10 Common Reasons Why Your Vape Leaking (Fixed!!!)

why is my vape leaking

Leaky vapes can be a great inconvenience, and something vapers know all too well.

Whether you are an experienced vaper and have struggled with this issue for a while, or you are a new vaper who has recently encountered this issue, you are here because you want to know: Why is my vape leaking?

In this article, we go over why your vape may be leaking and how you can fix it or if you need to replace your vape altogether. Keep reading to find out more!

Is My Vape Leaking?

Vaping is usually seen as an easier solution than smoking cigarettes because you can use them virtually anywhere, and they are extremely easy to set up and use. However, even when your vape is taken care of properly, you can come across a few issues like leakage.

During inhalation, it is normal for a small bit of vape juice to escape through the mouthpiece. Small amounts of liquid escaping are usually just a result of condensation in the mouthpiece or airflow holes.

However, sometimes you encounter more than just a little bit of liquid seeping out, and this is not normal. If your vape mod is saturated after leaving it for a while, is constantly saturating things that surround it, or you find a pool of liquid where your vape is stored, this means that you have a leaky vape.

You need to correct the issue asap to prevent more harm to your vape device or even to yourself.

Why Your Disposable Vape May Leak

Disposable vapes leaking e-liquid can be frustrating and messy. Here are some common causes and tips to prevent leaks.

Manufacturing Defects

Overfilling e-liquid reservoirs during production frequently causes leaks, especially if low quality or faulty coils are used. Reputable brands like SPIRITBAR Vape implement rigorous quality control and precision filling to avoid manufacturing issues.

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Air Pressure Changes

Pressurized environments like air travel can force e-liquid through small coil holes and weak seals. If possible, avoid carrying disposable vapes on planes. In checked luggage, temperature swings compound the air pressure risk. Carry vapes with you if flying.

High Temperatures

E-liquid naturally thins at high temperatures, allowing it to seep through gaps in seals and coils. Never leave disposable vapes in direct sunlight or hot vehicles where internal heat can build up.

Shipping Damage

Rough handling during shipping may loosen coils or damage vapor path connections in disposable vapes, increasing leak risks. Inspect new vapes carefully for any signs of leaks before use.

Worn Out Components

Prolonged use wears down seals, gaskets, and other components in disposable vapes. They are designed for weeks of use, not months. Replace your vape when flavor declines or around the 3-4 week mark.

Improper User Care

Incorrect usage like over-tightening or shaking disposable vapes can stress and damage seals. Follow all usage guidelines. Store vapes properly upright in cool, dry locations.

With high-quality manufacturing and careful user maintenance, most leaks can be prevented. But monitor closely and replace any leaky vapes immediately for best

What Causes a Leaky Vape? Cartridge models or pod mods

What Causes a Leaky Vape

Fortunately, a leaky vape can be fixed and prevented with a little troubleshooting. Here are some of the most common reasons for a leaky vape.

1. You Have a Loose Vape Tank

If your vape is leaking, the first thing you should check for is a loose vape tank. Usually, vape tanks are made to screw into place, but if you don’t screw them in tight enough, you will experience much leaking.

Make sure your vape tank is screwed in tight, and see if the problem is fixed. Just be sure to tighten it only a little, or you run the risk of cross-threading. Cross-threading occurs when the threads on your vape coil and tank components are stripped, preventing you from properly screwing in your vape tank.

You want to screw it in just tight enough to seal the tank properly, which should fix your problem. If your vape pen is still leaking, keep reading for more reasons your vape may be leaking.

2. The Rubber Seal is Broken

A broken seal is the next thing to look for on your vape pen. Your coil mechanism is the main component that is responsible for sealing your vape liquid, and there is a little rubber ring at the top of the coil called an O-ring.

If this ring is old or damaged, it will prevent the vape tank from making a tight enough seal resulting in leaking.

Luckily. You can buy rings for your vape pretty cheaply. If your O-ring is damaged, simply replace it with a new one, and this should do the trick.

3. Your Tank is Cracked

This may seem obvious, but it is sometimes overlooked. When we think of a cracked vape juice tank, we think of it busting open entirely. However, even minor cracks and damage to the tank can cause tiny amounts of liquid to seep through.

