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Best OEM & ODM Vape Manufacturers

it’s been almost two decades since the first modern e-cigarette was brought to the market. Since then, the world of vaping has exploded. And today, there’s a huge range of different types of vaping devices and e-liquids to choose from.

All that choice can be overwhelming. Finding a brand you trust is a good place to start. But what are the best vape brands and manufacturers? That’s what we’re here to find out!

We’re going to look at the top ten brands and manufacturers out there. And we’ll find out what makes them so successful.

So if you’re ready to learn more, let’s get started!

Best Vape Brands and Manufacturers

1. RoseDalekb VapeBest on price & Quality

Best Vape Brands and Manufacturers

RoseDalekb is owned by the Chinese company Shenzhen Gromo Technology. They have a decade of experience manufacturing vapes, with a strong emphasis on the research and development of new technologies.

Their products cover everything from vape pens to pod kit systems, disposable vapes to vape cartridges. And they’re sold via over 200 distributors in over a thousand shops and more than 30 countries.

RoseDalekb have built their mission around helping smokers transition to vaping as a healthier alternative. But these days their offering goes much wider than traditional e-cigarettes and tobacco flavors.

Their budget-conscious disposable vapes come in widely different designs. All the pre-filled liquids here contain nicotine, however, so they’re all addictive.

There’s the Black World series, palm-sized and box-shaped, and decorated with a variety of striking graphics.

The Chocolate series comes in three attractive (plain) colors, with curved edges and tactile surfaces.

The Streamer series features elegant cylindrical vapes with tube mouthpieces. They come in nine different designs, including a black and gold rococo pattern. And they look more like high-end scent bottles than vapes.

Finally, there’s the Bubble Cup series, an innovative design styled as a beaker with a straw. It comes in thirteen different flavors, including watermelon ice, apple pear, blackcurrant, citrus mix, and cool mint.

In addition to the disposable vapes is the X Tank Mod, a reusable vape with a smart industrial look. That’s available in four different metallic colors, for use with the e-liquid of your choice.

Besides all this, RoseDalekb can also custom-make vapes to distributors’ or retailers’ specifications. And because everything is made at their own factory without middlemen, customers benefit from cheaper prices.

The company has built its reputation on its reliability, delivering on time whatever the size or type of order. And it’s committed to responding to queries within 24 hours.

2. SMOK – Best selling

SMOK is another brand from a company based in Shenzhen, China. In this case, it’s IVPS Technology Co Ltd, an outfit that handles everything from research to sales.

SMOK is the star of the IVPS portfolio, and it’s been producing e-cigarettes and related products since 2010.

It offers products at the full range of price points, from entry level to committed vapers. And it’s another company that talks about wanting to support its customers to make healthier choices. Some of its products, like the SMOK RPM 4, include nicotine-free options.

It offers a mindboggling range of vapes, both disposable and reusable. At the time of writing, its website listed nine different disposable vapes, 21 pods, 30 pod mods, 18 advance mods and nine vape pens.

There were also five complete kits, 17 tanks, and even six different coils. They make accessories too. Everything from chargers to battery covers, drip tips to glass tubes.

With this huge variety on offer, it’s hardly surprising that SMOK claims it’s the most popular vaping brand on the planet.


3. Geekvape – Best for innovation

Geekvape was founded in 2015, and its name gives a clue to the company’s focus. In this case, “geek” stands for genuine innovation, enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge. And it’s this innovation that lies behind its successful range of vapes.

The company has its global headquarters in China, with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia. It employs over 5,000 people and exports its products to over 70 different countries worldwide.

Geekvape cleverly uses crowdsourced feedback from its customers to inform future product development. Committed vapers can apply online to become part of the “GeekLAB”. Membership provides freebies and discounts in return for detailed information on customers’ vaping habits.

Over 60 million individual Geekvape products are manufactured every single month. That includes disposable vapes produced under the Geek Bar label. In 2021, the company’s turnover was a healthy $11 million.

The product line-up is constantly evolving. At the time of writing, it covered four different series of vapes: Wenax, Obelisk, U, V, and the phenomenally popular Aegis. Over 20 million of the latter have been sold to date.

The ranges include box mods, pod systems, vapes pre-filled with e-liquid, coils, tanks, chargers, and batteries. All the devices can be reused, and they’re both resilient and attractive.

Most of Geekvape’s products can be purchased direct online via their website. That also includes a warehouse clearance section, with discontinued products at rock bottom prices. As long as items are in stock, they’re usually shipped within two working days.


4. Innokin – Best for the environment

Established back in 2011, Chinese company Innokin now sell their wares in over 80 countries around the world. Their mission focuses on e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco. But their vapes are used by those who’ve never smoked too.

Their range is extensive, but what really sets them apart from the crowd is their focus on environmental sustainability.

That commitment covers both their manufacturing processes and their packaging. And it’s also resulted in some innovative new products.

The Enviro is the world’s first disposable vape to be almost entirely recyclable. And the Aquios system enables vaping using water-based e-liquids.

Innokin also produce pod systems, vape tanks, and complete vape kits. All their products have Child Resistant Certification, protecting them from use by children. And they all come with a 90-day limited warranty too.

