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Pure Vape Overview

History & data

Founded in 2007, Pure Vape has been at the forefront of the vaping revolution in America. It is arguably one of the country’s most popular and well-established brands.

What sets Pure Vape apart from rivals is its production method. They use natural terpenes extracted from fresh cannabis plants to produce their e-juice, meaning that ingredients are locally sourced and devices and oils are made on-site. They use three variations, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrid combinations, and offer some of the most recognizable strains in the cannabis industry.

A wide selection of additional flavors, like Apple Cider and Grapefruit, can be chosen to heighten an already-potent concoction further. Their oil is triple-distilled, ensuring that it is pure, organic, and 100% solvent free. This means there’s no’s chance of a harsh, burnt taste entering your vape.

Vigorous lab testing throughout production safeguards the customer against various chemicals. Results are periodically tested online, giving you immense peace of mind.

Products are available in many strengths, from non-psychoactive CBD forms to hard-hitting psychoactive THC or hybrid ratios. Cartridges can increase in power to an astounding 1000mg, reserved for veterans looking to amplify their vaping experience.

Pure Vape sells a wide-spanning selection of products on its website. From refillable cartridges and dabble concentrates to disposable vapes, battery replacements, and THC edibles. All comply with Prop 215, which regulates medicinal cannabis, making them readily available in all the best dispensaries.

Speaking of vape pens, Pure vape uses advanced ceramic atomizers in each device to heighten the vaping experience tenfold. That’s because ceramic allows the pen to reach higher temperatures without compromising burning or harming its contents. Additionally, atomizers are made of medical-grade materials, ensuring that their high-quality and apply even heat around the vape tank.

The only consideration you should have with Pure Vape is its limited availability. As per its official website, it does not sell any of its products outside California. Therefore, if you want to buy products or bulk up your supplies, you must buy directly from discrepancies in this state.


Standard features of Pure vape pens:

  • Unique terpene profiles used in production add a signature cannabinoid taste and extreme potency to oils.
  • Triple distilled production process ensures purity with every product
  • Vigorously testing at all stages of production, including sourcing cannabis plants, means products are solvent and pesticide free.
  • Pure vape sells some of the highest concentrated THC on the market, including strains like Wiz OG, Skywalker OG, and Pineapple Express.
  • Ceramic coil technology allows vape pens to reach higher temperatures without damaging the contents
  • Stainless steel and medical-grade glass ensure every device is expertly made and long-lasting
  • Cartridges are said to produce ten times more vapor than rival products
  • Devices are all slim and sleek in design, making them incredibly easy to use, carry around, and be discrete.
  • Most devices have only one button to power the pen, which is straightforward, even for beginners.
  • Most devices can be recharged. The company sells individual power cells to help extend the life of your device considerably.
  • Pure vape also produces a range of THC and CBD edibles, which can be used with vaping for a powerful, cannabinoid-infused experience.

Pure Vape Price & Series

Pure vape concentrates on two core disposable vape pens, CBD and THC refillable, dabbles, and edibles. The products you should consider include:

1. Pure Disposables Price & Details

Pure Disposables Price & Details

Image Credit: purevapeofficial

  • Indcia disposable – $25
  • Sativa disposable – $25
  • Hybrid disposable – $25

What sells this disposable is the complete terpene profile used in production, which ensures every vape is packed full of natural-tasting flavors and cannabinoid goodness. You can choose from three model types with this simple vape pen, depending on which strain of cannabis you want to vape.

The Indica variation of this disposable comes in four unique flavors. This model is an effective way to relax the body, relieve pain, help improve your appetite, and provides an overall body high.

On the other hand, you can also choose Sativa extract models. These come with four unique flavors and are known to boost alertness and give vapers a euphoric burst of energy and creativity. Its high mainly affects your head.

These disposables can also be bought with a hybrid mixture, offering the best of both worlds from both plant species. You’ll get a boost of alertness and be relaxed in tandem. Hybrids are also particularly useful for medical use.

Pure disposable has an effortless, understated design. This ensures maximum discretion both when in use and when stored. And coming in 12 distinct colors, you can easily find one that blends naturally with your home or personal style.

Finally, these disposables are some of the easiest to use on the market, with no complicated buttons or accessories required. You simply place it in your mouth, inhale, and the pen will activate!


2. Pure CBD Disposables Price & Details

Pure CBD Disposables Price & Details

  • 1:0 (non-psychoactive) – $28-$35
  • 4:1 (low psychoactive) – $28-$35
  • 1:1 (high psychoactive) – $28-$35

These disposable vape pens are tailor-made to deliver whatever kind of experience you want from your cannabinoids. Each pen expertly blends the ratio of ingredients and can provide a mild high, something hard-hitting, or perhaps something that simply feels and tastes like cannabis.

The 1:0 ratio is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not give you a high. It comes in just one flavor, Frozen Grape, specially made to refresh and revitalize you. Non-psychoactive CBD often treats several medical illnesses, including chronic pain, inflammation, and potential mental health conditions like anxiety.

Despite the higher number, the 4:1 ratio contains low psychoactive properties and, as such, will only provide a little high. It comes in one great flavor, French Vanilla, providing a delectable taste. It’s an ideal introduction vaping pen for beginners who have yet to define their tolerance levels.

Finally, 1:1 hybrid extracts are often seen as highly-concentrated and, as such, will provide a considerable psychoactive experience. This Pure vape comes in strawberry flavor and packs the ultimate cannabis experience.

