What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage? (Results Explained)

what happens if you put a vape in checked luggage

Electronic cigarettes are more and more present and many people choose the option of vaping instead of smoking. You can find a large number of models, flavors, and different products or accessories that make the interest in vaping grow.

But for those who have already made vaping part of their daily life, sometimes the question arises as to whether it is possible to travel with your vape since it is not legal in all countries and there are specific rules at airports regarding vapers.

So in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about whether it is possible to travel with your vape and what would happen if you put it in your checked luggage.

What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage?

For anyone who does not know, it is forbidden to carry an electronic cigarette in your suitcase. However, it can be transported as hand luggage. But if you put it in the checked luggage, you will probably lose your flight or delay it.

This is because the vapes are used with lithium batteries, which are highly flammable and all airlines do not carry lithium batteries in the plane’s storage as a matter of course.

All vaping devices are allowed while traveling with you in carry-on baggage.

You can also travel with e-liquid in your hand luggage, but remember that you cannot carry more than 100 ml of liquid.

It is also important that when traveling you take other factors into account, such as: In which parts of the airport could you vape? Can I vape on a commercial flight? Or is it legal to vape in any country?

We will answer these questions below and we will give you tips to learn to travel with your vape in the best way.

What is the best way to travel with vapes and accessories?

What is the best way to travel with vapes and accessories

As we pointed out before, it is forbidden to carry the vaporizer or the batteries of your vape in checked luggage. The only way to travel with your vape without problems is in your hand luggage.

Remember that this is a rule that applies to all airports in the world, and if you ignore it, it is most likely that your electronic cigarette or batteries will be confiscated.

There is also a chance that your device will be damaged or will never leave the airport due to the controls that the bags go through before being taken to the warehouse. No airport will allow you to pass through without having your vape or lithium batteries confiscated.

Things to keep in mind before the trip

You may be lucky and your suitcase will not be checked. But it is a very big risk and the consequences can be high, so we advise you to always take the vape with you.

Another thing that you should also take with you are the batteries, so the easiest thing to do is to buy a plastic case to take them with you and to avoid causing any accidents.

What if you can take them in checked luggage, are all the vape juices you want acceptable, and are there no limits or restrictions, unlike the liquids that you carry in your hand luggage?

With the carry-on bag, you can only carry 100 ml of any kind of liquid. This includes shampoo, toothpaste, or cologne.

That is why we advise you that if you plan to take a short trip, you should buy disposable devices, which do not need a charger or recharging e-liquid. They are the most practical and simple option for short trips.

How to pack the e-juice?

If you have to make a long trip and you must necessarily take all your vaping equipment with you, we advise you to be very careful when packing the e-juices.

Make sure your juice tanks are not full. The cabin pressure they are subjected to during the flight can cause them to burst and there is a leak throughout your suitcase. You don’t want your clothes to end up smelling like strawberries for a whole week, do you?

Remember that the only way to avoid spills is to fill them halfway and pack them in a container or plastic bag to make sure in case there is a leak. In this way, the liquid will not reach your clothes or electronic devices that can be damaged with liquid inside.

A very useful extra tip is to use used bottles to store the juices of the e-cigarettes.

We hope that the most important rule is already clear in your head. You can only carry the vape and batteries in hand luggage.

While all the liquids you want can go in the suitcase, as long as they are well packaged, with an insulating plastic bag in case the bottle breaks in the middle of the flight.

How to deal with the coil kit?

Another very useful piece of advice when traveling with an electronic cigarette and vape gear is to have all electronic accessories charged before your trip.

It is very likely that while they are checking your belongings at the airport, the guards will ask you to turn on the touch screen, to verify that it is not an explosive.

You will also have to be prepared if you have a coil kit with you. Remember that wire coils as well as wire cutters may seem suspicious, even more so if you are traveling to a country where most people are not familiar with vaping kits.

We recommend that you avoid this type of luggage, even more so if you are traveling to a country where you do not understand the language and it will be difficult for you to explain your luggage.

The best thing in these cases is to carry a vape pen model, any small or disposable device to avoid problems with airport security.

If you have to carry coils, we advise you to use a pre-packaged coil atomizer.


Can you travel with marijuana vape cartridges or derived products?

Can you travel with marijuana vape cartridges or derived products

Vapers are not only used to vape juices containing nicotine and flavoring but are also widely used to vape cannabis products.

There are countries where the manufacture of products with CBD is legal. However, in most of these countries, the laws are not clear regarding the protection and safety that consumers require when possessing these products.

While cannabis is legal in only a few countries, most of them have very strict rules regarding all products derived from cannabis.

At the airports, they may know that you are not trafficking drugs. But it is a duty on the part of the authorities to suspect any material that may be considered a risk to the security of the airport.

There have been several arrests for carrying CBD products, and even if nothing serious happens to you, it is inconvenient to go through a lengthy process that will almost certainly cause you to miss your flight and waste valuable time.

The same goes for marijuana cartridges that contain THC. You shouldn’t fly with any device that has traces of cannabis or its derivatives.

It is not 100% safe even in North America where marijuana is legal in Canada and some states of the United States. The airport applies federal laws instead of state laws. Due to this, marijuana is illegal under federal law while you travel.

Even in countries where marijuana is legal, there are rules regarding marijuana derivatives such as edibles or oils. These derivatives can be considered contraband and you will have a hard time in migrations unnecessarily.

As a result, it’s better to consume marijuana-based products in the destination country rather than bring them with you when traveling.


Can you vape in airports and planes?

Can you vape in airports and planes

It is illegal to vape on any flight of any airline in the world and we recommend that you do not venture to do so. There are cases where those who broke the rules have had to pay large sums of money.

Also now the planes have put smoke detectors in case someone wants to go into the bathroom to vape. So don’t do it for the world.

Vaping is also prohibited at airports, except airports that have reserved areas for smokers.

So you shouldn’t choose to smoke or vape during your flight. If you are a person addicted to nicotine, you can try using nicotine sideburns or gum to make the task of quitting smoking less long and tedious.


Now that you know that putting your vaporizer and batteries in your checked bag is going to get you in trouble, we hope you’ll take the right steps to travel safely with your vape and all its accessories.

Remember that it is illegal to vape at the airport or on the plane. The penalties are very drastic and you could miss your flight or face high fines.
Finally, remember not to travel with vapes that you are using with cannabis-derived products. The laws change for each country, but in most of them, you will have problems with all derivatives of marijuana.


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