7 Reasons Why Your Vape Pen Blinking Blue (Fixed!!!)

Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking Blue

If you’ve been using your treasured vape pen for quite some time, and then suddenly there were some unusual light actions, this could be a sign of trouble. Vape devices typically come with LED flashing lights in different colors. And each color signals a certain function to the users.

So, why is my vape pen blinking blue? In this guide, you will be able to answer this question and uncover the most common reasons for this error. Likewise, we will give some relevant maintenance tips to keep your vaping device in tip-top condition ever after a long time.

What are the different LED colors mean?

As we begin this article, it’s important that you have a detailed understanding of the different LED colors on the vape pen. It’s because these colors indicate the voltage settings. There are four main colors―blue, green, red, and white, which then signify a certain usage level.

When using the vape, the indicator light turns blue. The steady color blue also means that the usage is high. If the LED light turns white, it means that there might be an error with the connection or the cartridge is just empty.

On the hand, the indicator shows a green light if there is only medium battery power, roughly around 20%. If the remaining battery life plunges below 10%, the color becomes red. And if the red color is blinking, it signifies the need to recharge the vape battery immediately.

So, in general, the LED indicator remains off if the vape pen battery is not in use. Meanwhile, if the blue lights are continuously blinking, it could be an indication of a problem that needs to determine as soon as possible.

What does it mean when the blue light is blinking?

The LED lights are key components of a vape pen that give you an idea of its current battery level. When a light blinks, it typically signifies issues with the battery, although it may just be an extraneous symptom of a more serious problem. Thus, it’s crucial to uncover the main reason for proper troubleshooting tips.

What does it mean when the blue light is blinking

1. It could mean a low battery.

While the color blue is typically associated with high battery power, a blinking pattern could point to issues with the battery power. So, when you have a disposable vape pen blinking blue, it may be an indicator that the light is about to turn green, which is a sign of medium battery power or even a dead battery.

Other vape pens also make use of this pattern to specify the need to recharge the battery soon. Therefore, if you come across this issue, try to connect the device to its specific charging cable and then to the power plug.

2. The vaping device does not have enough e-juice.

The e-juice is one of the working forces of an electronic cigarette that is heated up to create vapor and add flavor when vaping. Also referred to as vape juice, this generally contains propylene glycol (PG), glycerol, and chemical flavors. Some also add water or make use of vegetable glycerin instead of PG.

Likewise, you have the option to choose e-liquids with nicotine, just like cigarettes. The level of nicotine varies accordingly, depending on your preference. And if there is not enough supply of vape juice, the LED blue light blinks to remind you that all the puffs have been used up.

Most vapes are pre-filled with a 1 ml vaping liquid that encompasses at least 300 puffs. Some advanced devices contain around 600 puffs. There are times when the vape runs out of juice even before it runs out of battery.

If this is a disposable vape, then you need to buy one. Meanwhile, if you have a standard vape, the blue blinking lights can be a sign to add e-juice. Another indicator that it’s time to refill the e-liquid is when there is less vapor and less flavor when you vape.

3. The voltage is low when you were charging.

When the vaping device is not charged properly, perhaps due to a low voltage, there’s a high chance to experience a flashing blue pattern when using the pen. Incorrect charging is something that you need to be cautious about to avoid problems in the safety features and general components of the vape in the long run.

So, if it’s time to charge the device, ensure that the device is safely connected to the USB charger and USB port. And if you’re unsure, you may check the user manual and see the battery mAh to know the most compatible voltage setting.

The voltage is low when you were charging.

4. The battery is loose.

The battery and the LED lights are associated with one another. So, if the battery is not securely attached to its storage, then blinking of lights can occur. Aside from frequent disconnections in the LED lights, a loose battery causes low voltage and puffing irregularities.

So, if you see a blue light that is flashing, take a look at the pen battery and make sure that it fits perfectly. Often than not, there could be dust accumulation or even a buildup of excess oil from the e-juice. These elements may cause a clog, hindering the contact point of the battery.

Thus, you should clean the battery area using a q-tip with alcohol. Just be sure to take out the lithium-ion battery first before cleaning. Then, let the battery container dry completely before reconnecting the battery.

5. There is damage to the internal component.

Even the most advanced vape pens can have errors in their manufacturing. Therefore, if the vape pen has been blinking blue for quite some time, it might be a sign of an internal problem with the device or perhaps a connection issue. It could be damage to the tank, atomizer coil, mouthpiece, or cartridge threads.

Ideally, you need to have it checked and repaired by the retail shop. However, since the components, as well as the functions of the vaping devices, vary depending on the manufacturer, it’s best that you check the user manual first to know the basic troubleshooting guides.

Moreover, make sure that you are able to determine the problem as soon as possible to avoid electrical issues like a short circuit or battery fires. Accordingly, if the device could not be repaired, there’s no other option but to purchase a new vape. If it’s within the warranty period, don’t forget to avail of it.

When buying one, it’s suggested that you choose a high-quality type of vape to prevent frequent problems with the device. Make your research in detail and opt for brands that have already made a name to save you time and money from constant repairs.

