Rythm Vape Overview (Price, Types, Flavors & Wholesale)

rythm vape pen

Rythm Vape Pen Overview

Rythm Vape Pen Overview

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Rythm is one of the most popular cannabis brands in the US that produces everything you need to start your “flower” journey.

The brand is actually owned by Green Thumb Industries, a company with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, that operates as a cultivator, processor, and dispensary for all things cannabis.

They own several other brands such as &Shine, Beboe, Dogwalkers, Doctor Solomon’s, Good Green, and incredibles, all of which are in the same line of work – do not get fooled by some of the brands’ names.

In addition to that, the company owns and operates a national chain of retail cannabis stores under the brand name RISE.

GTI has been in the cannabis industry for almost a decade since it was founded in 2014 by Ben Kovler, who is still the company’s CEO.

They are slowly but surely establishing themselves as one of the major players in this sector. One indication of that is the fact that the company’s revenue rose to $1 billion in 2022, marking a 14% increase compared to the previous year.

Other factors corroborating that same thing are a tenfold increase in employees, a doubling in the number of manufacturing facilities, multiple awards, etc. – all in the last five years.


While there are companies out there that specialize in producing one type of product from the whole vaping industry, Rythm is definitely not one of them. They got everything covered since they manufacture everything cannabis-related.

They have both disposable vapes and rechargeable batteries onto which you can screw their 510-thread oil vape cartridges, which means you are free to see if vaping is your thing without investing much money but also fully commit to it if you like it.

Both of these types of vapes are a great way to consume cannabis in a more discreet fashion, especially if you are into micro-dosing.

If you are someone who likes PAX vape pods, we have great news for you: Rythm produces pods that work with PAX devices. In other words, you can have the PAX Era technology and the rich flavors of Rythm’s Pax pods at the same time.

Maybe the best thing about Rythm is the sheer amount of premium, full-spectrum CO2 cannabis oil and concentrates they offer. And the variety of their authentic terpenes-enriched strains? Don’t even try to get us started on that topic!

One last thing to add regarding Rythm’s products is that they have both medicinal and recreational weed.



Rythm’s popularity has been on the rise in recent years. But why? What are the features that make them desirable? Let’s find out!

  • Strain Grouping By Effect

If you have just started flying with weed or are not as knowledgeable when it comes to all types of strains and brand-specific names of strains, figuring out what the effect of any particular cannabis oil/flower might be is challenging.

That is why Rythm places all their products in one of the four following groups: ENERGIZE (sativa), BALANCE (hybrid), RELAX (indica), and HEAL (CBD).

This type of grouping is very clear, and not only does it not require any knowledge of strains and their effects, but it also does not necessitate anything more than a basic level of the English language.

You will find the name of one of the groups indicated on the packaging of the disposable vape pens, oil carts, or flowers.

  • CCELL Technology

When it comes to vape hardware, one technology is leading the way – CCELL. Thanks to the ceramic coils, CCELL cartridges easily heat up even the thickest of oils and extracts. But more importantly, they enable constant and substantial vapor production.

Big clouds don’t mean much if you’re vaping adulterated or weak flavors. To help you not experience that is the steady saturation of the CCELL technology.

Guess who is using this technology in their carts? You know the answer, of course.

To ensure the most amount of pleasure when smoking and the safety of their customers, Rythm also batteries with CCELL technology in their vapes and disposables.

  • Thick Oils

Having a technology that works best with thick oils but using thin(er) ones in your products wouldn’t be the best utilization of that technology, right? That’s why Rythm only uses thick oils that promise to cloud your judgment and vision in a serious way.

Expect lots of fluffiness and smokiness of the vapor variety, thanks to thick oils, which will be properly and evenly heated by the aforementioned ceramic coils.

  • Only Pure Cannabis Oils

In these modern times, where everyone is trying to cut corners with some kind of synthetic chemicals, Rythm clearly stands out with its pure cannabis oil, which will provide you with a safe and smoke-free experience.

They don’t use propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or any type of other additives and fillers to “enhance” their products – 100% solvent free.

  • Flavor, Strain & Potency Variety

According to a poll from last year, 16% of Americans smoke weed. That’s more than 50 million people. Most of them smoked something their friends gave them, meaning they didn’t have much or any say in what exactly they would smoke. They only had the choice to say yes or no.

But what if there was a company that made so many oils and flowers with all kinds of flavors and potencies that anyone could pick exactly what they want, aka exactly how they want to feel?

We briefly touched on this in the “Strain Grouping By Effect” section, but saying Rythm has four groups of effects doesn’t do justice to the sheer variety of choices that are in any one of these groups.

Animal Face, Black Afghan, Brownie Scout, Brownie Scout – Relax, Bubba Fett, Caramel Cream, Casino Kush, Dosi-Do, Head Cracker, Ice Cream Cake, Snack Time…These are just some of the strains from their Indica dominant group…

Rythm Vape vs Spiritbar Vape

Rythm Vapes

  • Focus on cannabis oil vape cartridges
  • Offer live resin, distillate, and PHO oil options
  • Strain-specific cartridges with cannabis terpenes
  • CO2 extracted THC/CBD oil formulations
  • Varying THC/CBD ratios and potencies
  • Requires a reusable vape battery

Spiritbar Disposable Vapes

  • Self-contained nicotine vapes, not for cannabis
  • Use nicotine salts and food-grade flavors
  • No terpenes or cannabinoids
  • Fixed nicotine strength around 5%
  • Disposable format, batteries built-in
  • Much lower price point around $10-$20

SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape

The main differences are Rythm offers THC/CBD vape cartridges for cannabis use, while Spiritbar sells disposable nicotine vapes. Rythm focuses on premium cannabis oil formulations and terpenes, while Spiritbar uses nicotine salts and flavors. Rythm requires a separate battery, while Spiritbar’s are all-in-one disposable units.

