Whiff Vape Overview (Price, Types, Flavors & Wholesale)

Whiff Vape

Whiff Vape Overview

The Whiff Vape brand specializes in high-quality, high-capacity vaporizers that can double down in helping users kick their cigarette or nicotine addiction. The Whiff lineup includes 5 vape models that scale from 5% salt nic down to a no-nicotine vaporizer.

The idea is that consumers can start with any of the three 5% disposable vapes to get as close to a cigarette experience as possible, ensuring they successfully transition from smoking to vaping.

Depending on which one you use, your first vape can last anywhere from 2000 to 6000 puffs, lasting much longer than a single pack of cigarettes. Once you finish the first vape, you can nab another or continue to wean yourself off your nicotine addiction.

Whiff only has one model for 3% concentration (the Trio) and one no-nicotine vape (the Zero), but they have fantastic flavors that any vaper can enjoy. Overall, the vapes have over 21 flavors to spice up your vaping sessions, and they contain more than enough liquid to keep you happy for a while.

Whiff has respectable goals and values, and the company commits itself to combat major issues like nicotine addiction and under age vaping. Creator Scott Storch, who is not new to the limelight, has a personal stake in these issues and endeavors to create valuable products to help the fight.


More About Creator Scott Storch

Scott Storch is largely regarded as royalty in the hip hop industry, and his resume includes playing keyboard for The Roots and producing hits such as “Still D.R.E” by Dr. Dre, “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent, and “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake.

Being an 8 time Grammy-winning producer may not mean when it comes to vaping, but it speaks a lot about taste and the ability to connect with the people. Furthermore, Scott Storch is incredibly open about his own journey through addiction, and he has personal stake in Whiff Vape development and design.

Whiff Vape Hero Vs SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and SPIRITBAR Katana

Brands SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask
Whiff Vape Hero
Pictures Untitled design Whiff Vape Hero SPIRITBAR Katana
Design Aluminum alloy outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

No Screen Display Artificial leather outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

Flavor Options 8 15 8
Nicotine Options 5% 5% 5%
Battery 500MAH 4000MAH 650MAH
E-liquid Capacity 20ml 13ml 18ml
Puffs 6000ml 10000+
Price $16.8 $23.99 $16.9

The Whiff Vape Hero provides around 6000 puffs from 13ml of e-liquid and a 400mAh battery. However, at $23.99 it is one of the pricier options.

Comparatively, the SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask delivers 50% more puffs at 9000+ powered by a 500mAh battery and substantial 20ml e-liquid capacity, priced at only $16.8.

But the clear winner is the SPIRITBAR Katana with its industry-leading 10000+ puff rating fueled by an optimized 650mAh battery and massive 18ml e-liquid reservoir. Priced reasonably at $16.9.

While the Whiff Hero does offer quality performance, its high price tag and lower puff count make it far less cost effective compared to the extreme longevity of the Katana.

In summary, the Katana disposable provides the best puff count, battery life, e-liquid capacity and overall value by far. For maximizing frugality and usage time, Katana is the obvious choice.

Our Recommend
SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape
  • Stylish pirate flask-shaped body providing an exciting vaping experience
  • Delivering up to 9000 puffs per device
  • 20ml e-liquid capacity with 50mg nicotine strength for satisfying throat hit
  • Specialized pirate-themed e-juice flavors for rich, swirling taste
  • Premium mesh coil optimizes flavor profile for maximum vaping enjoyment

This disposable vape captures the daring spirit of the high seas with its flask styling and signature pirate e-juice flavors. The extraordinary battery life provides 9000 indulgent puffs for extended vaping pleasure. Live boldly and freely with the Jack's Flask - a legendary vaping experience fit for a pirate's adventures.

Our Recommend
SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000 Disposable Vape
  • Slender, leather-textured body reminiscent of a katana handle for an authentic samurai feel
  • Unique samurai-inspired e-liquid flavor - fruity yet not too sweet, with a luxurious, elegant aroma
  • Powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery for extended vaping time
  • Large 18ml e-liquid capacity and 10,000 puff capacity
  • Advanced mesh coil and e-liquid & power display screens for optimal vaping experience

The special juice captures the essence of the samurai spirit with its rich, smoothly pulsating flavor that brings new satisfaction with every puff. The device's slender, leather-textured design evokes the grip of a samurai's katana, making this product a perfect choice for vaping enthusiasts inspired by the way of the warrior.

Whiff Vape Devices and Prices

The Whiff Vape brand has 5 models under its belt:

  • Hero (5% salt nicotine)
  • Oversize (5% salt nicotine)
  • Magnum (5% salt nicotine)
  • Trio (3% salt nicotine)
  • Zero (0% nicotine)

Each vape features a rechargeable battery to ensure you get every last hit, but is ultimately disposable to encourage you to wean off your nicotine addiction.

