Why Does My Vape Keep Hitting After I Stop? (Causes & Fixes)

why does my vape keep hitting after i stop

Does your vape keep firing up even when not in use? If yes, then please take this matter seriously because it can cause burns and severe injuries!

Hitting is a common term amongst vapers that refers to the feeling when the nicotine vapor reaches the back of the throat. But, when talking about ‘vape hitting’, we refer to the problem of auto-firing.

The vape lights up even when you haven’t inhaled or pressed the fire button. This might make you question – why does my vape keep hitting after I stop?

Well, there are several reasons behind it, and each one has a different fix. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find the best solution!

Why Does My Vape Keep Hitting After I Stop?

My Vape Keep Hitting After I Stop

Auto-firing was once the most common problem in vape devices. But, with technological changes, many vapes feature an automatic cut-off. The battery will stop the power supply to coils and other components a few seconds after your puff.

However, if your vape pod or pen continues to auto-fire, there might be a serious underlying issue. Here is a list of the popular reasons:

1. Malfunctioning Draw Activation Sensor

Auto-fire typically occurs in vapes with a draw activation sensor. When you inhale from the vape, it is automatically activated to convert the juice to vapor and transfer it to your mouth. So, if you exhale into the vape, the sensors malfunction.

Even when there is too much wind in the surroundings, air can enter the vape system via the mouthpiece and mess up the sensors. It’s why you shouldn’t use such vapes on windy days. In some cases, the vape will malfunction if you inhale from the wrong end.

2. Residue Build-up

All devices work well only when maintained. So, another common reason why your vape keeps hitting is that there is a build-up of residue and gunk inside!

Dirt and debris can easily make their way inside through the gaps in the components. It is especially true for vapes that come apart and aren’t kept in a proper storage case. Plus, all the condensation from the liquid-to-vapor conversion creates a slimy layer.

3. Faulty Chip

There is a chip inside every vape that directs the battery about firing. Whenever you press the fire button or inhale, the chip will command the battery to fire up and then shut down. It’s a very sensitive component.

If your vape fell down from a great height, it’s possible that the chip broke or became dislodged from its place. This defectiveness means faulty control over firing, and hence, the vape will hit at random times.

4. Defective Coils

Defective Coils

The coil inside most vapes is metallic. So, it’s no wonder that the material will become rusty and defective over time. It’s especially true for low-quality, cheap, and disposable e-cigarettes.

Fortunately, you can easily detect the problem. The coil will turn dark brown and develop black spots all over the wires. If you see this on your vape’s coils, know that they are the reason behind auto-firing.

5. Poor Connection

The battery and atomizer have an important connection in a vape. If this link is disturbed, both of the components will stop responding to each other the way they should. This will lead to untimely firing.

Usually, the link is disturbed because there are cracks on the coil or the gap between the coil and battery threads is too much. It may also occur when the vape experiences sudden impact force (from being dropped).

6. Voltage Issues

A voltage or power issue will typically occur in disposable vape pens or pods. Since the battery controls the power supply to the coil, it must provide an average of 3.7 volts to give you enough vapor for a high-quality puff.

If the battery provides too much voltage, the coil may convert too much liquid into vapor and result in auto-firing. You can confirm whether the voltage is the culprit by counting the number of puffs per battery.

Getting one or two puffs per charge means the battery is sending too much voltage to the coils.

7. Extreme Temperatures

Vapes are usually designed to work at extremely high temperatures. But when the temperature gets too high (externally or internally), the coil can burn and damage the vaporizer. Some reasons why the temperature may increase internally include:

  • Using vape when the battery life is low.
  • Damaged or broken atomizer.
  • Blowing massive clouds of vapor for fun.
  • Using a cheap liquid or vape juice that doesn’t absorb into the wick properly.

As for external factors, the biggest threat comes from the sun. If you live in a hot climatic zone or experience heat waves frequently, leaving the vape directly under the sunlight can burn the coils.


How to Fix a Vape That Keeps Hitting?

How to Fix a Vape That Keeps Hitting

Congratulations – now that you have identified the right cause behind why vape auto-firing. It’s time to fix the problem once and for all!

1. Turn off the Vape Device

A vape with a bad draw activation sensor is a bad egg. If the sensor is ruined, it can cause the issue to worsen until the vape eventually explodes.

So, the best solution is to turn off the vape device immediately. Some vapes also have built-in protectors that cut off the electrical supply when you press the fire button for more than 10 seconds. This ensures the risk of explosion is eliminated.

2. Clean the Vape

A lot of problems start from a dirty, neglected vape. The residue will build up and mess up the functionality inside. So, here’s how to clean your vape device:

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Remove the pod and the battery from the vape.
  3. Use a dry cotton bud to clean the corners and nooks.

Please do not dip the cotton bud in water or a cleaning agent. No wetness should come in contact with the vape. It’s an electrical device and will be completely ruined if you do so.

3. Replace the Battery

If the vape is auto-firing because of a faulty chip or voltage issue, the only way to fix this is to replace the battery. You can easily find a replacement battery from the website of the vape manufacturer or Amazon.

Once you’ve bought the new battery, follow this useful video tutorial on how to replace it.

4. Fix the Connection

Vapes with connectivity problems are easy to fix. First, turn off the device and wear safety gloves. Then, pull apart the components one by one.

Remove the top cap and the battery, and pour out the e-liquid in a separate container. Once everything is out, put them back together and turn on the vape. Press the fire button to check whether it’s working properly.

5. Call a Professional

If your vape needs a new coil or an atomizer, or you simply can’t resolve the issue, it’s best to call a professional and ask them for repair. The expert won’t charge much for the services and will help save considerable time that you would have spent troubleshooting.


Take Good Care of Your Vape!

Vape devices are readily available today. But if you have purchased a refillable and rechargeable one, it’s important that you take good care of it for longevity. For example, only use it when the battery is fully charged.

Also, avoid using low-quality juices and leaving the device in dirty or hot places. If possible, invest in a vape storage case too. Are there any more important tips that vapers should follow? Let us know your valuable opinion in the comments below!


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