The brand cleaned up at the 2022 Ecigclick vaping awards, taking home no fewer than eight different accolades. That included gold awards for best pod vape, best vape pen, best MTL tank, and best RBA.


5. Voopoo – Best use of chip technology

Voopoo specializes in high-tech vapes that use smart technology to deliver the perfect vaping experience. The company partners with GENE, a US-based chip firm, creating vapes that can be fine-tuned in terms of their power, temperature and mode switching.

Their range includes the DRAG S and DRAG X, both of which have won multiple industry awards. 2021 saw the launch of pod products including the DRAG NANO 2, VINCI Q Pod and VINCI Pod Royal Edition.

And in 2022, Voopoo launched vapes with a brand new chip, the GENE TT, 2.0. That gave vape users unprecedented control over the management of two separate batteries. The result? A longer-lasting vaping experience.

Voopoo prides itself on the high quality and reliability of its products. And its website claims it has a complaints rate of virtually 0%.


6. IMiracle

IMiracle was founded in 2016. It’s another company based in that powerhouse of Chinese e-cigarette manufacturing, Shenzhen.

Not everyone who vapes will have heard of IMiracle. But they’ll almost certainly have heard of some of the brands manufactured by the company. Those include some of the best-known names in disposable vapes, like Elf Bar and Lost Mary.

Both those ranges feature a range of different battery powers and e-liquid flavors. The Elf Bar BC5000 alone is offered in no fewer than 63 diferent flavors. And models from both lines regularly feature in lists of the most popular vapes in the USA and beyond.


7. puff bar

The origins of the Puff Bar vape brand are shrouded in mystery.

These days, it’s apparently run by two Californian businessmen, Patrick Beltran and Nick Minas. But the product was originally the brainchild of a Chinese company – and Beltran and Minas claim they’re prohibited from revealing its name by legal agreements.

Aside from the murkiness around its ownership, Puff Bar is one of the more controversial vaping brands. That’s because of its huge popularity with children below legal vaping age. And it stands accused of targeting those customers with fruit and candy flavors.

There’s no denying that Puff Bar is making a lot of money. $3 million worth of Puff Bar branded vapes are being sold every week. These include the Puff AIR and Puff BOSS disposable vapes, which come pre-filled with those fruit and candy flavors.

The success of the brand has seen a huge number of counterfeit products hit the market. In 2021, a study by the company concluded that 95% of vapes being marketed under its branding were actually fake.

It responded by adding a round label to its vapes. Customers can now snap a photo of this “Puff DNA” label on their smartphones and upload it to the Cloud. They’ll then receive automatic notification of whether or not their vape is the genuine article.



SMOORE was founded in 2009, and today the company is a global leader in vaping technology. It’s the parent company of brands including Vaporesso and the multi-award-winning Feelm.

It has a strong focus on research and development, with three different research centers. And in 2021, it won the “21st China Patent Excellence Award” for its innovative work.

Vaporesso’s products cover the full range of open-system vapes, with series including the Veco, Luxe, Zero and Gen. Their vapes are sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Feelm specializes in atomizers – wicks and coils to you and me. They work in partnership with other vaping companies, providing coils that intensify flavor to enhance the vaping experience.

In 2015, Feelm developed the very first ceramic coil. A year later, it launched a metallic film version. And in 2018, the brand passed the 100 million milestone for sales of its inside pods.


9. Fume

Fume is another brand with a Chinese parent company. It was founded by BFL Metal Production Ltd of China, specialists in e-cigarette research and manufacturing.

BFL were among the first off the block in bringing e-cigarettes to market. And today they remain leaders in the global market. They own other e-cigarette brands besides Fume too, including LD and LOY.

Fume vapes are marketed to people who’ve never smoked, as well as those who are trying to quit. The devices are disposable and brightly colored. And there are three different series in the range: the Extra, the Ultra, and the Infinity.

They all come pre-filled with between 5 and 12 milliliters of e-liquid. That, together with variable battery power, will be sufficient for anything between 1,500 and 3,500 puffs.

There’s a wide range of flavors too, all of which contain 5% by weight of synthetic nicotine salts.

Customers can check their Fume vape is authentic using the conformation code on the device. When input into the Fume website, there’s an immediate response confirming whether it’s the real thing.


10. Uwell

Uwell is another Shenzhen-based company, founded in 2015. It develops and manufactures e-cigarettes, focusing on research and innovation to meet evolving customer needs.

Its name comes from the phrase “I wish you well.” It reflects the company’s mission to provide the best possible vaping experience as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking.

Its workforce includes teams for research and development, sales, supply chain, production, brand marketing and corporate services.

Its product range covers pod systems, pod mods, kits and tanks. Amongst them is the stylish Caliburn X, winner of the 2022 Best Pod Vapes Award from Vaping 360. Other popular choices include the Caliburn G, Caliburn Koko, Valyrian Pod, and Crown IV.

For peace of mind, Uwell provides a 180-day limited warranty for all its non-perishable products. That covers everything except coils, pod cartridges, o-rings and glass.


The Best of the Best

That brings us to the end of our look at the 10 best vape brands and manufacturers out there. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about these industry leaders.

They all have different strengths, whether that’s a focus on R&D, environmental sustainability, low cost, or hi-tech innovation. But what they share is a commitment to continually improving their products to meet the changing needs of their customers.

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