much you need to take from there.

Step 4: Clean The Vape Pen

When you change out the flower or cartridge on your vape pen, you should take this time to clean it to lengthen the life of your pen.

For dry herb pens, you will start by dumping the remaining flower out of your pen. Then, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the inside of the chamber. Let it dry completely before refilling it with fresh herbs.

The process is similar to a cartridge vape pen. Before installing the new cartridge, clean the outside of the pen along with where the cartridge screws into the pen thoroughly with the alcohol. Once it is dry, you can screw in the new cartridge.


Other Types of Weed Vaping

Other Types of Weed Vaping

There are other methods used to vape weed, just not as common.

  • Hybrid Vape Pen: Another type of portable vaporizer is a hybrid vape pen. A hybrid vape pen is a combination of a dry herb vape and a cartridge vape, so you can use it both ways.
  • Tabletop Vaporizers: Tabletop vaporizers, or desktop vaporizers, as the name suggests, are made to be set on your table or desktop as they are normally quite large. Volcano vaporizers and dab rigs are a few tabletop vaporizer options.
  • Wax Pens: Wax pens are made to be used with cannabis wax, which is highly concentrated from cannabis created from extracting the cannabis plants. Wax pens work similarly to dry herb pens, except you put wax into the chamber instead of dry herb. Wax pens often have higher maintenance than other vapes available because they are harder to clean, and high-quality wax is harder to come by.


Vaping weed is considered a safer alternative to combustion methods, also known as smoking because there are fewer carcinogens created with vapor than with smoke. The type of vape to use remains entirely on your individual needs, such as your lifestyle and personality. We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below. We love to hear from our readers!


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