6. It’s a sign of overheating.

When the blue light flashes continuously, it could also be something related to battery overheating. There are some devices that blink when you take puffs simultaneously as a reminder that possible overheating can happen. Others also shut off after the blinking phase.

More so, multiple puffs can affect the flavor of the vapor. If you vape too quickly, there won’t be enough time to saturate the coil with the e-juice. Therefore, it’s highly suggested that you take one puff at a time to avoid this problem.

It’s a sign of overheating.

7. The power button or activation feature is malfunctioning.

As mentioned earlier, the blue LED light generally signifies that the vape is in use. Hence, a blinking light of the same color might also be associated with the power button of the device. It may be that the activation feature is stuck in the push position.

There are lots of reasons why this can happen. It could be due to junk that is trapped around the button or it may be a problem with the component itself. Likewise, it may be due to pressing the button for a long time that it gets stuck.

To remedy this problem, try to turn off the device. Then, remove any junk that is trapped within the power button. Try to restart the vape pen and see if the blinking motion is already fixed. If not, then it may need to be repaired immediately.

Do Disposable Vapes Have Led Lights?

The first disposable electronic cigarettes had very simple LED light indicators. These often consisted of a single white LED light on the battery/cartridge portion of the vape.

When the user took a puff, the LED would light up to confirm the sensor was activated and vapor was being produced. This provided basic feedback that the disposable was functioning.

As the battery began draining, the LED would start blinking when vaping to indicate the battery was low. This alerted users to recharge the battery or replace the disposable vape.

However, there was no indication for when the e-liquid was empty. The LED would light up regardless of fluid levels, so users only knew the cartridge was depleted when vapor stopped being produced.

While limited, these early single LED lights provided basic battery monitoring and some user feedback. But as technology improved, more advanced indicator systems were developed to enhance the disposable vaping experience.

The newest disposable vapes feature advanced built-in screens that display both battery and e-liquid levels. This provides real-time feedback for optimal performance.

The integrated display has two metrics – a percentage indicator for remaining battery life and an icon indicator for e-liquid level.

As the battery drains, the percentage digitally counts down. Once low, it blinks to signal recharging or replacement is needed. This allows the user to avoid unexpected loss of power.

For the e-liquid, the display utilizes a liquid droplet icon with 4 stages from full to empty. As fluid depletes, the icon loses bars and eventually turns red when nearly empty. This alerts users when the e-liquid is close to depleted.

By monitoring battery and fluid levels, vapers can have uninterrupted usage and avoid overuse after e-liquid runs out. The indicators take the guesswork out of vaping and provide essential data in a convenient integrated screen. Users are empowered to optimize each vaping session.

Don’t worry about the latest advanced disposable vapes costing too much. SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and Katana deliver innovative features at an incredible value.

These two disposables retail for only $16.9 – an affordable price for any budget. Yet they are packed with technology like the advanced e-liquid indicator screen and long-lasting batteries for 10000+ puffs.

Despite the premium engineering and components, SPIRITBAR keeps costs low. And every order ships free, even if you only buy one device.

With the Jack’s Flask, experience daring pirate-themed flavors and rugged vaping power. The Katana offers lighter elegant flavors and graceful vaping refinement.

Even with high-end design and performance, SPIRITBAR’s disposable vapes remain accessible to all. Upgrade your vaping experience without breaking the bank today!

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The special juice captures the essence of the samurai spirit with its rich, smoothly pulsating flavor that brings new satisfaction with every puff. The device's slender, leather-textured design evokes the grip of a samurai's katana, making this product a perfect choice for vaping enthusiasts inspired by the way of the warrior.

Early disposable vapes had simple LED lights that merely showed battery life. You couldn’t tell when the e-liquid was low until performance dropped. But SPIRITBAR has revolutionized disposable vape design with advanced built-in screens.

Both the Jack’s Flask and Katana feature dual indicator displays – one for battery level and one for e-liquid. The battery meter allows you to monitor power status and recharge in time. Meanwhile, the e-liquid gauge uses a declining water droplet icon so you can clearly see fluid levels decreasing.

When the battery or fluid are running low, the screens will blink to alert you. This innovative dual indicator system ensures you never abruptly lose power or flavor.

In addition to the screens, the Jack’s Flask provides bold, pirate-themed flavors for intense vaping while the elegant Katana has lighter and more refined flavors. There’s a perfect SPIRITBAR disposable vape for every user!

With SPIRITBAR’s advanced built-in meters and variety of flavors, you get the ultimate personalized disposable vaping experience. Never vape blind again!

What are some maintenance tips to keep the device in good condition?

Disposable vape pens can last up to 1 to 2 years, depending on the frequency of your usage. The way that you maintain the device also significantly impacts its lifespan. And if you want to avoid issues with your vaping equipment, it’s important to use and store them properly.

Most vapers attach their vaping device with a lanyard and hang it around their necks. This way, they can easily use the equipment without the stress of possibly losing it. Aside from this, make sure you check the battery and clean up any unwanted buildup that may hamper the function of the key components.

How To Get The Most Out of My Vape Pen

Vape pens have revolutionized the world. Smoking is notoriously difficult to give up, but vaping gives smokers a chance to get their nicotine fix in a much healthier way. With it still being relatively new, there is a lot many still don’t know about vaping.

