Is Kure Vape Good Vape Brand? (Price, Types & Flavors)

Kure Vape Overview

Kure Vape Overview


Kure CBD & Vape started almost two decades ago, making them a familiar name in the vaping scene in Charlotte. With its extensive background in the industry, the company has branched out across the United States and Europe.

But long before its international recognition, Kure started as a small operator of vaping lounges. The founder, Marty Sumichrast, formally established the enterprise in 2014 through Siskey Capital, which then financed the business.

During the initial years, the company sold e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and vaping accessories. Years later, because of the modifications in plans and demands in the market, the business was publicly traded. Still, they have flourished in the industry with over 90 branches in the US, along with 9 retail shops in Europe.

Accordingly, you just visit one of their local stores and they’d help you out. And since they have several retail locations across the country, this makes them easily accessible. They even have a special bar in each location, allowing you to test different flavors before you buy them.

Plus, you are given the opportunity to try these vape juices on different Kure devices. Because of this, you can certainly choose the best e-liquid for your choice. Additionally, they have their own “Wall of Quitters” that is specifically designed for users who successfully transitioned to products with zero nicotine.

The only downside would be the discontinuation of their shipping services via USPC in 2021. Because of this, they ship to limited locations across the country at the moment. However, in-store purchases are highly accessible, so nothing to worry about.

Without a string of doubt, Kure is still known for producing excellent vaping products, which serve as great alternatives to traditional cigarettes And of course, they take pride in their pre-made nicotine items that are very competitive in the market.

Kure Vape Overview

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1440 Westinghouse Blvd Ste L, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273, United States


Key Data

Email: [email protected]



  • Arizona (4)
  • Illinois (1)
  • Indiana (5)
  • Iowa (4)
  • Kansas (1)
  • Kentucky (6)
  • Maryland (1)
  • Nebraska (12)
  • North Carolina (33)
  • Ohio (4)
  • Oklahoma (7)
  • South Carolina (5)
  • Tennessee (1)
  • Texas (2)
  • Virginia (7)
  • West Virginia (1)

The number beside each location refers to the number of branches within the area. As of this writing, there are a total number of 94 retail shops in the US.

Major milestones/ Achievements:

  • Partnership with a renowned Canadian brand

After getting publicly traded, Kure tied up with a Canadian brand that focuses on cannabis products. Through the deal, the company received shares in Isodiol International. More so, this led to the expansion of the brand with the supervision of the new CEO, Craig Brewer.

  • Authorized service center of Vaporesso and SMOK

Aside from catering to their own guests, Kure also collaborated with two popular vape brands―Vaporesso and SMOK. This means if you’ve got problems with the products bought from these brands, you can just visit any Kure store and submit a warranty claim for a possible replacement.


From premium products to extensive locations, Kure Vape is no doubt one of the leading brands in the US vaping scene. Below are some of the remarkable properties that help them flourish over the years:

  • Several local stores in the US as well as Europe
  • Lots of vape juices, devices, and accessories on offer
  • Affordable local prices
  • Exclusive bar to test the e-juices and devices

Kure Vape Price & Series

Kure is a popular brand that offers an impressive selection of vape juices, along with different disposable vapes, pod systems, and accessories. In this section, we will unravel some of their disposable vape series that come in various designs and functions.

Airbox Series Price & Features ($18.99 to $19.99)

Airbox Series Price & Features

  • Airbox 5k – $18.99
  • Airbox x Naked 100 – $16.99

Whether you are looking for a minty taste or a fruity one, Airbox offers a variety of vape flavors to choose from. Some of their options include blueberry mint, blueberry ice, cool mint, super mint kiwi dragon berry, double apple, strawberry mango, and more.


AquaBar Series Price & Features ($12.99 to $19.99)

AquaBar Series Price & Features

  • AquaBar 5k – $19.99
  • AquaBar 2800 Synthetic – $12.99

AquaBar is another remarkable series with two main types. The classic Aquabar has a number of flavors, from mango to peach and even grapes. Meanwhile, the synthetic options have tobacco e-juice, along with some fruity e-juices.


Esco Bars Series Price & Features ($15.00 to $22.99)

Esco Bars Series Price & Features

  • Esco Bars 5000 – $22.99
  • Esco Bars 2500 – $15.99
  • Esco Bars Mesh X Fruita – $15.00
  • Esco Bars Mesh X Noms – $19.99
  • Esco Bars X Ripe – $20.99
  • Esco Bars H2O – $19.99
  • Esco Bars Mesh Noms – $19.99

The Esco Bars are quite a popular series, with several products in their catalog. The basic Esco Bars differ mainly in the number of puffs, either 2500 or 5000. And of course, these vary in flavor. Aside from the fruity choices like watermelon, tropical fruit, lemon, and lychee, there are other unique options too.

These include cotton candy, sweet tea, gummy bear, and root beer. Furthermore, the Esco Bars H2O products are unlike the typical disposable vape pens with elongated structures. These are a bit bulkier that capitalize on H2O-based nicotine. As a result, you’ll get puffs that are smoother.


Hyde Series Price & Features ($7.99 to $22.99)

Hyde Series Price & Features

  • Hyde Edge – $7.99
  • Hyde Edge Recharge – $16.99
  • Hyde IQ Recharge – $20.99
  • Hyde ID Recharge – $22.99
  • Hyde Mag Recharge – $15.00
  • Hyde Rebel Pro- $17.99
  • Hyde Retro – $7.99

Moving forward, the Hyde collection continues to fascinate vapers with its variety of disposable vape pens. If you want an affordable device just to satisfy your vaping needs, the Hyde Edge and Hyde Retro are remarkable choices.

