What Is A Cake Bar Vape? (All You Need To Know)

What Is A Cake Bar Vape

As people begin to fall in love with the many benefits of vaping THC, the market has boomed with a wide variety of different cannabis products. One of the most popular on the market comes from Cake. More specifically, it’s the Cake Bar vape.

If you are in the market for a new vape, you might be wondering what this vape offers and whether it’s worth the price tag. Our guide will give you a full scope of what to expect.

So, what is a Cake bar vape?

If you’ve noticed fans of cannabis vaping long, colorful bars with the word “Cake” on them, you’ve seen a Cake bar vape. The most common way to use the term is for the company’s disposable box vapes. They’re also known as the 2-gram disposables you see in smoke shops.

These are disposable vapes made by the smash hit brand, Cake Vapes. And yes, they are cannabis-based vapes that contain CBD, THC, and natural terpenes. You can choose a wide range of flavors that have a nice taste to them.

Cake Delta 8 disposables are colorful, cool disposable vapes that come in a wide variety of different flavors. Cake brand vapes a bold, colorful, and come with pre-filled cartridges filled with the vape liquid of your choice. It acts as a tank, since you can’t remove the carts.

A typical Cake bar vape also comes with a USB charger so that you can charge the devices.

PRO TIP – If you are looking for a more permanent fixture with a wider range of cartridges you can choose from, you can check out Cake Vapes’ 510 vape pen line. You can change out the cartridges in those.


What kind of flavors can you get in a Cake bar vape?

What kind of flavors can you get in a Cake bar vape

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If nothing else, Cake Vapes prides itself on making a wide range of different cannabis-filled flavors. You can choose from indica strains, sativa strains, hybrid strains, as well as live resin. The good news is that you have a ton of low- and high-THC cannabis oil to try out.

Some of the most popular flavors include:

  • Blue Dream
  • Texas Poundcake
  • Banana Runtz
  • Blueberry Cookies
  • Cereal Milk
  • Purple Punch
  • OG Kush

Are Cake Vape bars high quality?

Absolutely. Among disposable devices, Cake Vape is one of the most well-known brands in the country because they have a perfect draw, lab-tested cannabis that’s rich in terpenes, CBD, and THC.

Oh, and all the flavors taste good because the weed is low in pesticides and the manufacturer of Cake products also created a battery that doesn’t burn the distillate. The end result? You get a great draw that tastes amazing and gets you baked.

How much juice do Cake vape pens hold?

This depends on the specific pen. The old disposable vape pen model that they used to have would only hold 1.5 grams of liquid. The 1.5-gram disposables were called Delta 8 Cake Classics disposables, and have since been pulled off the market.

As of right now, all their disposable pens currently being sold carry 2 grams of juice. If you choose their non-disposable 510 vape pens, then you can expect to get a single gram between cartridge refills.

The reason why they gave the Cake vape pens an overhaul is because the 2 gram pens give you as much as 25 percent more of your favorite Delta-8 distillate. Simply put, it was a matter of providing more bang for your buck.

How much do Cake Vape pens cost?

Believe it or not, Cake Vape brand disposable pens are surprisingly affordable. You can buy them for approximately $30 to $40 dollars at most vape stores. At times, you may even be able to find a place with a small bulk discount.


Do people really sell counterfeit Cake bar vapes?

Shockingly, yes, people do. Cake vapes are so popular, there are often people who try to dupe them. If you notice a vape pen that is suspiciously cheap or just seems “off,” don’t use it quite yet.

Prior to using an unusually cheap Cake pen, go to the Cake Vape website and use their authentication service to confirm it’s the real deal. This can prevent you from vaping something that could potentially harm you.

It’s rare to see these days, but fake Cake bar vapes have been found on streets in states where cannabis retailers remained banned. So, let the buyer beware. It’s always best to buy it from a legit store.

Are Cake Vape pens legal?

Technically, all cannabis products are illegal on a federal level. However, Delta-8 THC and many of the other compounds in weed are not illegal. Cake Vape pens are legal because they do not contain Delta 9 THC, which is the illegal compound in cannabis.

Of course, it’s important to take a look at state laws. Many states in the union have decriminalized or even legalized cannabis products (including vape pens) for people over 21. If you live in a legal state, it’s safe to say that Cake Vape pens are legal to use.

PRO TIP – A good rule of thumb to remember is that your Cake bar vape is probably (or definitely) legal in the state where you purchased it, as long as you purchased it from a store.

Is buying a Cake bar vape worth it?

If you ask anyone who enjoys a high quality THC vaping experience, the answer is clear. Cake Vapes remain at the top of the disposable vape market thanks to their excellent build. It’s not just because they look cool. They taste great and deliver high quality THC.

Because of their track record of great delivery systems, we strongly recommend buying a disposable vape from Cake. All of their customers can’t be wrong, and their snazzy designs are an added bonus.


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