How To Vape? (Ultimate Guide For Beginners)

how to vape

If you didn’t notice, electronic cigarettes have been on the market for more than ten years and those who thought it was just a fad, should have already realized they were wrong. Because e-cigarettes are here to stay.

If you are new to the world of vaping and are tempted by the idea of purchasing one of those cool electronic devices you see on the street but don’t know where to begin, this is the guide for you.

Here we will cover everything related to how to vape and what is the basic knowledge that you should know before investing money in one. Get ready to enter a very detailed and fascinating world.

What is a vape?

Before learning how to vape, we must understand what exactly a vape is and how it works. The simplest and most practical way to describe a vaporizer is to say that they are electronic devices that were manufactured to produce vapor suitable for inhalation. This vapor contains nicotine and flavorings.

That is, it is a modern invention that replaces traditional cigarettes, trying to give people a healthier alternative.

It is necessary to mention that most electronic cigarette products come with nicotine. So you will still be generating a dependency on the substance, but without consuming the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes or the carcinogenic components found in the tobacco.

Vaporizers have been on the market for a decade now and have evolved remarkably, giving consumers many options today. Here we will name all the options you can find when you talk about vapes.

Types of vapes

The most well-known product is the disposable electronic cigarette. It was the first one that went on the market, it comes with a pre-filled liquid but it only works until the e-juice runs out. After that, you will have to throw it. It is not the best option if you are a person who is concerned about the environment and sustainable alternatives.

Vape pens are next on the list and are an improved version of the first one, with the big difference that the cartridges can be pre-filled and refilled. The cartridges are disposable but the pen is not.

AIOs and pod vapes are cutting-edge devices with replaceable coils that are far more powerful and fully rechargeable.


What is vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor through an electronic device that simulates a cigarette. Vapor is produced when a coil is heated by the device’s batteries and begins to generate vapor via e-juice.

Vape juices are liquid with chemical components, flavorings, and nicotine. They are necessary to produce the vapor that you are going to inhale.

Vaping through an electronic device was intended to replace the traditional cigarette, thus avoiding the thousands of toxins that tobacco products have. However, most vapes contain nicotine in their liquids.

But vape juices are not the only thing that can be vaped and this is where things get interesting and you can understand the extensive options that vaping can give you.

These are the most popular vaping options:

1. Vape Juices

The vaping liquid or also called e-liquid, s composed of vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and other chemical components. This liquid generally contains nicotine, although several nicotine-free flavor options have emerged in recent years.

These juices are heated and vaporized using an atomizer. And that is the vapor that you consume every time you puff from your electronic cigarette or pen vape.

2. Natural herbs

A substance that mixes the essence of dried herbs such as lavender, chamomile, or valerian is called dried herbs. These herbs can also be mixed with products that are derived from cannabis, as long as it is legal in your country.

There are two different processes for vaping dry herbs. The first uses hot air to produce steam but without actually burning anything, so smoke does not form.

The second method uses a heat source that is applied directly to the dried herbs. But at a controlled temperature so that it does not burn the grass or produce smoke.

3. Dabs

They are also known as concentrate vaporizers. These devices heat and vaporize wax instead of juices or dried herbs.

They are generally used to vaporize products with CBD or THC. Most devices also have the option to vaporize dry herbs as they work on the same vaporizing technology.


So, How to vape?

So, How to vape

We are going to divide how to learn to vape into simple steps:

Step 1: The device charged

You must remember that you have an electronic device, therefore it needs to be charged to work. Because most vapes do not come charged, the first step is to connect it to a power source to turn it on. It is critical that you charge it completely before using it.

Step 2: Charge your vape

With the energy at maximum, we must go on to load the substance that we are going to convert into steam. With e-liquids, you just have to connect the cartridge. Many of them come full when sold to you.

Others will need you to do it manually. For products such as wax or dry herbs, you will have to heat the heating chamber, so we advise you to follow the instructions. Each model has its manual way of turning on the different functions.

Step 3: Turn on your Vaper

Turn on your Vaper

Most vapers light up the same way. There is a powerful, pattern, on many models, it is the only button. That means that it works both to turn on and to turn on the tank and vape. You must press the power button five consecutive times to turn it on. Many people prefer to press the button repeatedly until it lights up.

Some devices are activated by sensing suction from the device’s nozzle. However, before configuring this option, it is best to read the manual that came with the vape.

Step 4: Adjustments in the configuration

If you have the option of setting the heat with which you are going to vaporize, we advise you to set it to the lowest option, especially if you are a beginner. This way you will gradually find out how much vapor you need to be satisfied with your vaping.

But it is better to do it gradually since too much steam can cause coughing and a dry throat. In general, it will not be a good first experience. So as long as you don’t know your device perfectly, use it gradually.

Step 5: Start vaping

Start vaping

Once you’ve set the tank heat and it’s fully charged, you’re ready to inhale your first puff of steam. We advise you to do it a few at first. The excess steam can make your throat itch and you can end up choking.

Some devices work by pressing the power button while inhaling, while others have a dedicated button for this purpose. There are also what is activated when you begin to inhale the device’s mouthpiece.

Something important to take into account is the two techniques that are used when inhaling.

  • MTL (mouth-to-lung): To use the MTL technique you must slightly inhale the vapor and keep it in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Then open your mouth and breathe the steam back into your lungs. This allows for a hit of flavor and steam down the throat. This sensation is appreciated by many people used to smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • DL (direct-lung): The DL technique is often used on larger devices that are powered by more powerful coils. Here you inhale directly from the vaporizer into the lungs and then exhale. This technique is used above all by lovers of generating a lot of vapor when vaping. It is a technique that is not recommended for new people who are not yet 100% used to vaping with their devices.

Step 6: Clean your vaporizer after each session

With juice-powered vaporizers there is no problem and maintenance is minimal. The only problem that could arise is that you have dirty your device a lot when filling the tank.

But with herbal juice-powered vaporizers, you need to be much more careful. You must clean them after each session, once the heating chamber has dropped in temperature.

In addition, do not keep herbs or dried herb remains in the chamber. All of this can contribute to your device failing to function properly sooner than expected.


Vaporizers are here to stay! We hope this guide has been useful for you to know what vaping is and how a vape works.

Remember that if you are interested in quitting conventional cigarettes, it is a great option and is indisputably healthier, although you should be aware that you are still consuming nicotine, a substance that produces addiction.

We hope that with this article the universe of vaping has expanded for you and that you have more extensive knowledge of the possibilities of starting to vape.


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