On the other hand, there are also Hyde Recharge items that are meant for experienced vapers looking for a rechargeable pen with a greater number of puffs. Often than not, this ranges from 4500 to 5000 puffs, depending on the model.


Hyve Series Price & Features (14.99 to $17.99)

Hyve Series Price & Features

  • Hyve 4k – $17.99
  • Hyve 4k NTN – $14.99
  • Hyve Propaganda – $16.99
  • Hyve Mucho – $14.99

Featuring a boxy structure and vibrant designs, the Hyve vape pens are quite a charmer. The price of Hyve products is typically in the mid-range. The Propaganda type is highly recommended for those who want to try some hints of propaganda salt, which features a smoother yet stronger blend of nicotine.

On contrary, both Hyke 4k and Hyke NTN offer at least 4000 puffs. They mainly differ with the battery type. The latter uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


YAYA Series Price & Features ($10.99 to $18.99)

YAYA Series Price & Features

  • YAYA Go – $10.99
  • YAYA Lux – $15.99
  • YAYA Max – $11.99
  • YAYA Pro – $15.99
  • YAYA Square – $13.99
  • YAYA Superme – $18.99

Now, the YAYA collection is one of Kure’s most extensive vape pen series. It encompasses different types of products, with lots of flavors to choose from. If you prefer a simple device with just enough puffs to get you through the day, then the YAYA Go is the best answer.

If you’re looking for some upgrades, you’d get your money’s worth with YAYA Max, YAYA, Pro, and YAYA Lux. The YAYA Square, from the name itself, entails a box-shaped design with around 3000 puffs. The priciest of all is the YAYA Superme, which is equipped with more puffs.


KROS Series Price & Features ($15.99 to $17.99)

KROS Series Price & Features

  • KROS Nano – $17.99
  • KROS Mini – $15.99

KROS vape pens are also great choices for your vaping needs. The Mini is a remarkable pick if you want a portable device with noteworthy features. Meanwhile, the Nano is commendable for its variety of designs and flavors, including mixed berries, watermelon, kiwi, peach, and banana.


Best Kure Vape Flavors

Kure takes pride in offering an extensive selection of vape flavors that caters to different people. In fact, they categorized their e-juice flavors into six―beverages, breakfast, desserts, fruits, menthol, and tobacco. So, from classic ones to fruity essences, there’s something that would surely fit your preferences.

Below are some of the best flavors that you should try on your next purchase:

  • Menthol– As the best-selling flavor on their website, this means menthol might just be the perfect choice if you’re undecided about your options. The classic cool of the menthol is more than enough to satisfy your senses.
  • The Loops– If you lean towards a sweet tang, The Loops is no doubt the best pick. Featuring the essence of your favorite breakfast cereal, this also comes with a hint of lemon and fruit berries.
  • Apple Strawberry– Another sweet option that would definitely make you feel good is none other than apple strawberry. The combination of the two fruit flavors bursts into something very fruity!
  • Glazed Donut– How about the creamy and sweet goodness of a classic donut? This flavor is such a nice treat at any hour of the day. So, if you’re up for a saccharine finish with every puff, add this to your must-haves.
  • BRS– Enjoy this delectable mélange of berries as you hit your vape. BRS is actually an acronym for Blueberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries. This is highly recommended to vapers with a sweet tooth, who prefer something fruity and sugary while vaping.
  • SCP– Another favorite among Kure customers is the SCP flavor, which is a combination of three fruit essence. S stands for Strawberry, C for Coconut, and P for Pineapple, hence the name.
  • Sweet Tobacco– If you can’t completely let go of your tobacco cravings, don’t worry because there’s a better alternative for you! Sweet tobacco highlights the nuttiness and earthy tang of tobacco with a slight indication of sweetness.

Aside from the e-juice flavors, Kure also sells prime salts, which are e-juices in salt nic form. Prime salts are known to provide a smoother flavor with a more potent kick. Therefore, if you want one puff to be more satisfying, this might be a great option.


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Kure Vape FAQ

What is in Kure vape juice?

The main ingredients of Kure e-liquids are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. These two elements are the working force of any vape juice, and Kure generally follows the 70% VG and 30% PG ratio for their e-juices.

Also, nicotine is incorporated into the mixture, which could either be a nicotine salt or freebase nicotine. The nicotine percentage varies accordingly, creating a different level of smoothness and satisfaction with every hit. And of course, the food-grade flavoring is added to elevate your vaping experience.

Does Kure have disposable?

Yes! Kure sells an impressive selection of disposable vape pens that are designed for easy use or perhaps a more powerful puffing session. There are options with compact designs so you won’t have a hard time vaping and storing the device. Likewise, there are larger devices for longer performance.

Kure’s disposables are generally pre-filled with high concentrations of nicotine. This means that you simply choose your preferred flavor that fits your needs.

Are Kure vapes good?

Yes! Their vape pens cater to different types of vapers, whether you’re a newbie or an experience one. More so, the wide variety of premium e-juices and nicotine salts make the brand very popular. Their recognition is materialized with a number of retail branches in the US and even Europe.

Are Kure vapes safe?

It should be noted that Kure vapes contain nicotine, which is considered an addictive chemical. While vaping devices are generally risky to your health, these are less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes with high amounts of nicotine.

Therefore, vape pens and pod systems could be a good alternative if you want to cut off your smoking addiction. It may not be a completely good remedy, but it’s a way better option than the ever-dangerous tobacco elements. Just make sure that you always take into account the number of puffs you hit in a day.


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