When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal? (With FAQs)

when can i vape after wisdom teeth removal

Anyone who has had to undergo oral surgery knows that it is not a matter of games. The extraction of a tooth or tooth can become a big problem if we do not take the necessary measures for a speedy recovery.

In adulthood, most extractions are done because of the wisdom tooth. There are four wisdom teeth that we have hidden under the gums and that at some point in our lives will come out.

Many times a wisdom tooth removal is chosen if the doctor indicates that it is necessary to do so. But, what are the risks of smoking or vaping after having undergone a wisdom tooth extraction?

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about smoking or vaping after a major oral surgeon.

When can I vape after wisdom teeth removal?

The answer is not as simple as it seems, since there is a minimum time to stop smoking so that the wound does not become infected. But that does not mean that there are no risks of aggravating your condition and your dental health.

Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about your recovery after a wisdom tooth surgery.

Why can’t you vape or smoke after a tooth extraction?

The minimum that a person should wait to resume smoking or vaping after a dental extraction is 72 hours. That’s how it is! These days at least are what the doctors ask for to give the wound time to heal sufficiently. However, this is not a guarantee that everything will be fine and it will go smoothly after 72 hours.

You must understand that the smoke or vapor from a vape generates heat and that heat causes inflammation in the gums, slowing down the healing process.

Every time you have a tooth pulled, they will usually recommend that you eat a lot of ice cream since the cold substances will help faster healing. In the same way, you should avoid hot things like soup or be very active, or play sports as exercise increases your body temperature.

But smoking or vaping not only contributes to heating your body but can also bring many more complications.

The toxins and chemicals derived from tobacco products can infect the open wound in your gums and cause many problems. Those who vape are not spared either, as e-cigarettes contain another class of chemicals that also contribute to infection.

We must remember that everyone who uses their vape to vape cannabis, may experience more intense pain if they smoke after a molar extraction, instead of getting relief.

Along with slowing down the healing process and risking infection, the act of vaping or smoking can lead to dry sockets, a condition that will make our recovery more painful.

Dry Sockets

Dry socket forms when you have just had a tooth extracted and you do not have the blood clot you need for the wound to begin to close.

Without a blood clot, the nerve endings are exposed along with the bone and the pain can be extreme as the nerves are unprotected. It is a pain that can spread all over the face and reach the ear.

By not having the blood clot in the wound, a space is formed where food can enter and bacteria can accumulate and infect the area.

But how is it that the act of smoking can eliminate the blood clot that your gums need to heal?

Regardless of whether you smoke or vape, by doing so you are performing a very dangerous action for the clot of your recently removed tooth: suction.

Every time you inhale smoke or vapor you are sucking with your mouth and this action can cause the blood clot to come out of its place and you end up swallowing it.

Your gums will take care of forming a new blood clot, but meanwhile, the cavity of your tooth is exposed to any infection and is much more sensitive to inflammation.

Because your teeth are closely connected to the nerves in your head and neck, pain can spread throughout your face and head, compromising other areas such as your throat and ear.


How to prevent dry sockets or infection of the tissues?

How to prevent dry sockets or infection of the tissues

Dentists ask you to stop smoking or vaping for at least 72 hours, that is, 3 days. But it is best to leave the wound for at least one or two weeks so that it begins to close.

Ideally, you should stop smoking for at least 10 days. For many people quitting smoking can be a real problem. The same happens with vape smokers since they are still exposed to nicotine and this substance generates an addiction.

So now you know, the more days you can go without quitting, the more time you give your body to heal itself.

How to vape properly?

But suppose the urge to smoke is uncontrollable and you are going to do it despite everything. In that case, we recommend that you do not inhale forcefully, but rather as carefully as possible. The same if you are drinking a soft drink or soda and you are using straws. Avoid straws while you are healing the wound of your operation.

It helps a lot to ask your dentist to close the wound with a few stitches. Sometimes it is not necessary that you ask them, but the doctors themselves will do it, that will depend on how big your surgery has been and if it requires stitches.

Dentists advise their patients who are smokers and who know they will not quit, to do so with gauze on the molar extraction wound.

If for any reason the blood clot came out of place or you swallowed it due to sucking while smoking, we recommend that you brush your teeth after each cigarette, use a mouthwash that helps heal your gums, and do not touch the wound with the finger.

It is best to put a gauze pad on and be very careful when eating as particles can enter the cavity and create an infection.

Foods like rice and lentils are not recommended if you suffer from dry sockets.


Vape after teeth removal FAQs

Vape after teeth removal FAQs

1. How long should I wait to vape after my wisdom tooth extraction?

The minimum time doctors recommend waiting is 72 hours. But that’s only for people who can’t control the urge to smoke, since the ideal time ranges from one to two weeks, depending on how fast your body heals.

2. Is there a way to inhale the smoke or vapor so there is no risk of the clot coming out of the gums?

The best way to vape or smoke a cigarette with a blood clot in the gums is to do it very carefully and for this follow this simple technique.

Allow your lips to be relaxed and loose around the cigarette butt or vape. That there is enough air instead of contracting the mouthpiece of the vape with your lips.

You may not create big puffs of smoke, but that will help you not risk sucking in the clot.

3. Can I vape with the help of gauze?

Can I vape with the help of gauze

If there is no other option and you are determined to vape or smoke, it is best to do so while protecting the wound. That is why dentists advise that if you cannot quit smoking, at least do so with gauze covering the molar extraction wound.

To make it easy for you to maneuver it, we advise you to moisten it before putting it in your mouth. Remember to wash your hands, since any source of contamination can compromise your wound that has not yet healed.

4. What can I do to stop smoking while my molar extraction wound heals?

Try to exercise your willpower thinking that the 3 days that you will have to put up with smoking will be a better way to smoke and prevent the wound from becoming infected. Then you will have to spend weeks fighting the pain and making your dental operation more complicated than it should have been.

There are patches to stop smoking or some placebo that can replace the need to smoke a cigarette or vape.

In order to do this, it is necessary that you identify when you smoke and for what? This exercise of asking yourself why you smoke and on what occasions a cigarette causes you will give you the opportunity to get to know yourself a little more and to know what your relationship with vaping is.


You must become aware of your dental health and align your actions with what is best for you. Vaping or smoking is harmful to your health and especially if you do it after a dental extraction. You must stop smoking for at least 3 days but it is recommended that you do so for a minimum of ten to fourteen days. Remember that if you do not do so, you may suffer diseases that will prolong your recovery.


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