Examine your vape tank thoroughly using a flashlight or magnifying glass if you need to so you can get a better look. If you see any damage to your tank, you should replace it immediately to prevent further damage to your vape pen and prevent any liquid from getting absorbed through your skin.

4. Extreme Temperatures

People usually leave their vape pens in their cars without much thought. However, if it’s hot outside, this can damage your vape pen.

This is because specific components in your vape pen won’t work correctly when they overheat, like the coil components, resulting in a poor seal and a leaky vape.

5. Coil Issues

Another reason your vape pen could leak is an issue with the coil. When the coil inside your vape pen gets cracked, damaged, or blocked, it leads to poor hits and maybe even a burnt taste.

Coils don’t last forever and need to be replaced after a certain amount of time. If you have yet to change your coil since you got your vape, or you see any damage, go ahead and replace the coil and see if this fixes the issue.


6. You Overfilled Your Tank

You Overfilled Your Tank

When you refill your vape tank, you need to be sure to leave an air bubble at the top. The air bubble will make a vacuum so you can hit it properly and, the liquid doesn’t escape from the air holes.

If you fill it to the brim without leaving this air bubble, this is probably the reason your vape is leaking. You also need to be sure to fill it slowly because filling it too fast can result in flooding the tank.

7. Your Wicks Need To Be Replace

If you are using a rebuildable tank atomizer, or RTA, check your wick. Finding the right combination of wicks and coils for your vape pen can sometimes be a challenge. Make sure you use a cotton wick and push them gently into the wick ports, but don’t pack them in.

You should also ensure you use the proper wick for your coil. If you are using the correct wick, it may be time to replace it.

8. You Are Using A Low-Grade E-liquid

The type of e-liquid you are using could be the reason your vape is leaking for various reasons. The first issue could be that you are using a low-grade e-liquid which, although cheaper, can shorten your vape pen’s life.

Low-grade e-liquids sometimes have fillers or don’t use the correct ratios of PG and VG. If the liquid is too thin, it can easily leak out of different places in your vape.

9. Your E-liquid Isn’t Right For Your Coil Resistance

Also, pay attention to the type of coil you have, as you may need to adjust the e-liquid you use. Coils have different resistance levels, and each resistance creates a different vaping experience and uses different vape juices.

Higher resistance coils are known not to produce as much vapor as low resistance coils, creating a hit more like smoking a cigarette. If you have a high resistance coil, anything higher than 1 ohm, you should choose a vape juice with more PG, so the PG to VG ratio is higher.

This is because a higher PG e-liquid is thinner. Using an e-liquid with higher VG content will create problems due to the juice having a hard time wicking in your coil. This results in it being harder for you to take a draw and thus pulling more liquid out than is necessary, resulting in a leak,

On the contrary, sub-ohm coils are known to make more vapor and have more airflow, meaning there is much less resistance when taking a hit. You should consider using an e-liquid with a higher VG to PG ratio if using a sub-ohm coil because they are thicker.

Using thinner vape juice with a sub-ohm coil can cause the e-liquid to escape through the inlet holes because they are much bigger than those in the higher-ohm coils.

10. Store Your Vape Upright

Lastly, storing your vape in an upright position may be worth it. This is tricky and impractical sometimes, such as carrying it in your pocket while at work. However, keep it stored upright while traveling in your vehicle and at home. This will prevent any liquid from leaking out of your vape pen.

Other Vape Issues

Other Vape Issues

Aside from leaking, vapers also experience occasional issues such as spitting and popping. Spitting and popping are different from a leak and are usually the result of e-liquid building up, or pooling, on your coil.

When this happens, your e-liquid ends up frying instead of vaporizing. When this happens, you usually hear a “popping” sound, and occasionally the e-liquid can spit extremely hot e-liquid into your mouth through the mouthpiece.

Luckily, you can fix this issue easily most of the time by not hitting your vape as hard. If you hit your vape too hard, it allows more e-juice to enter the chamber resulting in the build-up. Try to take lighter hits and let the vape do most of the work instead of trying to force it.

Alternatively, if your vape has settings, you can lower the airflow settings.


Many issues could be causing your vape pen to leak, so it is vital to troubleshoot carefully so you can find the source of the problem.

If you tried everything and your vape pen is still leaking, it may be worth calling the manufacturer to see if it is still under warranty.

We hope you found this article helpful! Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or concerns! We love to hear from our readers.


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