Pure CBD disposables offer a cheap entry for people to try cannabinoids without investing in expensive refillable equipment. They promise exceptional quality and taste regardless of which model you pick. Oil is triple distilled and regularly tested throughout production, ensuring pure, organic, and solvent-free extract.

What makes these products particularly pleasant is their simple, sleek design. They have a sturdy body that prevents leakage. That said, you can’t see the oil inside, which might make it hard to know when precisely the pen is running out of juice.


3. Pure One Price & Details

Pure One Price & Details

  • Each cartridge costs $45

One of the main reasons why investing in Pure vape pens is a sensible choice is their wide selection of premium-quality refillable cartridges. Like the previous pens, you can mix and match your species of cannabis plant between Indica, Sativa, and a hybrid of the two.

But the real treat in these cartridges is the incredible selection of flavors – 22! From sweet flavors like Gelato and Wedding Cake to sour and sweet Tangie and Hawaiian Snow, you can mix and match your tastes for an unforgettable vaping experience.

Couple this with their wide selection of vape batteries and ceramic coil materials (which produce ten times more vapor than rival cartridges). Building up a collection of Pure Vape pens will feel quick, easy, affordable, and most of all – well worth it!


Best Pure Vape Flavors and Strains

Pure vape promises an extensive range of flavors through its selection of strains. There are over 22 flavors to choose from.

Below are some of the most popular to consider:

  • Banana OG – this flavor is a delicious Indcia-dominant strain that promises the sweet, tropical taste of over-ripe bananas, with subtle undertones of cinnamon.
  • Wedding Cake –As a hybrid flavor, the Wedding Cake has an incredibly high THC count, perfectly balancing earthly textures, sour diesel, and fruity berries.
  • Critical Kush –Known for its rich “earthy” flavor, it combines two of the most popular cannabis staples, Critical Mass and OG Kush, for a potent hit with every vape.
  • Louie XIII –Also known as King Louis, this flavor has a profound earthy pinecone smell that, during every vape, will make you think and feel like you’re in the middle of a forest.
  • Wiz OG –Specially bred for rapper Wiz Khalifa, Wiz OG is a burst of sour, lemon, and earthly pine. It contains incredibly high levels of THC, so it is reserved for experienced vapers.
  • Paris OG –Having earned legendary status within the cannabis community, Paris OG is a classic burst of sugary fruits and sour citrus flavors.
  • Skywalker OG –This flavor blends sweet hops and spicey peppers for a fantastic taste. And with its high THC count, you’ll feel like you’re in the stars.
  • Do-Si-Dos –This is a strong-smelling, strong-tasting Indcia flavor that mixes the sweet taste of cookies perfectly with mint, making for a refreshing puff and the ultimate indulgence!
  • Gelato 33 –If you have a sweet tooth, Gelato 33 will be very delicious. It combines sweet fruits and citrus for an altogether satisfying vaping experience.
  • Sour Diesel –As one of the most popular Sativa strains, sour diesel is a fast-acting, aromatic classic. As the name suggests, it smells like kerosene mixed with citrus and is genuinely in a league of its own.
  • Gorilla Glue –Also known as GG4, this hybrid strain will feel “chunky,” with pungent earthly smells and sour tastes all blended into one.
  • Forbidden Fruit –blending the sweet and sour taste of cherry with the bite and smack of tangerine, this flavor will surely excite any cannabis enthusiast looking for a strong hit from their vape pen.
  • Amnesia Haze –Also known as Ammo Weed, this strain promises an almost addictive sweet flavor with every pull, leaving a tasty lemon aftertaste.
  • Pineapple Express – This Sativa-dominant hybrid packs quite a punch, as it contains a mixture of high THC to the backdrop of citrus and earthy pine textures.


Pure Vape Wholesale

You can buy in bulk with our Wholesale Service. Just contact us, and We will give you the best price.

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Below is a list of Pure vape products, including the average market price you can expect to pay at checkout.

Pure disposables

  • Every model and flavor of Pure Vapes retails at between $25-$30

Pure CBD Disposables

  • The 1:0 model retails at $28
  • The 4:1 model retails at $28
  • The 1:1 model retails at $28

 Pure One cartridges

  • Each cartridge retails at $45

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Pure Vape FAQ

Is my Pure vape genuine?

There are many counterfeit Pure vape products in circulation. The only way to know if your product is legitimate is by buying from BCC-approved dispensaries.

Can I buy Pure Vape outside of California?

Although many online shops worldwide claim they sell Pure Vape cartridges. as per the Pure Vape pen website, the company currently does not “operate outside of the US or California.”

Where are Pure Vapes made?

Pure Vapes is located in California, USA. All their published lab tests were conducted at Noakes Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023.

Their website notes that they only use locally sourced, fresh cannabis. And because they only sell and distribute in the state, we can assume 100% of their products are USA-made or tested.

Does Pure Vapes contain nicotine?

Nicotine is not listed on any of Pure Vape’s products, nor does it show in their lab test results. Pure Vapes is primarily a cannabinoid-focused vaping company.

What is the warranty for Pure vape products?

Pure vape does offer a return and exchange within 15 days of purchase—email [email protected]  with your receipt, date of purchase, and information about the fault.

Are there any additives to Pure vape products?

Pure vape is committed to using only natural cannabis oil and terpenes that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. They have a vigorous testing process, the results of which are periodically posted online here.


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