Whiff Vape Hero Price & Details

List Price: $23.99

Bulk Price: 5 for $85

The Hero is Whiff’s largest, most powerful vaping device. A guaranteed 6000 puffs of 5 percent nicotine are perfect for anyone looking to make a long-term investment into wrangling their nicotine cravings.

The Whiff Hero adopts the box-shaped pod of some more nouveau vapes on the market, but it’s nothing outlandish and you can palm it easily. In fact, some prefer the box shape for better grip and control.

The Hero contains 13 ml of salt nicotine e-liquid to ensure you have powerful draws for the days (and even weeks) to come. Every hit is silent, smooth, and consistent with the last, so there are no surprises with the Whiff Hero.

The Whiff Hero uses a 400 mAh battery, which is more than powerful enough to last you all day. Even when you run out, the USB C charging will get you back to vaping in no time at all.

The device also features 1 ohm of resistance to ensure a similar feel to smoking cigarettes, especially when you practice MTL vaping that emulates the experience.


Whiff Vape Oversize Price & Details

Whiff Vape Oversize

Credit: vaporlounge

List Price: $15.99

Bulk Price: 10 for $85

The Whiff Oversize is arguably the most popular model the brand has to offer, and with good reason. It resembles the average vape with a nice, thick chassis, ergonomic mouthpiece, and simple stick design.

While the vape holds 6.0 mL of e-liquid and can get you up to 2000 puffs, it won’t weigh heavy in your pocket. Stash it wherever is most convenient for you, pull it out for a quick draw-activated puff, and you’re good to go.

Hits from the Oversize are always dense and produce a rich vapor, but we appreciate the smooth feel of salt nicotine in the throat. Again, this device is best suited for mouth-to-lung vaping.

The Oversize is the only Whiff Vape that offers the Lychee Martini flavor, which provides an exotic cocktail taste. Regardless of which flavor you choose, the Oversize has a great pull and clean taste.


Whiff Vape Magnum Price & Details

List Price: $19.99

Bulk Price: 10 for $95

The Whiff Vape Magnum continues the brand legacy in a sleek, colorful, and easy to handle tube. While this is the last high contraction (5% salt nic) e-liquid vape on the list, it has the largest battery and capacity.

This results in a longer lasting disposable vape, taking you to 3000 puffs with ease. For most, this means that the Magnum will last an average of one to two weeks. The Magnum may work better for those who don’t get enough power or use up the battery before the liquid in the Oversize.

Whiff’s Magnum uses a 1500 mAh battery and 1.0 ohm resistance to maintain a supply of silky sweet hits. Pair this with 10 mL of 38 mg/mL e-liquid, and you have a super convenient disposable vape ready to help you tackle the world.

Because of its larger battery, the Whiff Magnum weighs the most, but it only adds an extra 59 g to your daily load. That’s not much at all when you consider the convenience of the pre-filled, pre-charged vape and its plethora of supple flavors.


Whiff Vape Trio Price & Details

Whiff Vape Trio

Credit: dvpshop

List Price: $12.99

Bulk Price: 10 for $75

The Whiff Vape Trio is the first step down from the 5% lineup, and instead offers 8.5 mL of high quality salt nicotine at a 3% concentration. It maintains the 1 ohm resistance coil to continue to emulate the feel of smoking a cigarette, but that’s where the comparison stops.

Trio contains the lowest level of nicotine you can get in a vape without mixing the liquid yourself (which you definitely should not do). It’s a dedicated step in cutting out smoking, vaping, or simply nicotine in general.

If this is your first time dropping down to a lower concentration, understand that it won’t hit as hard at first. You may find yourself reaching to draw-activate Trio a bit more often than usual, so expect some mental effort on your part to prevent overconsumption.

Other than that, Trio is perfect for light nicotine users and has plenty of fantastic flavors to choose from. While many Whiff flavors cover all (or most) of their devices, Trio is the lowest concentration available for fan favorite New York.

The Trio should last you about 2500 puffs, and then you can decide whether you’re ready to move down to zero or still want to hang out with this low-nic concentrate.


Whiff Vape Zero Price & Details

Whiff Vape Zero

List Price: Not Listed

Bulk Price: 10 for $77.50

Like the Trio, you should know where to set your expectations when using Whiff Zero. It’s a great option for those who want to get into vaping as a hobby without picking up a nicotine addiction, but it ultimately serves as a final step for anyone aiming to cut it out completely.

Zero is the only Whiff vape to offer the flavor Havana, which intends to emulate the rich feel of puffing on a cigar (all without the stress and harmful effects).

