Ooze Vape Overview (Price, Types, Flavors & Wholesale)

ooze vape pen

Ooze Vape Overview

Ooze Vape Overview

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Ooze is renowned for its long-lasting vape batteries and dry herb smoking accessories. Claiming to provide stellar safety features and premium battery life, ooze dry herb vapes and related products are of premium quality, giving the user a pleasant smoking experience.

Based in Detroit, Ooze started as a vape battery producer in 2014 when vaporizers had just hit the market. Back then, most of the vaping products were substandard and needed to be equipped with more safety features. Some batteries kept discharging independently, whereas others simply overheated when the temperature rose due to usage.

This need for quality vaping batteries and other products led to Ooze’s birth. After successfully producing batteries, the brand created a range of quality vape pens with excellent battery life and safety features to keep the customer safe.

With the legalization of the cannabis industry, Ooze jumped on the bandwagon aiming at providing quality customer care and improving the smoking experience of their users. They now produce many bold, bright smoking products with transformational designs and cool colors.

Most cannabis-related products the company produces are tested by cannabis connoisseurs and only put into production after their review and approval. This R&D tactic allows them to create an impeccable product. While maintaining its quality, the company also keeps its prices affordable.

Besides producing vape pens and batteries, the company now manufactures vape chargers, rolling trays, weed grinders, dab rigs, dry herb glass bongs, silicone storage containers, and several other smoking accessories for an effortless experience.

Although Ooze manufactures many products, we’ll focus on their range of rechargeable vaporizers, pens, and related accessories to know more about their unique features in the vaping scene.

While the features of different vape pen models might change, the company maintains quality standards and similar features across its vaping pen line. Here are some of the most common features found in these Ooze vape pens.


Sleek Design

The Ooze vape pens are designed to be compact, easy to carry, and have a sleek design, allowing you to enjoy your smoking session with style and ease.

Temperature Range

The vape pen maintains a stable coil temperature, making it easier for extracts like cannabis oil to vaporize effectively. The coils and heating elements used in the vape pen are also high quality, ensuring the vaporizing temperature stays constant. This feature of the Ooze vape pen prevents the extracts from burning or making the inhaled smoke harsh on the throat.

Voltage Control

The pens are equipped with a voltage dial and a button to control the number of vapors produced by the vape. Cranking up the voltage to the max doesn’t make the vape produce burned smoke.

Efficient Sensors

Most vape pens use substandard sensors, which can fail, making the device useless. In contrast, the Ooze vape pen uses draw-activated puff sensors that only ignite the coil when the user draws through the mouthpiece.

Overcharging Protection

Besides using a convenient USB type-C port, the vape pen batteries have overcharging protection. This feature keeps the batteries from overcharging and getting damaged.

Now that we’ve reviewed the features let’s explore their vape pen product range.

Ooze Vape Pens Price and Series

1. Slim Twist Pen 1.0 Price & Details ($20)

Slim Twist Pen 1.0 Price & Details

Image Credit: oozelife

It’s the second vape pen produced by Ooze after their Slim Pen Touchless model. The vape has a 320 mAh battery and a control button to press when taking a hit.


  • Auto shutdown feature that turns the device off in 15 seconds if it’s not being used.
  • Clicking the button five times turns the vape on/off.
  • Hitting the button two times activates the prep mode, which produces heat to clear clogging and any other smoking material clinging to the vape cartridge.
  • Includes temperature and voltage controls ranging from 3.3V to 4.8V.


This vape pen model is still produced and comes in 15 fabulous colors. However, most Ooze vape users prefer purchasing the later version.

2. Slim Twist Pro Price & Details ($28)

Slim Twist Pro Price & Details

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With an improved battery than the slight twist 1.0, the twist pro is a 3-piece kit that turns the standard slim twist pen into an effective vaporizer for cannabis concentrates like wax and rosin.


  • Slim twist pen equipped with a more reliable battery.
  • Wax atomizer for smoking concentrates.
  • Extra coils in case the coil breaks during cleaning.
  • A dabber to make easy dabs.


Using the slim twist pro, you can smoke any form of weed concentrates by simply loading it in the container, closing the atomizer chamber, and letting the pen do the work. The atomizer attachments are built from quality materials, decreasing the chances of breaking or cracking.

3. Slim Pen 2.0 Price & Details ($28)

Slim Pen 2.0 Price & Details

It’s an advanced version of the slim pen 1.0 with several design and functionality changes. The device is sleeker than the slim twist and feels taller.


  • The pen has a clicking temperature dial that clicks into place according to the requirements.
  • The voltage range is kept at 2-4 volts, preventing the device from overheating.
  • An auto shutdown feature is included that turns the device off when not in use.
  • Improved battery life can keep the vape running for several days without charging.
  • USB type-C port is included for convenient charging.
  • Their pulse wave technology causes the vape to vibrate when turned on and, in several other instances, like removing the cartridge or unscrewing the battery.


Although this Ooze vape pen model provides the most battery life, its voltage control is the most significant feature that stands out in the vape. This controllable voltage keeps the temperature low, ensuring the concentrates you smoke don’t get burned and produce harsh smoke.

4. Ooze Booster Price & Details

Ooze Booster Price & Details

It’s a sturdy extract vaporizer for users looking for a portable device for their dabs. The device can be turned into a torchless dab rig or a portable dab pen. The vape is made from materials that prevent the terpenes in the cannabis from burning, providing a smooth smoking session.


