What Wattage Should I Vape At? (Optimal Settings)

What Wattage Should I Vape At

Are you interested in vaping but can’t understand the electronic side of it? Do things like choosing a suitable vape wattage to give you a headache? If so, you’re not alone; this is what overwhelms many newbies.

But we don’t want you to give up prematurely. That’s why we’re going to dedicate this post to answering one major question for you: “What wattage should I vape at?”

What is a watt?

This is a measurement of electrical power. In layman’s terms, it defines the amount of energy that an electric current uses or transfers within the time it acts. This energy is measured in joules and the time in seconds.

As such, the wattage of your vape pen is simply the energy it uses per second.

Why does wattage matter?

Wattage matters in vaping because it affects throat hit, the delivery of flavor, and vapor production. Ultimately, this affects your vaping experience.

What happens when you adjust the wattage of your vape pen?

The higher the wattage you use, the higher the temperature your coil reaches when it heats your e-liquid. This can create richer flavors in products with chocolate, coffee, and tobacco. However, it can make fruity flavors like peach and blueberry less tasty.

Also, such an increase in temperature creates more vapor, allowing you to seamlessly create smoke rings and do other vapor-related tricks. The vapor produced will also be thicker, making it more potent. It will also provide a better throat hit.

What wire types work with wattage mode?

Most vaping devices with wattage mode use Kanthal, nichrome, or stainless steel for their coils. Of them all, Kanthal is the most popular because of its high resistance, availability, affordable price, ability to retain shapes, and ease of use.

Also, it’s best for people with nickel allergies. After all, nichrome is an alloy of nickel and chromium while stainless steel is an alloy of chromium, nickel, and carbon.

What is the wattage range available for vaping devices

What is the wattage range available for vaping devices?

Since e-cigarettes were designed to operate like traditional cigarettes, they were originally preset to low temperatures and had wattages of 7-15 watts.

However, things have changed in recent years and you can now find a vape mod in the market that has up to 300 watts of power. However, vaping at this higher wattage isn’t advisable.

It can quickly burn out your coil and cause excessive coughing. On the other hand, using a lower wattage of 10 watts may not provide a satisfying vape experience for intermediate and experienced vapers.

For many 40 to 50 watts is where they begin to notice subtle differences in flavor, throat hit, and vapor density. It’s therefore not surprising that some view 80 to 100 watts as the sweet spot.

There’s one advantage of vaping at a lower wattage though; it will make your battery and device last longer.


How do you choose the perfect wattage for you?

The ideal wattage for vaping varies from person to person. If you’re a beginner, you should start with the lowest vape wattage possible with your device. This will allow you to get used to vaping without having to worry about the risk of burning out your coils.

Doing this will also help you figure out what matters to you most when it comes to vaping. You may notice that you want more clouds or a more distinct flavor. This will then inform your decision to adjust the vaping wattage.

Just remember to take things easy; adjust the wattage in small increments/decrements and take time to see how much you like the new value. If you have been vaping for a while though, you can start with a wattage of 40 to 50 watts and take things from there.

Also, extensive experience with vaping gives you more leeway to make big adjustments in wattage. Whatever the case, ensure you read the manual that comes with your vaping device; this will usually include its wattage limits.

Also, pay attention to the nature of the vapor being produced as you vape. When it becomes loud and harsh, it’s time to lower the wattage a little bit.

Understanding your vape device’s technology

When choosing the wattage for your e-cigarette, it’s important to understand the science behind it. It’s particularly important to understand the relationship between wattage, voltage, and coil resistance.

While wattage is directly proportional to voltage, it is inversely proportional to coil resistance. The mathematical formula (Ohm’s law) is:

Keep in mind that coil resistance for vapes ranges from 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms; resistances below 1 ohm are known as sub-ohms. These figures are dependent on the material of the coil and don’t change.

On the other hand, the voltage of a vape ranges from 2.0 to 4.8 volts and changes depending on the wattage you choose. Generally, high-resistance coils can handle high voltages.

For instance, a 2-ohm coil can handle a high voltage of around 4 volts while keeping wattage at a mere 8 watts.

Does VG/PG ratio affect wattage choice

Does VG/PG ratio affect wattage choice?

The VG/PG ratio of vape juice is the ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol in it. While the first chemical is responsible for vapor/cloud production, the second one is responsible for flavor and throat hit.

When the ratio is high (more VG ), a lot of vapor will be produced during vaping. But the throat hit will be low and the flavor medium. On the other hand, a low ratio (more PG) will provide a strong flavor and throat hit but low vapor production.

A 50:50 ratio will leave all three features on medium. Another thing to keep in mind is that VG is more viscous than PG. This makes it easy for them to clog/burn out coils. As such, it only makes sense to use a high VG e-liquid if making clouds is important to you.

And in such cases, vapers use high wattages as well. However, it’s best to do this using a coil with low a low resistance; less than 1 ohm to be exact. This is called sub-ohm vaping. When doing this, it’s best to use a powerful battery with a discharge limit of over 20 amps.


Do all vape pens have a wattage mode?

While most vapers are used to the wattage setting, vaping devices can have other modes instead. These include:

1. Temperature control mode

This mode allows you to choose the temperature you want. When using this vapor mod, you’ll have to input the highest temperature you want the coil to reach and the wattage that will be initially used to fire up the vape device.

When your e-cigarette reaches the highest temperature inputted, it will automatically reduce the amount of power supplied to the coil. For this to work efficiently though, your coil needs to be made from a metal with a high-temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR).

Good options are stainless steel, titanium, and nickel. Bad ones are nichrome and Kanthal.

2. Voltage mode

This mode was more common in the past; few e-cigarettes have it now. It’s suitable for vaping devices that have high resistance, and hence low operational power. This is because most devices with variable wattage don’t allow you to choose values as low as 11 watts.

3. Wattage curve mode

Wattage curve mode allows you to choose more than one constant wattage. You get to program your device to go through a sequence of wattage changes; the sequence begins when you push the fire button.

This makes it easier to personalize your vaping experience. Many vapers use this to deliver a hit of high wattage at the beginning of vaping before having it tapped off. Ultimately, this prevents wick burning

4. Bypass mode

If you’re using a vape tank or rebuildable atomizer, using a bypass mode can make things easier for you. This mode eliminates the need to worry about temperature, voltage, or wattage range altogether.

This mode allows your device to operate at its maximum voltage;3.7 to 4.2 volts when fully charged. So you’ll notice that the amount of vapor produced will reduce as its battery charge reduces.

5. Proprietary vaping modes

Sometimes, manufacturers will make proprietary modes for their devices to improve the vaping experience. For instance, some vapor mods have an automatic mode that ensures you don’t choose a resistance that your attached atomizer coil can’t handle.

Proprietary vaping modes

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No matter which product you choose, use carefully to avoid excessive nicotine exposure. It’s advisable to first consult a doctor to understand what nicotine intake levels are suitable for you. Monitor your usage habits and avoid over-relying on any nicotine-containing products. I hope you find a healthy e-cigarette option that suits your needs.


Figuring out what wattage to vape at requires experimentation and patience. To effectively do this, follow these steps:

  1. Check your vape device’s manual for its wattage limits
  2. Start with the lower limit if you’re a beginner
  3. Start in the middle of the limit if you’re experienced
  4. Adjust the wattage up or down as you see fit

Have you gone on this journey and would like to share your insights? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Your comment could help someone else struggling with vape wattage.


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