One such question many people have is how to get the most out of their vape pen. Here we’ve found ten tips that you need to know. By the end, you’ll have a much better idea of how to use your vape. Let’s get started!

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Vape Pen

1. Read the Manual

Now, this should go without saying, but most people tend to ignore this step when buying any device. The user manual is designed specifically to ensure that you get the most out of your device.

For vape pens, the manual will outline the type of cartridge, batteries, and liquids that can be used. The manual will also detail the correct techniques to use when vaping. This will ensure that your vape pen lasts longer and will prevent any costly damage.

Charging your vape correctly is key for preserving its lifespan. Use the charger that comes with the device and allow the vape pen to fully charge before using it.

You should also ensure that the outlets that you use are compatible with the wattage of your charger. Poor battery life in vape pens makes it more difficult for the device to produce vapor.



2. Store Your Vape and Cartridges Properly

Ensure that your vape is stored in the case that is provided by the manufacturer. If a case did not come with your purchase, then it’s best to buy one yourself. These cases typically heat and water-resistant. The case also prevents your vape from breaking or getting damaged in handbags or pockets.

Cartridges need to be stored vertically in a cool, dry place to minimize evaporation. The cartridge should also be unscrewed from the pen when the device is not in use. This ensures that the oil is not heated unnecessarily, thereby preventing damage, leaks, and/or wastage.

Store Your Vape and Cartridges Properly

3. Load Your Vape Correctly

Always load your vape pen following the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Some vape pens require oil or dry herbs, while others need special cartridges. For herb pens, ensure that they are dried properly, and always use clean utensils when loading your vape pen.

Your herbs should also be finely ground so that there is a larger surface area exposed to the heating element. When using oil pens, do not overfill the allocated area and store leftover oil in a clean, dry container. Ideally, you want to prevent the accumulation of debris and dust in your vape pen.

4. Experiment with Temperatures

Vape pens are fickle when it comes to temperature. Different liquids vaporize at different temperatures. Therefore you need to find a temperature range that optimizes both vapor production and flavor.

This is largely subjective as it depends on personal preferences. A good rule of thumb, however, is to start with low temperatures and gradually increase them until you find the sweet spot. A burnt taste indicates that the temperature is too high, while weak vapor suggests that the temperature is too low.

5. Seek Quality Ingredients

We have all heard the saying ‘quality over quantity’ before. Well, vapes are no exception. Always use quality ingredients that have been bought from reputable sources.

This tip might cost you a little extra, but it ensures that you have a pleasant experience with your vape pen. You should also always check the expiry dates on the products that you buy.



6. Use the Correct Equipment

Vape pens and cartridges may fit together, but that does not mean that they will work. Make sure that the cartridges that you use are compatible with your pen. The design, power levels, and the number of coils can influence the compatibility between the pen and cartridges.

Monitor Leaks

7. Monitor Leaks

Oil vape pens are often prone to leakages. If you find that you are moving through product quicker than usual, be sure to check if your vape pen or cartridges have any leaks. Should your pen have any leaks, you may be able to return them to the manufacturer or store that you bought it from.

Leaking cartridges can simply be replaced. However, you should clean up any residual oil left in your vape pen. Dried oil can damage the parts in your vape pen, especially after long periods of time.

8. Altitudinal Effects

Altitude strongly influences the performance of a vape pen. Weird, right? An increase in air pressure may force air into your pen. This may cause leaks and subpar performance.

There is no way to mediate this unless you buy tanks that are equipped for use at higher altitudes. So, before you head out on your next vacation, make sure that you buy the correct equipment for your vape pen.

9. Vape Correctly

Before you begin drawing from your vape pen, exhale as much air as possible. Take a small breath and then begin drawing from your vape pen. Briefly hold your breath to allow for maximum absorption of the vapor into your lungs.

Then slowly exhale. This process is mostly dependent on a person’s personal preference, so you should experiment with your vaping techniques to find what works for you.

Vape Correctly

10. Do Not Overuse Your Ingredients

We all want to get the most out of our purchases, but unfortunately, products do not last forever. Always refill your vape pens with herbs, oil, or juices before it is completely diminished.

If you overuse these products, you will begin to smell and/or taste an unpleasant, burnt flavor. Not only does it ruin the experience, but it may also damage your vape.

Are Disposable Vapes Worth Trying?

Disposable vape have some advantages that make them worth trying. First, they are very convenient since you don’t have to maintain the device or refill it with e-liquid. Just use it and toss it when done. Second, disposables allow you to sample different flavors more easily without a big investment in a vape setup. You can try a variety and see what you like.

However, it’s still best to buy reputable brand disposables, like those from SPIRITBAR Vape. Well-known brands put more focus on safety and quality. They test their e-liquids thoroughly and use better materials for the device and its components.


Since there are various reasons associated with a vape pen that is blinking blue, it’s imperative to uncover the main cause. Go over the underlying causes that we’ve gathered above and remedy the problem at hand. And lastly, always secure the vape pen to avoid damage to the parts.


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