Each Zero device boasts a reliable 1000 mAh battery that is more than ready to tackle 2200 puffs you get from 7 mL of e-liquid. The capacity is designed to be similar to previous models, but those working on cutting out nicotine may find using the vape a bit of a chore.

If you’re using the Zero to kick nicotine completely, remember to go easy on yourself. Hanging out at one of the higher concentrations for a minute isn’t a bad thing, and you can always step down to Zero again in the future.

Ultimately, keeping a Whiff Zero in your pocket isn’t a bad habit to have. You rarely (if ever) see complaints about the performance or flavor of the vape, instead finding reviews flooded with compliments about consistent formulas and sweet, savory vapors.


Best Whiff Vape Flavors

Whiff Vape focuses on having a select variety of flavors that are depending on, taste great, and satisfy your cravings.

The available flavors differ depending on which vape model you choose, but favorites include:

  • Unicorn: a unique watermelon flavor with a nice, subtle hint of mint (Magnum and Oversize)
  • Strawberry Tango: a perfect blend of creamy strawberry and mango for smooth vaping (Oversize, Magnum, Trio, Zero)
  • New York: one of Whiff’s more exclusive flavors; resembles the perfect ripened red apple (Oversize, Magnum, Trio)
  • Malibu Colada: the classic pineapple and coconut flavor that many vapers love and enjoy (Oversize, Magnum, Trio, Zero)
  • Mango Melon Ice: a tropical fruity ice blend of mangos and summer melons (Oversize, Magnum)
  • Whiskey: another bold original from Whiff that perfectly emulates the natural grain of whiskey (Oversize)
  • Bubblegum: a flavor that takes you back to childhood and popping bubbles (Oversize, Magnum)
  • Candyland: another special edition flavor to satisfy sweet-tooths( Hero, Oversize, Magnum, Trio, Zero)

If you’re looking to use Whiff Vapes to wean off nicotine, you may want a flavor that shows up in each strength model. These include: Banana Ice, Blue Dream, Candyland, Lush Ice, Malibu Colada, Lychee Ice (Lychee Martini in Oversize), Strawberry Tango, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Milkshake, and Grape Ice.

All Whiff Vape e-liquids use nic salts, meaning you won’t experience the harsh peppery feel you get with freebase e-liquids. Salt nicotine is more stable, has a more neutral acidity, vaporizes at a lower temperature, and hits the throat softer.


Whiff Vape Wholesale

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Whiff Vape FAQ

Where Can I Buy Whiff Vapes?

Because Whiff Vapes are such a hot item, it’s easy to come across counterfeit devices while shopping. DVP Distribution will help you find a reputable Whiff retailer near you, or you can purchase Whiff Vapes directly from their online retail shop when they’re in stock. You can also authenticate the vapes you find using their online tool.

Is Whiff Vape Nicotine?

Whiff Vapes come in both nicotine and nicotine-free varieties. Many use these vapes to wean themselves off a nicotine dependency, starting with the higher 5% devices and then working down to 3% and ultimately finishing with the no-nicotine Whiff Zero.

How Long Does a Whiff Vape Last?

A Whiff Vape lasts as long as it has oil, which can be anywhere from 2000 to 6000 puffs. Assuming an average consumption of 200 puffs in a 5 day period, this equals out to 10 to 30 days.

Ultimately, the actual length of time a Whiff Vape lasts depends on your consumption. If you draw on the vape longer than average or hit it more often, the vape may only last a few days.

Battery also plays a role in the longevity of a Whiff Vape, but not as much as liquid capacity. Whiff only has one rechargeable unit on its roster right now.

How Much Nicotine Is in a Whiff Vape?

The Whiff Vape model focuses on decreasing nicotine content in each device. Whiff Hero, Oversize, and Magnum offer 5% nicotine content, while Whiff Trio drops down to 3% and Whiff Zero contains no nicotine at all.

How Many Hits Are in a Whiff Vape?

The number of hits in a Whiff Vape differ from model to model.

  • Whiff Hero: 6000 hits
  • Whiff Oversize: 2000 hits
  • Whiff Magnum: 3000 hits
  • Whiff Trio: 2500 hits
  • Whiff Zero: 2200 hits

These numbers are only an estimate intended to help you gauge the longevity of the vape.

Are Whiff Vapes Salt Nic?

Each Whiff Vape uses a salt nicotine e-juice to ensure optimal efficacy. The actual strength of nicotine varies depending on the model, but salt nic ensures a smoother taste, less bite, and better throat hit.

How Can I Stay Up to Date With Whiff Vape News?

While Whiff Vapes is a relatively new company, you can look for updates on their social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Scott Storch’s official Instagram profile also occasionally posts updates.


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