  • Improved battery life
  • Portable and easy to carry dab pen
  • It can be tuned into a torchless dab rig
  • Includes the Ooze Onyx atomizer to produce smooth vapors


Besides making your dab smoking easier, the vape is easy to clean, maintain, and replace parts like the atomizer or coil if malfunctioning.

5. Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer Price & Details ($72)

Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer Price & Details

The flare dry herb vaporizer is built to provide a consistent vaping experience. The device is simple to use and falls within the affordable range compared to market counterparts. The Ooze flare has a ceramic heating chamber that can quickly fill with your favorite herb flavor by removing the mouthpiece.


  • It’s a flex temp vaporizer that allows the user to pick from a temperature range of 300 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The arrow buttons are placed ergonomically on the device to adjust the temperature.
  • The vape has a small digital screen showing vital information like the temperature and the remaining battery.
  • It has a micro USB port and is compatible with a micro USB wall charger.


It’s a must-pick for vapers looking for reliable vaping devices to turn your dry herb into vapors the best way possible.

6. Ooze Signal Concentrate Vape Pen Price & Details ($28)

Ooze Signal Concentrate Vape Pen Price & Details

The signal is a wax pen from Ooze with a giant atomizer bucket for you to dab your cannabis wax with ease. The atomizer chamber can hold a large number of concentrates and comes with a dab tool to mix the dab appropriately.


  • The vape has a duckbill mouthpiece to provide efficient airflow and a sleek look.
  • The flex temp range of the device is between 2.7 to 4.0 volts, an ideal temperature range for virtually every cannabis concentrate.
  • The vape pen falls within the affordable range.
  • You can quickly charge the device with a micro USB wall charger.


Although Ooze has several concentrate vaporizers, its airflow makes the signal different. The mouthpiece is designed to provide adequate airflow, as it has two holes to pull the vapors from the chamber. These holes pull air underneath the coil instead of drawing air from the atomizer chamber.

This continuous airflow beneath the coils ensures the concentrate near the coil doesn’t get hard or burn and remains flavorful till the last hit. The airflow technology not only aids in effectively turning the concentrate into vapor but also provides you with thick and tasty clouds as you vape.

7. Electro Barrel E-Rig Price & Details ($68)

Electro Barrel E-Rig Price & Details

It’s a cool-looking e-rig designed for easy usage. Besides having an eye-catching design, the e-rig has an Ooze C-Core Onyx Atomizer that runs the rig under the hood. The design is ergonomic to maintain effective, smooth, and potent airflow. It’s easy to use as you only need to fill the container with the concentrate, hit the button, and start vaping within a few seconds.


  • The atomizer used in the rig is designed to vaporize the cannabis concentrate you use and prevents burning through the concentrate. This even heat distribution is what makes this e-rig an excellent choice. The atomizer is also made with ceramic, ensuring heavy metal-free vaping sessions.
  • It has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, turning it into a sub-ohm vape. This low resistance makes the device produce thick and flavorful vapors.
  • You can use the vape for a single dab or fill it up with the concentrate to vape on the go.
  • The device packs a 2000 mAh battery with enough juice to keep your vape running for lengthy dab sessions without a hitch.
  • The vaporizer provides better safety than a conventional vape as it doesn’t require a flammable heating source.


You can even use the vaporizer while charging to keep the device running if the battery dies while vaping.

Ooze Vape Wholesale

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Ooze Vape FAQs

How to use the Ooze vape pen for the first time?

Ooze vape pens have a warranty; you must activate them before using them. Here’s a step-wise process:

  • Fill out the warranty registration form to activate the 5-year warranty.
  • Attach the atomizer or any other attachment to the vape’s top.
  • Rotate the dial and set the desired voltage.
  • Click the power button five times to turn the device on.
  • While pressing the button, place the device in your mouth and inhale to enjoy the potent vapors.
  • After the vaping session, push the button twice to activate the prep mode, which runs the vape on low heat, cleaning and unclogging the atomizer.

How much does the Ooze vape pen cost?

The cost varies with the model you are purchasing and whether it’s retail price or wholesale price. The most famous Ooze slim twist pen comes at a retail price of $19.95.

What are the different settings on the Ooze vape pen?

Most ooze vapes come equipped with different temperature settings. For example, a dry herb vaporizer will have different voltage and temperature settings than a liquid concentrate vaporizer. Typically, Ooze vape pens have four temperature settings. The green light indicates 2.7 volts, blue 3.2 volts, yellow 3.7 volts, and red indicates 4.2 volts.

What is the best temperature setting for Ooze vapes?

The company recommends using the pen at the lowest voltage of 2.7 in earlier vape pen models and 2 volts in the latest slim twist pen 2.0.

How long can an Ooze vape last?

It depends on the model and the battery capacity. Typically, Ooze vape pens have auto shutdown features that turn the device off during inactivity. This feature makes the battery last for several days without requiring charging. The batteries used in these vape pens are also higher quality, overcharging protected, and don’t discharge when used in hot environments.

Are Ooze vape pens rechargeable?

Yes, Ooze vape pens are rechargeable and have a micro or a USB type-C connection. These vape pens are compatible with wall chargers and have a 5-year warranty.


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