Rythm Vape Pen Prices & Series

1. Rythm Disposable Vape Pen Price & Details ($36.00 – before tax)

Rythm Disposable Vape Pen Price & Details

Image Credit: rythm

Rythm’s disposable vape pen enables anyone to enter the plant world at a great price. It consists of a 510-thread battery and an oil cartridge on which a mouthpiece is mounted.

These lightweight pens feature an effective design that stands out with its simplicity. They are textured with a spiraling black stripe that allows for a better and more safe grip when handling them. The whole pen except the glass oil cartridge is, of course, black.

Like most disposable vape pens out there, they are very easy to use since they do not have any buttons or power settings – just your standard pull-to-inhale technology.

These vape pens come equipped with a 300 mg highest quality, full-spectrum oil concentrate that is good enough for at least 80 puffs.

“Only” 300 mg might not be enough for frequent vapers, but not everyone falls into that group anyway. If you’re just starting or want to vape every once in a while, these disposable vape pens are a great choice.

And even if you are someone who is a frequent user, we encourage you to go through Rythm’s flavor/strain portfolio – we’re sure you’ll find one that you will not want to use on a regular basis, so you don’t get used to it super fast.

Since these are disposable vape pens, they are not rechargeable, and you will not be able to reuse them with other Rythm oil cartridges. But that is why we have…


2. Rythm 510-Thread Battery Price & Details ($10.00)

Rythm 510-Thread Battery Price & Details

Image Credit: leafly

Anybody who is even a little bit serious about vaping cannabis oil or just wants to enjoy it regularly will sooner or later make a switch from disposable vape pens to rechargeable ones.

Disposable vapes are cool, but at some point, you have to consider the long-term financial effect of buying them all the time or even just every once in a while. It is where Rythm’s 510-thread battery comes into play.

Similarly to the disposable vape pen, the battery has a sleek, plain design and is quite slim, so you can discreetly puff away anywhere you want or store it in a pocket.

Another thing that is plain about it is the number of temperature settings – it has one. But it is kind of to be expected for a device in this price range.

It, of course, works with oil carts manufactured by Rythm but most of the other 510 cartridges since they are the industry standard anyway.

The Rythm 510-Thread battery uses the standard USB charger, which is included In the package.


Rythm Vape Pen Best Flavors/Strains

Rythm makes dozens of all-natural strains. Selecting only a few was really hard, but we had to do it just for you guys.

Before we start talking about them, just a quick reminder: you can buy any of these strains in the form of 300 or 500 mg, full-spectrum oil cartridges, or as dry herb in various weights (0.5 g, 1 g, 3.5 g, 7 g, 14 g).

Pep-O-Chem Flavor/Strain – HYBRID

Pep-O-Chem is a premium strain that originated by crossbreeding The Methol and Chem de la Chem strains. Like all strains from the HYBRID line, it’s there to balance you out, and that’s what it does.

How, you might ask? Well, since it is a potent hybrid with a strong aroma and taste of earthy diesel, it will animate you at first. However, as time passes, that boost will eventually lead to complete relaxation throughout the body.

Brownie Scout Flavor/Strain – INDICA

We had to mention this strain! Brownie Scout is an actual winner! Yes, this strain won first place in the Illinois Cannabis Cup, which was held in 2022. It was chosen to be the best in the recreational category -the indica flower group.

Brownie Scout is a premium variety created by Green Thumb – the company that owns the brand Rythm, in case you’ve forgotten!

It will delight you on both the taste and feel front: Brownie Scout has a sweet and spicy flavor that promises to seduce your taste buds and produces a relaxed sensation to calm down your brain.

Jack Herer Flavor/Strain – SATIVA

If you’re someone who likes to be productive and uses at the same time, Jack Herer – Sativa Dominant strain is just the thing for you. This variety, which was created by combining Super Skunk with Northern Lights and Haze strains, will uplift and brighten your mind and body.

Adding to those effects is the combination of sweet and sour aroma courtesy of lemon and berry.

Afternoon Delight – HYBRID

The second hybrid variety on our list of best flavors/strains is the Afternoon Delight, a harmonious and enjoyable premium flower that combines floral and citrus notes with a slight touch of earth diesel.


Rythm Vape Pen Wholesale

You can buy in bulk with our Wholesale Service. Just contact us, and We will give you the best price.

Contact Us for Best Price!

  • Rythm Disposable Vape Pen Wholesale
  • Rythm 510-Thread Battery Wholesale

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Rythm Vape Pen FAQ

How do you use a Rythm vape pen?

Using a Rythm vape pen is as straightforward as it gets – all you need to do is inhale the aerosol from the mouthpiece. By the way, the vape pen has a LED indicator on the bottom that will light up when you’re drawing in.

Are Rythm disposable vapes good?

Rythm disposable vapes are some of the best cannabis disposables on the market. They have one of the best, if not the best, oils and concentrates in this sector, solid battery life, awesome flavors, and amazing effects.

As a side note, we’d like to warn you stoners not to go s strong as possible on your first hit with these vapes, especially the ones with higher potencies – they hit HARD!

Can you charge the Rythm vape pen?

The disposable Rythm vape pen is a single-use device. If, however, you like Rythm’s carts and want to vape them with the same device on a regular basis, we recommend you buy the 510-thread battery by Rythm.


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